Moonchild - Come Over Lyrics

It crossed my mind
When I heard the news
And I can't lie
Even though I wan't the best for you
Oh, I've been waiting, I've been waiting
Waiting for a chance
Kara told me
Like you told her to
And I danced through the afternoon
I can't believe I might get to be your baby

Come on, come on over, come on
We can get down 'til the break of dawn
Come on, come on over, come on
We can get, get, get, oh
Come on over, come on

Been dropping hints
Lazy at the game
The artlessness
Is something
That we'll laugh about someday
(On a lazy Sunday afternoon)
Taking in the view

Don't play it slow
We've got shit to do
And we both know
Paradise is waiting for the cue
So, come on baby, come on over (Come over)
(Come over now)

Come on, come on over, come on
We can get down 'til the break of dawn
Come on, come on over, come on
We can get, get, get, oh
Come on over, come on

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Moonchild Come Over Comments
  1. Antoine Surot

    Trop bon

  2. I Am Shabrina The Co-Creator

    I just love her voice

  3. Skyjuice70

    I just want to sit in on a live rehearsal session with my favorite group and watch the magic happen.🙂

  4. Skyjuice70

    Amber is no joke when it comes to putting down some lyrics. Clearly.

  5. Kick AsS Noji


  6. Tyler echavarria

    *auto head-bopp engaged*

  7. Nebula dust

    Thxsomuch 💜🙏💜🎤🎸🔊🎶

  8. The1GeeDub

    Moonchild get me with every damn goove 💛🙂

  9. Elizabeth Turner

    Niiiice! <3

  10. Jasper Jamm

    Just caught them yesterday in Brooklyn on their tour. Amber, Max and Andris did a horn/woodwind battle to this song's groove, Amber on flute, Max on sax and Andris on trumpet. I swear it gave me such goosebumps! Some real jazz and soul shit! These real musicians out here!!

    Melaniesky 318

    Jasper Jamm just saw them in philly last night 😍😍


    @Melaniesky 318 You two are so lucky. The tour didn't come thru Orlando. I'm seriously thinking about catching them in Amsterdam or London for Feb. Wish me luck.

    Melaniesky 318

    Skyjuice70 ooo I hope you see them!

    Jasper Jamm

    Skyjuice70 Good luck friend! They’re worth it. Such good vibes.

  11. Sweet Uniques

    15 people have no clue how good this song is libs

  12. Paul St Roseman

    As always, an incredible arrangement and vocals.

  13. PeakResetProductions

    what the hell is wrong with these people, are they from outter space? how can they be so flawlessly good on every tune?? they never flop. This extra terrestrial!!

  14. un chico

    buenardo uwu

  15. john Coltraine


  16. Strigidae Strigiformes

    I pressed "like" before the song even began.

    Nicola Gaia

    Me too! :-)))

  17. Nita Sims

    My JAM!!!!💜💜💜

  18. JustStunt311

    I love how this moves

  19. tippmoye

    This song is such a vibe. It's the Purrfect traveling song. Roll the windows down, prop your leg up, and enjoy the breeze and open road. Gotta love Moonchild!

  20. Aurelius Palmer

    This song is freaking FANTASTIC!!!!❤

  21. Xcapemuzik

    Simply beautiful

  22. Skyjuice70

    Never disappoints

  23. Aaron Paskins

    When will you be in the USA near New York for a concert would love to see you perform in person love all your music so soulful!

    En Igmah

    They're coming out here on the 10th of this month to Brooklyn @ the Brooklyn bowl

  24. Julie D

    Am I the only one who gets some Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan) vibes ?

    Richard Simpson

    There definitely seems to be some underlying melodic influence on this track. I thought of Don't You Know That by Luther Vandross.

    Julie D

    @Richard Simpson Oh yeah that's right ! Thanks for the discovery

    Richard Simpson

    @Julie D Hey...that Chaka Khan song is still a good guess. I have a friend who said the same thing. You may be on to something.

    Julie D

    @Richard Simpson Yes maybe😊


    Amber is definitely influenced by a lot of R&B greats, I'm sure of it. You can't have that much soul being that young and not have absorbed the flavor of the old classics. Everything she writes is catchy and soulful. The trio is just too dope. The producers over at Jimmy Kimmel better wake up!

  25. C E

    Always chill......... 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  26. Rianne Parris-Wright

    How does Moonchild continue to make such incredible tunes with the sweetest production 🙌🏾 Everytime I think it is impossible to surpass the previous epic track, I remember who I am discussing... Pure musical genius reviving neo-soul 🤗

  27. Forgiven

    im glad i found this song and Moonchild.

