Montrose - Whaler Lyrics

A salty tide holds a sailor's dream
A year at sea or so it seems
Sail away, until the dusk do you rise
The Captain's call, wipe the sleep from your eyes

You sight the whaler who seems to be wise
A ship and harpoon, a man in disguise
An ocean breeze bring the taste of your life

On deck with a crew of seafaring men
Channeled in calm and waiting for wind
Out of the sea, out of the night
The hour has come, your time has begun...

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Montrose Whaler Comments
  1. Mark Ramsey

    Beautiful and mesmerizing song. It soothes my soul. ❤

  2. Brian Benson

    Some of Ronnie's early gems. With the changing of singers B4 Gamma & having known him since his Edgar Winter days, I easily rate him along side some of rocks finest.

    More versatile than Trower & as Trower once said about 'Voyager', it sounded like Trower doing Ronnie doing Trowe.

    R.IP., BRO....r

  3. Gary Hines

    this is killer LP????


    its a great lp. when it first hit i was like....ok. not sammy, but it aint gotta be. i got stoned many a night to this album. never failed.

  4. Steve Reents