Monty Are I - Hearts Bleeding Lyrics

put that gun up to ur head won't even matter cuz ur already dead. to me its like u dont even exsist no more. cuz when u constantly lie to me, theres no trust its all a fallacy no entry to my life as u try to knock down my door.

hope falls and i'm leaving u cant feel that burning in my eyes. i'm fighting for this freedom. a lie calls for hearts
bleeding never talk to me and no more lies just do this favor me when in doubt for me

all u see and all u do is go around and look like a fool to me its like even exist no more cuz when u lie, i'll be here
waiting do u know that i'll be here and i will be here...


open ur heart and open ur mind and emotions will scream HEY! and i'll purchase lies that no one else buys and i'll say do u even know how much this even hurts and so feeling my flow is all u should know. well you'll be faced with this reality, whats it to me? because you be doin this to everyone and finally the sum with be the break of somebody and i hope that you k now dont do it do it for show, spills lies finally you open your eyes. and it finally shows now that u know cuz i know that no one gets through life losing their sight and so are these even the real reasons that ur attitude change like seasons


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