Moonchild - Change Your Mind Lyrics

I have chased the thoughts
And back again
Hopin' for some truth
Oh, the thickest lines
Point to the end
And oh, you love me
And, and do you
Wind and glisten have your heart
To fall in love is patience art
Steady feet will find a way
Just keep saying it's ok

I'm scared of loving you
I tried to stop
But there's nothin' I can do
I'm gonna give you the best of my love
Pray you change your mind
Pray you change your mind

Oh, I
Change is gonna come
It's playin' loud and strong
And from the way you're lookin' at me
How could it be wrong?
Happiest and lowest down
Uncertainty, familiar sound
I won't open up the door
But I can't take it anymore

I'm scared of loving you
I tried to stop
But there's nothin' I can do
I'm gonna give you the best of my love
Pray you change your mind
Pray you change your mind

I'm givin' you so many reasons
To stay
Showin' you the joys of love
And I'll find another thousand ways
I can't, I can't, and I want to
Maybe I'm the fool
Maybe I'm the fool

Oh, I'm scared of loving you
Oh, I tried to stop
But there's nothin' I can do
I'm gonna give you the best of my love
Pray you change your mind
Pray you change your mind
Hey, I'm scared of loving you
Hey, I tried to stop
But there's nothin' I can do
I'm gonna give you, baby
I'm gonna give you the best of my love
Oh, I've tried, I've tried

I've tried to stop
There's nothin' I can do
I've tried to stop
There's nothin' I can do
There's nothin' I can do

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Moonchild Change Your Mind Comments
  1. boss 2


  2. coop 1105862

    The introbells ... so cool🌈

  3. coop 1105862


  4. Troy Crawford

    Chills....literally this shit is tooo good


  6. scott schofield

    Great music! It’s all done so well! Really sinks in to my soul. Mello good listening.Just discovered them today!?

  7. Unpacked Adjectives

    This 1 here will increase the populations of humanity

  8. Bulg Beats

    blissful 🙏🏼

  9. Jen

    Im still here! Listening to this. Powerful song!

  10. Yogurt Gogurt

    Laying down with a face mask on while listening to this...or just her music in general. I feel like I'm in my own personal spa, or safe heaven.

  11. Sid Buchanan

    Just Awesome!

  12. Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective


  13. Kristi Dunn

    hashtag stay home hashtag abstinence

  14. Арсений Махайрес

    The track's cover reminds me of Tommy Guerrero's Road to Knowhere

  15. P-Dog


  16. Lex Norwood

    Sing Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Piano Master


  18. zeke4881

    2019..Im Here!!

  19. Surely Paradise

    I can no longer start my day without listening to this song, my apologizes for sleeping on this awesome trio...ooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeee I'm soaring with the Common Cranes- that's high!

  20. Vegas Element

    Another WOW track...

  21. Consuella Turner

    Cannot stop listening to this! Head automatically bobs. This shit is just nasty!!

  22. Valerie Shaw ❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Dondre Johnson

    song so damn sexy

  24. The Boy Wonder Press

    Love this tune. There's something tranquil about it.

  25. 「Ripple Red」

    * insert Steven Universe joke here *

  26. Mad MaxX

    ~munchie was here~

  27. Jae Bizzle

    I love me some moonchild. New fan. Absolutely wonderful music

  28. zenobia328

    So smooth....

  29. syntyche eshan

    You don't have to be black to have soul this sister has a gift to show the world that it is not about color it is about what you carry in your spirit and soul and that is the balance of pureness wholeness

    Haram Lamont

    I truly agree

    eric lee

    She is from the UK they imitate us very well

  30. syntyche eshan

    This sister should be made number one I just hope to see them in concert maybe in California on a hot summer day this lady sets the flow in the atmosphere wholeness

  31. Brad Frank

    A voice like water!!!

  32. Lynita F.B. Jones


  33. Taylor Made

    Whoever thumb down her music is stupid.. good run with Jill and Erkyah

  34. Zintle Gq

    This song stays on repeat. I love Moonchild. Ya'll are MF amazing!