  28. Musicaltariq777

    Seeing you in St. Louis!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. De'Osha Logan

    My favorite song on the album!!! 💃🏿

  30. JayDee Faya

    My goodness ❤️❤️

  31. DJ_Dell

    ㅎㅎㅎ 기분좋아지는 몇안되는 음악!

  32. あかね


  33. Becky Ramirez

    Nice & chill😙😉👌


    Constant brain-gasms!!!😨😨😨😨 I love these human beings ! !!!✌✌💖💖💖

  35. Mandatorial

    Personal favourite

  36. Michelle Lei

    I want to see your show in NYC so badly but why does it fall in the middle of the week...

  37. Ryan Gatling

    Damn Moonchild!!! You had to throw up a '58 on this chill video. Go head!!!

  38. Percy Mabasa

    Love your guys music

  39. Sintya

    When you woke up at 2 am..and listen to’s so perfect! Thanks Moonchild😍

  40. Marie Standish

    NPR please have them on...they are wonderful..Morning become eclectic.

  41. ilikerossi

    Just, utterly pleasant.

  42. Chong YiN LiN

    All these songs never fail to give me chill! Moonchild is so underrated😭💕

  43. Moonchild

    Lyrics ❤️
    it crossed my mind
    when i heard the news
    and i can’t lie
    even though i want the best for you 
    oh i’ve been waiting, i’ve been waiting
    waiting for a chance
    kara told me
    like you told her to 
    and i danced 
    through the afternoon i can’t believe 
    i might get to be your baby  

    come on, come on over, come on
    we can get down til the break of dawn 
    come on, come on over, come on 
    we can get, get, get oh
    come on over, come on

    (come over anytime tonight
    i’ll be here, we’ll turn down the lights)

    been dropping hints 
    lazy at the game 
    the artlessness 
    is something that we’ll laugh about someday
    (on a lazy sunday afternoon)

    taking in the view
    don't play it slow  
    we’ve got shit to do 
    and we both know
    paradise is waiting for the cue
    so come on baby, come on over

    (come over)
    come over now
    come on, come on over, come on
    we can get down til the break of dawn 
    come on, come on over, come on 
    we can get, get, get oh
    come on over, come on

    (come over anytime tonight
    i’ll be here, we’ll turn down the lights)


    Simply Outstanding. Thank you Moonchild👍🙂


    Love you guys....please please come back to VA soon.

  44. Dee 1

    I love these easy goin animated videos that go along with the song..
    she looks like she's just cruizin 2 the
    I hope this began to trend heavily..
    It's better than these raunchy videos that are promoted these days..

  45. Jae White

    MOONCHILD ❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶


    nice avi!!! <3

    zen zah

    Ahh Minnie Ripperton's Perfect Angel album cover as your photo and Moonchild's music for the audio! Perfect combination!

    Jae White

    zen zah
    Minnie Riperton is my favorite singer. 🎤❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶🕊

  46. Jasmine Rawlings

    Lovely..... Just Lovely

  47. Vijen K


  48. David Madison

    Moonchild has mapped my soul and always find their way home in my heart. Vibing!!!

  49. Bruno Soares

    i'm from Brazil, and I really like the music of this band. Make me happy! :)

  50. Lynn Mayfield

    I'm so loving the videos to these songs they are absolutely stunning!!!

  51. Nesha Dabney

    Love the uniqueness of her voice.

    Mr. Tibbs' Mystery Tour!

    Never heard another like her's before

  52. Hiroshi / N

    So Beautiful !!

  53. Hyda-James Hill

    Moonchild can do no wrong! Every song just hits me on another level!


    Hyda-James Hill Indeed!🥰


    It's Amber, man. She's a lyric-writing machine. Steady killing it.

  54. Dustin Music

    As always ✨

  55. spicy mozzarella

    Glad to know they haven't fallen off the face of the Earth

  56. Adrianka Pratomo

    Name a Moonchild song that don't gave you chill. I bet you can't!


    Sweet Love


    Yup, sweet love.

    Jason Roberts

    Absolutely not!!!

  57. yo pepe

    Ugh, my god so much underated artists posting nowadays, i must be in heaven <3

  58. Micheal White

    You guys did it again ! I'm loving it MC

  59. kazkin tv

    イチコメェェ🇯🇵 moonchild最高です。ありがとうございます。