Montgomery, John Michael - Four-Wheel Drive Lyrics

Well last night me and darlin
We went explorin
Pulled off the road to a place we'd never been
I had to stop the truck because it was gettin muddy
We started kissin, then I put it in...

Four-Wheel Drive
And we kept on goin
Man what a ride
It made me feel like a kid again
Slippin and sliddin
Bouncin around in the cab
Bringin back old memories of all the good times we've had

Then I pulled it out
Back on the main road
I looked over at darlin
Her face was all a glow
She said honey that was wonderful can we do it again
So I leaned over toward her and I put it back in


Yeah darlin loves it when I put it in...four wheel drive

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Montgomery, John Michael Four-Wheel Drive Comments
  1. Skorch951

    this song sucks

  2. Jennifer Dijames

    Good song John Michael.