  35. keishafam02


  36. comptonraven

    The velvet ginger!

  37. neogirl37

    Much love, for such artistry of the art of sweet noise!

  38. Marquetta Wooten

    Love her soul ✨✨✨✨🙏

  39. Marie Battle

    Damn!... Btw...that's aGOOD thing

  40. Chelsea Guy

    This is my Friday night sitting on my living room floor putting one in the air🌬️ with a glass of 🍷 soundtrack

  41. Jae White

    Moonchild ❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶

  42. Jesika Rabbyt

    Who ever posted the lyrics
    Thank you 😊
    Cause I now have even more reasonance with this song
    My heart is bursting
    As I think of
    My love ❤️

  43. YANHAP1

    reminds me of Muhsinah

  44. Tuneshia gallop

    Angelically beautiful

  45. Gina Paskins

    My comment on Moon child the group is nothing but awesome would love to jam with them as a background vocalist of forty plus years singing in all genres can't wait to see what's next to come

  46. 153168st


  47. Taji Nelson

    Man this go hard got that jill scott blend to it

  48. Ndzalama Jonathan

    That was sweet

  49. Malinda Hill

    She takes me back when things was simple and less complicated in my life. I love it. Thank you.

  50. Timothy Greer

    She is straight up singing factssss in all of her songs. She sounds a little like E. Badu, just so real and authentic

  51. c taylor

    Music is music.. it transcends color lines. It's sad that people are focused on the skin color and not on these smooth grooves!!!

  52. Harriet Tubman

    Im scared of loving you...and yet💖💖💖💖

    Velvet aurora

    Harriet Tubman I didn’t think you where scared of anything

  53. Bernard Benton

    Beautiful song .🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹

  54. arwhitman12

    This song jams so hard, what a beautiful voice... i can't take.

  55. Makael Turner

    A daily listen for me since I discovered Moonchild.

  56. dominick hopson

    Singing it Amber

  57. Karen B

    This songs just lowered my blood pressure it!!

  58. TheArizonaGurl

    Lyrics for those of whom who love to sing along:

    I have traced the dots and back again
    Hoping for some truth
    Oh the thickest lines point to the end
    I know you love me I do
    Finding bliss in half your heart
    Defining love as patience art
    Steady feet will find a way
    Just keep saying it's okay
    I'm scared of loving you
    I tried to stop, but there's nothing I can do
    I'm gonna give you the best of my love
    And pray you change your mind
    Pray you change your mind
    Oh a change is gonna come is playing
    Loud and strong
    And from the way you're looking at me
    How could it be wrong
    Happiest and lowest down
    Uncertainty's familiar sound
    I won't open up the door
    But I can't take it any more
    I'm scared of loving you
    I tried to stop, but there's nothing I can do
    I'm gonna give you the best of my love
    And pray you change your mind
    Pray you change your mind
    I've given you so many reasons to stay
    Showing you the joys of love
    And I'll find another thousand ways
    I can I can, and I want to
    Maybe I'm the fool, maybe I'm the fool
    I'm scared of loving you
    I tried to stop, but there's nothing I can do
    I'm gonna give you the best of my love
    And pray you change your mind
    Pray you change your mind
    I tried to stop, there's nothing I can do
    I tried to stop, there's nothing I can do

    Harriet Tubman

    Ty for this💖💖💖💖💖💖

    syntyche eshan

    Thank you for this copy I love this song

    Erica Young

    TheArizonaGurl thank you.

    Raise Your Chi

    The lyrics are the best!!!

  59. Phillip Markland

    Fackin hell what a voice wow

  60. Geoff Hamilton


  61. Mary Wilson

    If Erykah Badu and Michael Franks had a baby it would be her

    Tino Hamilton

    100 percent right



    Erik Tarver

    You absolutely correct, sounds just like the two of them!!!

