Montgomery Gentry - Where I Come From Lyrics

Don't you dare go runnin' down my little town where I grew up
And I won't cuss your city lights
If you ain't ever took a ride around
And cruised right through the heart of my town
Anything you say would be a lie
We may live our lives a little slower
But that don't mean I wouldn't be proud to show ya'

Where I come from
There's an old plow boy out turning up dirt
Where I come from
There's a preacher man in a cowboy shirt
Where I come from
When a couple of boys fight in the parking lot
No, nobody's gonna call the cops
Where I come from

See that door right there, man I swear
It ain't never been locked
And I Guarantee that it never will
That old man right there in the rocking chair
At the courthouse square I'll tell you now
He could buy your fancy car with hundred dollar bills
Don't let those faded overalls fool ya
He made his million without one day of schoolin'

Where I come from
There's a pickup truck with the tailgate down
Where I come from
The pine trees are singing a song of the south
Where I come from
That little white church is gonna have a crowd
Yeah, I'm pretty damn proud of where I come from

Where I come from
There's a big ole' moon shining down at night
Where I come from
There's a man done wrong gonna make it right
Where I come from
There's an old plow boy out turning up dirt
Where I come from
There's a preacher man in a cowboy shirt
Where I come from
When a couple of boys fight in the parking lot
No, ain't nobody gonna call the cops

Yeah, that river runs across that Oakland rock
Where I come from
Where I come from

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Montgomery Gentry Where I Come From Comments
  1. Bobby Emon

    How to find on Spotify

  2. Future LEO

    Fair winds and following seas

  3. J Murphy

    This video would be way better if it didn't show heavily armored soldiers invading a foreign country of inadequately armed civilians defending their homeland.

  4. Dan McCaffrey

    Hey all.
    Had to put this out there, like it or not, that's not what's important.
    I was a pretty sheltered, pretty spoiled kid.
    Didn't really know much about anything, really until my 30's.
    Moved around a lot, Dad's work or mom and dad splitting up.
    I never actually had a hometown.
    I'm almost 50.
    Still don't.
    But I'll tell you this:
    If you relate to this song from experience, you are one lucky son of a bitch.
    EVERYTHING in this song is all I ever wanted.


    I’ve loved this song, band, and video so much since I was a little kid, and I’ve watched this and listened to it so many times, but I just can’t for the life of me understand the connection between the lyrics and the music video theme. From what I hear, the lyrics just seem so literal and honest about a small U.S.A. town. So if anybody could help me to understand better that would be very much appreciated, because I always took it as a song about an actual town, but maybe somehow it is all just a metaphor for the military? I am also conservative and live in “the country” sort of, and I mean absolutely no disrespect at all, and I would simply just like to become more cultured and intelligent. Thanks so much! 😄😄

  6. Everett Kazmarek II

    Sure dont make country like this anymore

  7. Junior8888

    I am a USMC veteran and I appreciate that these fine musicians honor the work we do, to keep the USA alive & well. I want to give a major shout out to our great friend, Troy Gentry and his family. He was a great and important man that loved our nation. Love you Troy, you are one of us!

  8. Jason Gority

    I from a military family

  9. Candice Machella

    This is to public defender john thomas and takesha ard kiss my ass and drop dead. Dont even look my way or ever talk to me again. I don't even want to see or ever talk to yall again.

  10. Megan Willis

    RIP Troy you are still miss

  11. Melissa Ratliff

    People who "work for a living" are proud of Military and have their back!

    Megan Willis

    I so agree with you.

  12. PATRIOT 777

    Where I come from where a couple of boys fight in the parking lot and no ain't nobody gonna call the cops.

  13. PATRIOT 777

    See that door right there man I swear it ain't never been locked and I guarantee it never will.

  14. Peggy Bridges

    I like him

  15. Kevin Teran

    R.I.P Troy Gentry

  16. Jakob Fouts

    This is true American music right here

  17. William Wilson

    They plowed upon my back they made long they're furrows

  18. Desert Ghost

    Born and BRED Son of Virginia and Son of the South. OEF OIF Vet. Loud and PROUD for my fallen brothers. Semper fi. Where I COME FROM

  19. MattBlue 66

    RIP Troy Gentry.

  20. Jeffrey Abeld

    R.I.P TROY

  21. Ethan Hammons

    Where’s my Kentucky brothers/sisters at ?!?

  22. Modern Warfare Junkie

    2019 and I'm still here blasting this!


    We never left. We will always be blasting this song.

  23. Canyon Scheel

    Marine Corps Vet-Afghanistan 2013
    Currently Active Duty Army in Iraq.

