Moonchild - Cure Lyrics

I've had my eyes on you
For a while and though
It seems that time isn't right, I know
You want the love that I've got to give

We laughed and kissed
'Till the sun took us by surprise
Telling the whole truth about our lives
I'm so in love with what you've got to give

I can show you that love
Is the cure for heartache
Let me show you, baby
Don't be afraid of a good thing
I can show you that love
Is the cure for heartache

You think your heart needs to hurt for a while longer
Live all alone 'till it makes you stronger
Learn who you are without her love

I know, I've been there before
But I won't wait for a love like yours
I can't hesitate, stay a while
And let me change your mind

I can show you that love
Is the cure for heartache
Let me show you, baby
Don't be afraid of a good thing
I can show you that love
Is the cure for heartache
(Won't you let me show you?)
I can show you that love
Is the cure for heartache
Let me show you, baby
Don't be afraid of a good thing
(I just wanna love you, don't be afraid)
I can show you that love
Is the cure for heartache
I can show you that love
Is the cure for heartache
Let me show you, baby
Don't be afraid of a good thing
I can show you that love
Is the cure for heartache

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Moonchild Cure Comments
  1. jaytec fabrication

    I must have heard this song about eight times on replay on my 3-hour drive. I can't get tired of it

  2. Demetrius Mason

    Music make your day smooth and think about all the good things you did in your life and it brings emotions and make you think a lot about your future that's why this music inspires me to do that's why I like to listen to so much I love this canon music Love it💯💯💯😊😊😊😊😊♥️♥️♥️♥️😊

  3. Mike Williams

    Her smile makes me happy!

  4. Mike Williams

    How I not know this band existed, till now, wtf!

  5. Makeda Byrd

    Still listening in 2020. This is pure talent.

  6. mujaahid72

    Saw them first time on Tiny Desk today I'm amazed !!!

  7. Regina Battle

    Just found this last night BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Cxncepthulz CPT

    0:18 - 0:32... That part always blesses my soul when I play this joint🥰🥰🥰

  9. Hexagon Cocaleaf

    to your face with straight hair

  10. HeWhoLaughs

    I’m gonna need all 366 dislikers to drop their location LOL

  11. patrick smith

    Still holds the line of real Neo Soul this is awesome.

  12. NEFrettiti M

    *🔥Warmth 4 Soul 🔥*

  13. john futch

    I hate this song, because it's too dang short... Please oh please make an extended version so I can fall beyond love... 😊

  14. Nicholas Blowey

    thank you youtube for showing me this masterpiece

  15. Ánh Sao Vlog

    Hello nice video👍😍😍👍👍🍍🍍🍍🍍♥️♥️♥️♥️

  16. KimandBill

    361 dislikes..Really? WTF

  17. Stephen Zinnerman

    Love the classic Philadelphia- Neo Soul sound! Didn’t know they were a white sister & brothers, regardless it’s great music✊🏿.. I’ve been listening for about two years or so. Takes me back to when N’degeocello, Dwele, Musiq, Bahamadia(even though she’s hip hop, she still has the vibe).. when they all hit.

  18. djw sam


  19. Makeda Byrd

    This is unreal. WOW... really took me to another world

  20. Maverick Soul

    so beautiful

  21. SoUtH MeMpHiS

    Man,this type of Music always makes me think about a girl. But where she at doh ?🤔

  22. Wanda Creamer

    This is an awesome collaboration with other NEO Soul Artist; perfect road music. The Best Ever. . . .

  23. Nancy Gibson

    Love this!

  24. Dale Duberry

    Can't stop bumping this jam.a deep thinking jam u ride and listen to or get your pen and pad out and write what's on your mind

  25. Jason Villamin

    Have been playing this all day during work. Damn voice. Damn bass and jazz notes. 🌕

  26. DreamWeaver Productions

    To all that are listening. You're my tribe. Happy New year everyone! #2020

  27. DreamWeaver Productions

    Soooo.......... beautiful....(sigh)

  28. Tholang Mathopa

    To my future husband, waiting patiently to dedicate this to you

  29. Dale Duberry

    Never heard of this group before but I will be listening to them from now on.

  30. sal garcia

    my favorite band, funky & sexy I love your voice & when you have your horn section.

  31. J Breezy

    The intro has a very Luther vandrossesque aura about it

  32. Jan & Jannike

    big like!!

  33. Anthony Petersen

    Got all their albums on vinyl except the first one - it need a vinyl release. I am a huge fan!

  34. Dejan Filipović

    Very Edie Brickell like vocals which I love and adore! This one darn cute too:)

  35. Christopher Aizen

    the music so good, you just gotta sample it

  36. Kennedy Joseph

    Omg fantastic tune such a cute girl. Moonchild I'm a fan.