    Cali 6311

    Damn! Mary ☺
    You're Absolutely Right! 😍😉
    Michael Franks 🎵 Calms My Soul
    When I Feel It Has Taken It's Toll...
    I Can Put Michael On To These Ears
    On Mine - His Music Gets Better
    With Time... Just Like A Fine Wine 🍷

    bootsy clinton

    Everybody in this comment section got good taste in music

  62. Mary Wilson

    They just relax me I love this band ♥️♥️👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽♥️♥️😍😍😘

  63. Pharmacist Chris

    Make a video where the words are down ...

  64. Phillip Markland

    A ufo brought me here this tune should be on another planet. Not earth

  65. Phillip Markland

    Oh you what

  66. DeAndre' Morris

    I would have NEVER thought this track was from a White group. The lead singer sounds INCREDIBLE!!!

    Pine Cone

    What’s a white group?

    Shumunya Cho

    @Pine Cone A group with White People in it.


    @Pine Cone A group consisting of primarily white people. C'mon, let's not be obtuse.

  67. P-Dog

    This shit is bomb. Yee!!!

  68. Cluv22

    Was REALLY shocked when i found out that this was a white girl sangin like this. she sound sexy as hell!

    Narc 1820

    White people are taking over neosoul

    ra7 Sun

    Ivory soul White as Ivory soap.

    ra7 Sun

    @Narc 1820 not on OUR watch. They can participate but NEVER be allowed to take over.#PullTheirCoats

    Ausar Anuk

    White is a social construct, not a fact of reality and there are no different races on planet earth.

    ra7 Sun

    @Ausar Anuk White Supremacy is a social construct to subjugate non White people into a position of unnatural inferiority.

  69. Cluv22

    Where has this been all my life?!?! This song is super sexy!!!

  70. Black Lightning

    Black Lightning ✊

  71. Gabriel Rhone

    Black lighting brought me here

    Jay Harris

    Same here. I hit Google with lightning speed to find that song during that scene.

    Tiaa Nubian

    I used Shazam and it popped up

    God's Gift

    I did a Shazam when watching black lightning, too! 😀


    What episode? I did not notice this

    Captain El Berridge

    @DoctaAM&thaPM s1 e12 07:30

  72. Jacoby Sr.

    One of the most underappreciated/underrated groups in the music industry. This is a song that gives you butterflies, repeat, drive and ride. Love it!

    Becky Ramirez

    I agree it gives you butterflies it's simply romantic👄💓

    syntyche eshan

    okay I am going to do all that I can to see that she is heard she can change the flow of the music industry in america if we push hard call the radio stations and make the request to have her music played on the air be sure to give them the name of the song remember there is power in numbers please help me help her

    Matthew Guevara

    Jacoby Sr. Agreed. This stuff does not get enough credit 🦋

  73. JuliansFlightdotcom

    you know that time of night when everything quiets down ... you're out with someone and that play of light halos and orbs in the background just frames her smiles --- this is "that time" ... this is that song breathing life to the moment.

    Becky Ramirez

    It is one of the best feelings in the world and this song can surely take you there. Just love how they could do that in this song🌹🎵💓


    ... no doubt, she's been through it, that's why every turn of the way is felt in detail ... and the melody --- it's a melter .

    Becky Ramirez

    Hi Julian, yes I agree it's a melter....😊♥️just wondering if you listen to this song often?

    Becky Ramirez

    I'm guess I should say nevermind the question have a good day 😊


    :-) in my car, on the rooftop ... any good ole' time i feel like disappearing into a world where things are slower and more felt.

  74. Doug Speight

    Been on moonchild for 5 yrs now and they keep making them hits. The vibe is so sick I need medicine. 🔥 🔥

    「Ripple Red」

    Beats so sick it'll put you in a hospital

    Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

    I learn about them this week. I'm pleasantly surprised how many times I have put their music on repeat.

    Moshe Ellis

    @「Ripple Red」 so true!!!

