Montrose - All I Need Lyrics

When I'm on the move,
And I'm looking for something going on.
Well there's one thing waiting for me,
to get me through.
All I need to do,
is to count on you yeah!
Babe when you call me in,
feel the warmth down deep in my skin.
But my tracks on the road and I found my soul.
And its taken hold,
It's the life that I made,
maybe my one mistake, yeah!

Oh oh oooh baby,
All I need is your lovin.
Oh oh oooh baby,
All I need is lovin comin from you.

In the time it takes to begin
the days I've had with you have been spent.
And I make my way alone again.
I must learn to bend.
And if I make the end,
Our broken ties will mend, yeah!

Oh oh oooh baby,
All I need is your lovin.
Oh oh oooh baby,
All I need is lovin comin from you.

From you oo!
comin from you oo!
From you oo!

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Montrose All I Need Comments
  1. colemann76

    Should have been a hit

  2. Racine Evans

    My favorite track off the album!!!! RIP Ronnie

  3. Scott Hazlewood

    (Montrose) reminds me of Humble Pie with Steve Marriott (lead vocals/guitar) and Peter Frampton (lead guitar/vocals)......

  4. Joe Lee

    I met Ronnie Montrose in Chico, California, I remember at the time being intent on learning the solo to Black train, great player.

  5. blueskys1972

    Great old song with alot of great memories!

  6. ea6a

    Thank you for this post, many memories.

  7. Stephan Merrifield

    Never tie of these songs. Thanks to YouTube, they continue to live and inspire.

  8. Gareth Leitner

    I remember a sweet hitchhiker on the way to Tucson back in 1976. Had this tape in my 8 track. Sorry we had to part ways.

  9. Tony Fiedler

    Love this album!  I think Carmassi's right foot is second only to Bonham,  and maybe Paice

  10. Bongo Fury

    Montrose, Jeff Beck and The Outlaws....the only Les Paul rockers I can stand. The rest sound like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  11. Farhad Firouzi

    10 years of age I was when I discovered this album in my brother's collection, side A Montrose side B Be Bop Deluxe, Still when I listen to one of these albums subconsciously want to hear the other.


    Farhad Firouzi I hear you Bro


    “ Modern music on my radio”

  12. phil de Blois

    love this album

  13. Donald Harrison

    I was 16 when this Beautiful Song came , out those day were great and the Fun ! lol I was Young ! lol 🇺🇸

    Valery Arapov

    I was 16 too and it was one of my first LP`s that I bought. It was in USSR, in Siberia and rock was prohibited...

  14. jonsilence

    Montrose vocalist Bob James who sang on this album will be performing at the Ronnie Montrose Remembered concert January 21 2017 at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California. All ages show with an all star roster of performers. Come on out! :

  15. C. K. Myers

    Ronnie was with the first, on playing a style of rock that hasn't had any real originality since they mastered it in the early to mid 70's. people still tryin ta get what a dozen or so guys created back then!!! R.I.P. Ronnie. peace, DaKwala

  16. Eric Klein

    this track puts me back in my room when I was young and just starting guitar myself. I learned how to phrase guitar with this kind of spirit and composition. This singer reminds me of a cross between Paul Rodgers(free) and Klaus Meine(scorpions).

    Rockin Angel

    He sounds nothing like either Klaus or Paul Rogers (Bad Company & Free)

  17. steven stech

    Great lost song.