Moonchild - Be Free Lyrics

There's something on your mind
It's easy enough to see
Release it to the sky
And let me put your mind at ease

Underneath the stars again
Tempted by uncertainty
Just be still and take it in
Let your mind and body be free

Beneath the same night sky
Your troubles drift away
We'll love and feel alright
My world is yours til night is day

Underneath the stars again
Tempted by uncertainty
Just be still and take it in
Let your mind and body be free

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Moonchild Be Free Comments
  1. P Lynn

    This band is legit right here! Their music makes my day every time. Nice and Smooth. 💋♥️🎶

  2. Dale Duberry


  3. Alexandre

    almost 8 years on... how!

    ... have I missed this wondrous... like pearly drops of pure wonder... voice.
    and the instrumental narrative!... man... I ache. and rejoice at the same time!

  4. Marcia Tonkins

    Smooth jazz. Fly.

  5. Danielle Maroney

    I love these 3 so much they put me at a loss of words.

  6. Skyjuice70

    Moonchild keeps killing me with the dopeness. Amber, Andris and Max, your music is so very special. Big respect!

  7. remy mohsini

    I feel like your next song your gonna whisper. Bring out that bass in your voice just like “the list” I wanna feel the words. If you know what I mean. Great song but feels off brand and don’t vibe with it as much as your others. Keep up the good work though .

  8. Karla, It's all love

    I hate it's 2019 and I'm just finding them...

    Larry Lewis

    Better late than never...check out Voyager! Incredible! Little Ghost (their newest) crazy good! Welcome to the club!


    Karla, you still beat me by 5 months sis :)

  9. PAPIRIN09

    WOW me gusta

  10. Margaret Nonhlanhla Sebopelo

    Ur songs makes sense to me 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

  11. den g

    I like the band..but live the lead singer needs to work on her "live" vocals with a coach.

  12. Dee 1

    Sounds like Herbie Hancock on them keys..


    you mean the style in general or some particular moments of song that may remind you of some compositions, hooks, progressions, licks and so on?

  13. MDJ_86

    Just recently ran across this group/song on Spotify listening to anderson.paak, and I'm glad I did. The music is so heavenly and soothing with a touch of neo soul.

  14. Brandy Fort

    Amazingly beautiful.

  15. XCocoaCutieX

    Moonchild is on constant rotation. All their albums are worth hearing

  16. Becky Ramirez

    OMG this just set me a drift to pure smooth groove & I'm loving every bit of it 😘😍💋💖

  17. Jedi King Pudge

    I just discovered this group in 2018 and i'm glad i did

  18. Nahshon Thomas

    One of my favorite tunes from you guys!

  19. Tony Dial

    let's keep it going

  20. Dollydagger Lioness

    September 10, 2017 I discovered this gift from the heavens to my soul. Healing music, relaxing music, heartfelt music. Much appreciated!

  21. Earl Wright

    Priceless to say the least just close your eyes and float away on the notes.

  22. T'nikka Do-well


  23. NOAH freaking THOMAS

    I feel morally superior for knowing about this band before everyone.

    Larry Lewis

    As you should...

  24. Jack V224

    I'm so in love with Amber and her voice, love this group

  25. Nita Sims


  26. Femi George

    this song gives me goosebumps!

  27. TopDawg Fresh

    very refreshing

  28. Joie A

    The lyrics to this song are so beautiful and very deep. Love their style.

  29. elieco1

    very pleasant!

  30. Justin Killings

    You have a new fan. Wow!!

  31. Slepton Gems

    Fender Rhodes EP FTW

  32. TheGirl

    I never say this but.....

    BRUH! 💜👍

  33. mitchwheresmybunny

    Stumbled on them last Friday. I love this group. I see they have a show in Atlanta in September. I'm going to try to see them.

  34. Xan Ashley

    You guys are so soulful omg.

  35. Anastasia Morgan

    unreal like moon light shimmersa cosmic sound was sent to me I thought I was on a drift with Badu But Moonchild twas you...                                                                I love this...

  36. Shane Curry

    music for the next generation music for those who are fortunate to experience the joy and pleasure of high end jazz and all of its intentions and its unlimitless vibes I salute you moonchild

  37. Shane Curry

    music for the next generation music for the fortunate

  38. ProjectMusicPromo

    Love the Jill-Scott vibes, really relaxing lullaby :)

  39. oyze

    #LumpInThroat #EyesWideOpen #LittleTearDrip

  40. Nic Shannon

    who cares what their race is? Close your eyes, open your ears...and vibe. Love their SOUND!!

    Mae Freddie

    U right

  41. samuel beals

    I was fooled.. Imitation is the best form of flattery, So is said! ----translation---- I thought this was a Ebony group

  42. Lorenzo Rizzardi

    Moonchild, Hiatus Kaiotye, Snarky Puppy, Robert Glassper Experiment, Jesse Boykins III just a few artists breaking ground in R&B/Soul/Funk. They are killing the game

    Tanyi Rop

    there's nothing comparable to hiatus kaiyote in my opinion nai palms writing is an actual madness 

    Jack V224

    Tanyi Rop Hiatus Kaiote is sick 💞💞

    Brianne' Wright

    Lorenzo Rizzardi and Brandon Williams

    Ariel Raphaeli

    Thanks for recommending Hiatus Kaiotye. Really impressive.

    palesa bashman

    Everytime I read this comment I get so happy!!!!

    Thanks man.

  43. Eccentric Luv

    My ears are soooo happy right now! Beautiful

  44. ConsciousEsthetics

    Man O Man. This group has REVIVED ME. I've needed some new new

  45. AfroThunder0071

    YES!!! AWESOME JOB!!!!

  46. Angela Profit - Woods

    Feel good music!