  75. Doug Speight

    My lady tried to murk me in bed when I played this. This song is forreal love making. 🔥

    Melondie Sherrils Kerengo

    Um... Like she tried to kill you?

  76. Sarada Xi The Indigenous Soul


    Erik Tarver

    Yes my love, had multiple eargasm throughout .... ❤️🖤💚👂💤💎💎


    Love this. Amber is bad as he'll.

  78. Darnell Scott

    OMG.......... this moves the soul💙😍👏👏👏

  79. Kendall Nicole

    Robert Glasper Pandora station brought me here!! I'm in heaven!! 😍😍 Yes Lawd!!

    Vincent Smith

    Kendall Nicole i was on you tube and i saw moonchild and i said who the hell is this I'm so glad i plug in love this song she has a beautiful voice

    Becky Ramirez

    I also saw them on you tube just 2 weeks ago after listening to foreign exchange & I have not stopped listening to all of their songs cuz I love love all of them💖💗💓💟👏

    Osaze Shabazz

    Lol! I have the same and that how I discovered this song. Try Terrence Martin


    Me too lol

  80. Tina Coles

    She is FYre

  81. Elle Deeyen

    I love the hell outta this song!

  82. Miss Judah


  83. Kendrick L Institutionalised

    IDK how many times have I listened to this.. wasn't even counting ❤💯

  84. Trey Parker

    The vocals are amazing.

  85. Beverly Brooks

    the love the harmony with the smooth music

  86. aqiyl qasim

    Speechless. Going to see Moonchild on Dec 8th 2017. Can't wait.

    LaNoire27 Hughes

    aqiyl qasim: Where?

    aqiyl qasim

    LaNoire27 Hughes Variety Playhouse. Dec 8

    Jess Israel

    aqiyl qasim how was it?

    aqiyl qasim

    Snow storm on the 8th so Moonchild didn't happen

    Landis Batts

    I was there!!! Wonderful!!!

  87. Raquel Mollineau

    Need an instrumental for this ❤😭


    Raquel Marie Mollineau yes

    Rolondo Rivas

    Why...She does it JUST JUSTICE👏👏

  88. Kevin Satterfield

    Omg.... Amber you are so damn smooth!!! Moonchild is incredible.

  89. Chef Carter

    Who in the hell disliked this??!!


    Chef Carter If they did they don't know music.

    Osaze Shabazz

    Don't focus on that, enjoy the music

    P Lynn

    Someone who doesn't have an ear for good music, no doubt!

    coop 1105862

    Chef Carter
    Some seem to be a fool, baby😀

  90. Richard Taylor

    Reminds me of Tweet 'Waiting for You'--So clean 🔥

    Adante West

    Richard Taylor agreed

    P Junos

    how come I can't find that song anywhere?

  91. SoulBrotha91

    So smooth, reminds me of Jill Scott. I'm lovin this

  92. davandre Nichols

    Only 3.9 views

    davandre Nichols

    This my shit

    K'Alexandria Johnson

    Ernest Nichols should be more 😍

  93. cshawnte2000

    I am in love with this song! 😍

    LaNoire27 Hughes

    cshawnte2000: U too?

    K'Alexandria Johnson

    cshawnte2000 me too


    cshawnte2000 yes

    Piano Master

    cshawnte2000 same here


    Reminds me of early Jill Scott. Timeless!

    LaNoire27 Hughes

    MICKENS 247 ...and Erykah....


    LaNoire27 True...

    Six Five

    Exactly! And has that Janet Jackson "Anytime, Anyplace" feel too.

  95. MoBettaGreen

    H O T ! ! !

  96. Adam Peter Shinn

    Literal sonic perfection!

  97. fleur tropicale

    Love Amber's vocals on this. Really nice.

  98. Bryan Booker

    Man, C'mon!!!! FYRE!!!

    Tiffani Strickland

    Bryan Booker Indeed

    palesa bashman

    The most accurate comment. Honestly.