  37. Dani Taylor

    I’m in love!!! This is the 3rd song I’ve heard by them and sold!!! Her smile is so sweet too!!

  38. jazz4asahel

    Yep, it's that good.

  39. Vince Gray


  40. zenchord

    This sound and groves so cool it's unstoppable.

  41. zenchord

    These people and their music is ahead of their time.....

  42. Tee WithSuga

    I love the Philly sound. Yessss moonchild

  43. Henry Mays

    Too smooth!!!! I love when artist feel the soul in their music. They are making music they enjoy which is what we all want.

  44. Grace Love

    Found this by a fluke. And what a find it is. Will be looking for their CD.

  45. mysterybat35

    this song gives me GOOSEBUMPS... EVERY.. SINGLE.. TIME!!!!

  46. 誰?

    Lovely sound spectacular. Always

  47. Chito & Cookie Chihuahuaville

    What did I just come across? Sounds like neo soul to me. Nice!

  48. Ja'mmello Lewis

    Very soothing.

  49. M A

    Can you say EARGASM!

  50. Brittany Bevly

    Thank you Paco Walls, your live brought me here ❤❤❤

  51. Robert B

    This is a vibe, I get Dwele vibes hearing this. 😍

  52. outkvst

    probably the most beautiful song ive heard

  53. blondexhottie

    fookin amzing

  54. JustBeingKelly63 J


  55. Taj Amari

    Thought this was a Black band lol. Real soulful and great instrumentation. Amazing.

  56. Cxncepthulz CPT

    Vibing to this in 2019,whose with me??? 😊😊😊😎😎

  57. Teddy Bear

    i love this song

  58. 51ESH

    Now go listen to Foriegn Exchange "come around"

  59. Graylon Arnwine

    Moon Child is that new sound the world and the soul needs. Good Vibes This way!

  60. Big Jay

    Incredible talent!



  62. RobK

    mysteriously this came on my screen when I started my mac!great song and cinematic footage!check my page or

  63. C HILL

    Soul has no color. Pure bliss...

  64. P Lynn

    All I can say is Love this song!.....Feel good music right here.

  65. WalkingintheClouds1231

    She sounds like one of the singers in that group We Are King that Prince worked with before he past away.

  66. Anki Hansen

    4:13 That ending is everything...

  67. Quintin Williams

    This is too smooth and sweeeet

  68. Brando

    she is my hawhite eryca badu

  69. Brando

    im only 18 this is calming me down im stressed all the time ty moonchilds

  70. Cee Woo

    Good music is hard to come by

  71. Tasia Perci

    Love this so much, btw is it just me or does she look like a young Bette Midler?

  72. Jrspesh Muffinman

    I just found about Moonchild recently. Really live their sound. I'm loving all of the tunes I've listened to so far. Including this. 😁

  73. Looks Like Magic

    I love how the sound alternates sides of my AirPods.

  74. M A

    I love this song.

  75. Hart Divine

    Beautiful melody 🔥🔥🔥

  76. Elizabeth Turner

    Love this! Great vibe music

  77. henry igugu

    Who's listening in 2019? I almost get teary-eyed listening to this song. Its that good...


    henry igugu seeing them live is a magical experience that I HIGHLY recommend.

    Shawn Shaw

    @MaddDecent I went to their concert in LA last week! It was the most enjoyable concert in my life! Everybody needs to support them. Keep good music alive...


    Shawn Shaw absolutely!

  78. Matt Carter Talks

    This song legit makes my soul happy.

  79. TheSincereb11

    she got black people soul lol

  80. Bignight 860

    I thought this was Erica Badu at 1st what a beautiful voice ♥️

  81. Gregory Leonard

    she's so dope. I love her flow...


    Love the vocals very sultry and so soulful

  83. George Gutierrez

    Headphones recommended for the intro.. omg

  84. Haruka Imai

    This song always cures my soul👼

  85. Srđan Popović

    Shopping music.Music during the shower.That`s all.


    I love it!!!
    Could somebody tell me what kind of music it is, please?
    Thank you.

  87. Lady One

    She has soul yes.... Sing it girl!! 💞

  88. Ron B

    Love this group! So much soul!

  89. kely ennis


  90. Soulo SoLucid66

    But Frfr they Definitely get a Pass at the family Barbecue! 💯🔥🔥

  91. Soulo SoLucid66

    Been jamming the internet for years and this song came on after by accident Wow 😯 thanks YT! 😇

  92. Jason Lopez

    That harmony ar 3:17 was so nasty

  93. Laksmi Syahmenan

    I love this song. Love it ❤❤❤

  94. Ray Humphrey

    This group and song is hypnotic found it just browsing and it a real gem!!!!

  95. Taylor Reeves

    love how this instantly plays on my up next no matter what the video is about lmao, puts me in a vibey mood immediately !!!