  47. Kimberly Nina Sykes

    beat they all took music lessons In school,  and than BECAME THIS!!! MAN

  48. Kimberly Nina Sykes

    how did I miss this group,, omg,,, I love the easy groove tunes with so much soul,,i need her entire cd,, it takes you to your childhood,teenage years, in love...

  49. aqiyl qasim

    Moomchild is the business. Truly music for the soul.

  50. Phillie P.

    Great tune....I wish you all the success you deserve...beautiful.

  51. MysticDiamond

    Your work is amazing.

  52. Andy Frost

    OMG. Where have I been? Just discovered this wonderful trio. Sensational.

  53. Wolfie

    Still get GOOSEBUMPS even after listening to this song for over two years !!

    Kimberly Nina Sykes

    @RCGB31 indeed

    Jujag Themag

    Ms Kimberly Nina Sykes, the group responded to my inquiry about being twins. They denied it. I can't believe that though. If not then Irish Twins. That's siblings that are within a year apart. My bro and I are that way.

    Kimberly Nina Sykes

    I still say twins,,,

    Jujag Themag

    Yes they must be. Get the CD on iTunes. Ocean Deep is the most melodic tune I've heard yet. Let me know what you think. )


    Same here man. So heavenly.

  54. Wolfsbayne Music Production

    oooooh fuck this shit. SHARE THIS SOUL SONG :D <3 :O DAMN !!!!!!!!

  55. Jay Scott

    I am almost at a loss for words for how much I love this band. Simply amazing. Can't wait to see you live! (I'm moving back to SoCal next year.) Keep making this unique, inspiring sound!!! Much love

  56. Ellen Diane

    this is an accidental&marvelous find- thanks;) 

  57. Alonzo McPhaul

    Ti's funny to hear your sound and love it so much. Because there is so much Erykah Badu in what you make, but I am really not a fan of her overall body of work. Nonetheless, your sound is good.

  58. Gerald Fontejon

    beautiful... smooth, and chill - thank you for sharing/playing

  59. Quest4Apath

    Still waiting for a N.y.c show.

  60. JCMthebrand

    Huge fan.....just found you guys on youtube......but been jamming you guys for a while....

  61. archiemilan

    One of my new fave groups.  love the sound and the girl on the sax has to be part of the suite for Ma dukes orchestra.  I swear I saw her on the video.

  62. Franklin T

    Dope Voice

  63. Al Smith

    Yeah buddy!

  64. Dr. SuperFunk

    just discovered your music and subsrcibed

  65. LaNoire27 Hughes

    Please don't change this good thing you all have going. This is real music.

  66. Henry Harper

    this sound takes me to another place in my mind ...sssoo nice

  67. Jujag Themag

    The girl on the horn has to be the leads twin sister. I notice everything. There trying to down play her in the vid. Hey I'm a surviving twin. Show her off, you guys are cute and jazzy)))


    haha, no twins here. Amber plays sax! 

    Kimberly Nina Sykes

    @Jujag Themag   OH I SEE, yes they are twins,,

    Gary Taylor

    If you look close you will see that all 3 play horns... both the keyboard players are playing horns in this piece as well as Amber the lead vocalist... Bad Kid's... good for music as long as they stay Indie...

    Endia Crawford

    She is not a twin, I saw her in concert. she actually switches between the sax and singing when performing

    L Marie

    Missed YOU! Do you have anything new??

  68. gogomusic

    Excellent!!! so cool!

  69. marina skiadaresi

    super *

  70. langGang

    Im sooooo n LOVE with their MUSIQUE! <3

  71. Opaku Music

    Gosh this is sooooooo smoottthhhhh

  72. Derek Hunter

    Can't wait to see them live at Yoshi's in San Francisco on March 4!

    Adrianna Rangel

    THEY ARE AMAZING. I saw them at my college. OMG. YOU'LL LOVE IT

  73. W Mc

    This entire album is hot. Turned a bunch of friends on to it last year. Patiently waiting for the next.

  74. Doug Deep

    WOW. You have new fan.

  75. YA BOY O

    All over thiss!!!!!!

  76. Belle Gunness new fav band!

  77. Olivia Sedwick

    I instantly started to smile profusely when I heard the opening chords...y'all had better play!!!!!!!!! love this. y'all have a fan for life in me.


    I did the same thing

  78. Quincy Whiteside

    Wow... Explosive sound... You guys Definitely have a new fan! 

  79. samhadrios

    This is Inspiration !

  80. Quest4Apath

    I soooo digzz this sound.

  81. Joseph Junior

    3 people are deaf.

  82. Anna - Bernard

    Sooo good!

  83. Craig Collier

    Sooooooooooooo friggin DOPE it's not funny.

  84. Michele Myers

    My cousin, Dujhan, shared this video on facebook and I've been enjoying it and others by Moonchild all afternoon, The quality of the lead singer's voice is exceptionally beautiful. She reminds me a little bit of Erykah Badu - another talented lady.

  85. Eric Sede


  86. Tashaj♡

    Wow I've been wondering who they were I've been purchasing they're music reading up about this amazing band and I never saw a picture wow I'm shocked that they are white! Lol but we all love the same music regardless of color, race and gender still love them keep it coming moonchild♡♡♡

  87. samhadrios

    Music from the clouds ! Merci !

  88. John Walsh

    One word: Elegant

  89. Edward James

    these guys are outstanding! they're very talented, too good!

  90. Omar Porter

    Just found out about you guys. I'm a fan now. Awesome sound. Wow

  91. Marvin Kelley

    just the sound I've been looking for Ana what I'm going for

  92. TheAcstdesnhorw

    Amazing,Respect you guys,Greetings from England.