Moonchild - All The Joy Lyrics

I heard a whisper in the breeze
Long before I took the time to stop and listen
Oh the feeling that came over me slowly
Sugar sweet
Never never leave me
I thought it was too soon I had fallen apart
Right in front of you
Just in time
Like a melody you came to me
Carried softly by the breath of spring
Blessed with time enough to see it through
All the joys of love I'll give to you
I'd grown accustomed to the way
Time replaced the love I work to save with distance
Oh to know that you are mine to love for some time
I feel free
Never never leave me
I thought it was too soon I had fallen apart
Right in front of you
Just in time
Like a melody you came to me
Carried softly by the breath of spring
Blessed with time enough to see it through
All the joys of love I'll give to you

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Moonchild All The Joy Comments
  1. xerxes

    this happens when white people copy, appropriate and distort Black ideas. It sounds terrible, like a marshmellow to my ears. This ethereal fake smile of the singer perfectionates the drama. But yes, we are all so aware of our white privilege (NPR).

  2. Sherrieff Hammond

    This group called Moonchild has a nice groove. I just was listening to my girl JILL SCOTT and came across this group. I LIKE them.

  3. Teddy Bear

    i love moonchild

  4. Andrei White

    1:32 those little 3 seconds sound like a little portal to back in time 100 years ago. Lol I never thought I could be so damn mesmerized by something that lasts 3 seconds

  5. Courtney Horton

    This is MIND BLOWING.

  6. linked2you

    Very soothing voice along with mellow sound. Puts you in a contemplative mood.

  7. Teddy Bear

    man l love moodchild music

  8. Tor Kamau

    Close your eyes and you would think this was Erykah Badu! Nice, talented group, good diner party sound.

  9. Skyjuice70

    A wicked band, a ginger frontwoman with dimples. What could be better? Moonchild overflows with sultry soul. I wish nothing but continued success for this wonderful trio.

  10. j t

    They are white as 1950 midwest and as Black as Black Berry Juice

  11. Travis Alston

    I accidentally clicked on Moonchild while drinking. Heineken and glad I did their music ❤️💕❤️🔥🔥🔥

  12. malimmes king

    hahahaha yeaaah cool Respekt !!!

  13. Ray Humphrey

    Just didnt see it coming and even when I see it cant believe it....they are so lit lol!!!

  14. Mark Genous

    i can understand you over the music

  15. Wim Van den Borre

    Does anyone know what the red keyboard is?

    Wim Van den Borre

    ok, think it's a Korg SV-1 :)

  16. Rob Council

    What a refreshing, harmonious, and energetic sound! The band is "Tight!" too (In a very good way) 👏🏿👏🏿🙋🏿‍♂️😊😎

  17. Micah Woolfolk

    Next to Robert Glassper, mark colendburge, yellow jackets, they my fav

  18. Micah Woolfolk

    They have so many songs already recorded..the world ain't ready for what's really conscious and alive..fake is the new real but you fake or loose wit the stuff they use

  19. Teddy Bear

    i like moonchild

  20. Cynthia Young

    Excellent Music

  21. Tiesa Leggett

    So dope.

  22. tony harrington

    Ok, Erykah you can come out now!!!😂

  23. Eric Draven

    This is trash.

  24. Loyal Beau

    Not to bring up race but 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  25. Rob Lee G Chasing Them Dreams

    I love it. I just discovered her 🙄😂

  26. jdove585

    Found on purpose ............... i'm in LOVE - Just like That

    Just in time
    Like a melody you came to me
    Carried softly by the breath of spring
    Blessed with time enough to see it through
    All the joys of love I'll give to you

  27. Andrea Johnson

    Rediscovering this group. OMG!!!! I love her voice. And this neo-soul groove is killing me! O..M..G!!!

  28. Harold

    So soothing. Amazing music, guys!

  29. oldschooldrumcorps


  30. Prentiss Crittenden

    OMG this chorus!!! Ouuweeii!!!!

  31. Andrew Campbell

    Moonchild likes wide open spaces!

  32. Sean T

    I cant stop listening . Your so smooth Amber! Flawless!

  33. Sean T

    HOLY Stevie Badu!!!!!

  34. zeke4881

    Omgoodness..what a sweet voice over beautiful sounds... Respect from Ny

  35. Jon S

    This Ginger stole all of their souls!

  36. george guntrip

    so nice and beautiful

  37. Lance Shavers

    No words. ❤️👍🏼🔥👌🏼

  38. Kingdom Thinker

    Y'all can't tell me that this song doesn't have a Norman Connors You Are My Starship come take me up tonight type of feel too it.

  39. Marvin Noonan

    Please don't sleep on Moon child!

  40. Jaquiez Douglas

    Anyone that loves this kind of music. Download this app "NEO SOUL CAFE" Nonstop Neo soul!!! I'm telling you. It's freaking AMAZING!!!!

  41. Nsureu hamp

    Just discovered this band about  a year ago, now I'm a real fan!!! Their sound is infectious!!!

  42. Bruce King

    Moonchild are a soulful version of Paramore!!

  43. neogirl37


  44. Dee 1

    I bang this in my big body Linc Basket( 89 Lincoln Town Car) Moonchild..

  45. Briana Kelley

    smooth af

  46. ชนธัญ ปั้นกิจดี

    I've got on vinyl double on red

  47. Keyke Onpointe

    I wanna meet this band omg 😍😍

  48. A.J Rana

    Edie Brickell

  49. Dillian Stockman

    Man this group is good and i never heard of them

  50. den g

    She gives me modern day Karen Carpenter..very simple arrangement..but it makes since.

  51. Mr. K

    Imagine Bobby Caldwell and Moon Child collab..... Let it sink in

  52. jigz kept

    Big love from kokondcrybabies band from Philippines

  53. LighTraveler

    Makes me imagine driving along the Pacific coast on a warm Summer night with all my windows down. Running along the beach, playing under the moonlight and stars 🌠🌇water and sand on my feet🏝️

  54. Kamil Arikut

    That's a cute ginger with great tits for y'

  55. Marvin Scott Jr.

    And then...there was music!

  56. Deirdre Murray

    Moonchild wicked group

  57. Kim Dean

    Music, lyrics and vocals are beautiful. I feel the stress lifting off me.

  58. Cupcakes World


  59. Andrae Baxter

    Smoove stuff i love this track ❤💝❤

  60. Uri Mercury

    Please come to Detroit!!!!!!! 🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤

  61. NC's Caribbean Southern Bell

    2:07 reminded me of Erykah Badu Other side of the game intro. 🤷🏽‍♀️ could be just me 🤷🏽‍♀️

    B HM

    Not just you! Same cadence almost!


    It was cultural appropriation! Glad you caught it. Where should we behead them?

  62. Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon

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  63. Yeremia Refael Krisada Simbolon

    Big love from indonesia!!! Come come come!!

  64. Donny Roem

    Love it!!

  65. slmeucalesa1

    Sonically this is some next level stuff........

  66. iveriani


  67. D Sword

    This would probably work if the lead singer could actually SANG, and she was easy on the eyes. Imma say, 👎...

  68. 16csterling1 that old school jazzy voice

  69. Arthur Workman

    Her voice sounds so much like Corinne Bailey Rae.

    Anki Hansen

    I disagree, they have a similar style, but they don't sound alike.

    Kelvin Mclemore

    Sound nothing a like

  70. Jackie Williams

    That would be so relaxing to go hiking and look at that beautiful scenery, while having a pair of head phones listening to this

  71. Samantha Wood

    She looks nothing like her voice

  72. Mary Wilson

    Good music that we will never hear on the radio smh thank God for Utube ,I’ve found so many great new artist this way , it the new new record store I’m school so I actually remember hearing new music on the radio by artists I like and would got to the record store a buy it now times are differ you have to find everything on line smh

    Juan M

    Mary Wilson, I love it though. Love spending time sampling good vybn music or any other genre for that matter. But this smooth rnb jazz is my favorite. Catch Mac Ayres , Show Me live version. Would love your thoughts.

  73. gayle rodgers

    i love how timid she is

  74. Filip Fox

    Is she on morphine? I can't decipher a single word.

  75. dAN vEGA

    Since I last commented this song has taken over my life. This is some sort if future shit. Those chords and vocals are galactic! Someone tell me I'm not going mad!

  76. Claudia Barber

    That was a beautiful experience.

  77. dAN vEGA

    Man o man o man this is . . Well I have no words ! Except for WOW THIS IS SPLENDID!

  78. itsmemadness

    Man why do I always find these gems to late.

  79. leewardstyle

    All dem smiles hurt this video. Just saying.

  80. ChillWill

    This girl can sing her ass off!!! Damn she sounds good!!!

  81. Jerz White

    This is so peaceful

  82. P Mon

    Wow! So lovely.Don Pedro from Montreal.

  83. Moïse Beugre

    wow am like totally hooked she's a God sent gift, i've been looking for a jazzy artist like that for so long

  84. Vyasa Basili

    owwwwwwwwwwwww that BASS PLS!!!!

  85. Fresh Potential

    Super chill

  86. Musicaltariq777

    I've stumbled into that heavenly part of YouTube...there goes my sleep for tonight...

    Ryan II


  87. Lazza Ooo

    If Moonchild and Hiatus Kaiyote ever collabed the universe would explode.

    Sp 300

    How about music with Alfa Mist??

    Ebony Bryant

    Hell yeah

    VeryNightmare Gladiator

    Dude I was just listening to them yesterday!!!!


    Hahaha good way to go out bro


    @Sp 300 💯💯💯

  88. Jen

    Music makes me feel so good.Places me in a trance. I love the melody of peace and harmony. thankh the universe !

    3oss Omok

    Their music is euphoric

  89. Umberto Coppola

    it feels like norah jones on antidepressives

  90. Sespo Tlhaselo

    woooooow !!!!

  91. Ishtar Oshun

    this goddess has vocals.. lord!

  92. EmzooH

    So talented !

  93. Tom 2005

    Ej du sings total schön LG tl

  94. Jerz White

    Erykah Badu

  95. Award-Winning Author Vernard Dorsey


  96. Joaquim patton Puig

    Y mike patton ??????