    It’s my pleasure to serve, every man and woman that leaves his small town like Fall Creek, Wisconsin is one working hand that is not helping a farm or small business.

    When we come home, it is with overwhelming joy that we return to the farm.

  24. Tyler Keefe

    We miss ya Troy

  25. Shawn Payne

    Came here after reading 9/11 hero stories

  26. Space Catboy

    dont people understand that these two phony douche bags are using hyper patriotic emotions to get your money?

    CM T3

    Space Catboy F U

  27. wja14msu

    Twirling that mic stand really makes me want to donate to the VA.

  28. arc trooper fives

    for the dislikes screw you god bless America for people that fought for our country and family

  29. Veronica Contreras

    Ruby has your truck..

  30. Captain Traction

    Jesus, that's powerful!

  31. Tristan Dorval

    I miss my hometown

  32. Slytherin Son

    My father was first in last out. He left no brother behind.

  33. Diesels_for_days

    The part where he said the old man in the rocking chair could buy your fancy car with hundred dollar bills was my favorite part about that song and in my small town there is a lot of people that have a lot of money but they don’t show it. Also love for the fallen soldiers.

  34. foy karting

    I'm 12 and wanna go to the army I'm scared but god will protect me

    1984 chevy c30

    If that's what you want to do do it don't let no one stop you

  35. Dixie Brown

    R.I.P. Troy Montgomery

  36. Vohn Reid

    Rest in peace Troy I love you brother

  37. yeetgod13579 gunderson

    Literally GODS

  38. Judy harl

    Thank you


    That's right

  40. yyy y

    Wow!good song 💕

  41. Vicki Phelps

    Iran Has Faalle🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  42. Lee Bailey

    I plan on going the Navy after High school

    1984 chevy c30

    Good luck man stay safe

  43. SCOTT Allen

    God Bless America!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  44. Donna Vaughn

    Where I come from is oklahoma

  45. Mark Basnight

    All the guys singing had to get makeup put on for the cameras... remember that.

  46. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    R.I.P. Troy Gentry. We’re all heartbroken you’re no longer here.

  47. Joshua Ramquist

    This video makes me so hype

  48. Rc Life

    This song is the. Best

  49. ariani.olindo dragoti

    I like this Song!
    Hello from Albania

  50. Paula t

    Awesome song, but they should fire whoever directed this video. Has nothing to do with the song really. And stop spinning the mic stand man, one scene with that would have been plenty.

  51. Christine Ray

    Faster num nuts


    First time I saw this video, I am from a small town called Dover OHIO ,I gave scholarships but served my country, too bad only 1 percent did

  53. Kyle Reynolds

    Miles City, Montana. Pop. 8, 483, I know to many people who've gone. I have 3 who ship out in just a couple of days. Where I come from... everyone calls the cops. no one can handle a problem themselves. My great Grandpa was a seal. My Brother is going into Airborne infantry..

  54. The Pokemon Masters

    I miss Troy

  55. fpopee

    Jesus ......this is friggin horrible

  56. Danielle Dennis

    R.I.P Troy. You truly will be missed. You made my childhood amazing 💙

  57. Stormie Laughlin

    Carnegie, Oklahoma. Pop.503

  58. Lisa Sweeney

    I showed my man where I come from ! He liked it lol

  59. Shayna Bowen

    I may be only a 15 year old kid in a small southern town, but to those city people who don't understand our lives and a sense of pride we have for our soldiers and veterans- just be quite. I grow up every day in a Christian and military town- and I have nothing but respect for my town and the preachers wearing cowboy shirts, the boys fighting in the parking lot, the people in that little white church, and that man whose done wrong and whose goin' to make it right

  60. love Air Force

    I love this song also great video.

  61. Austin Fuentes

    Damn good song

  62. sniper47 2003

    Awesome video!

  63. Rodbender

    Twirling the microphone in every shot looks fucking stupid

  64. Amaan Baig

    Stereotypes exist for a reason.

  65. America needs Shalom

    See that door right there man I swear it's never been locked and I guarantee it never will.

  66. Mark Robertson

    rip troy

  67. terry conklin

    i come from a small town called hell

  68. Rekt Ryan


  69. Johannah Stahl

    Where i come home

    My mom

    Awesome song

  70. Mary Jean Mcglone

    I love the song

  71. Dairy inc.

    Rip t Roy Glad I got to see you live a

  72. Phill S

    I may not be from a small town (Eastern Shore - Virginia) but with all of the men and woman who serve's for the Freedom of every Amercian in the U.S. I truly do respect them for putting there live's in the fear of harm. And I do agree that this song does show that this band of Mongomery Gentry does respect every man and woman who serves in the forces whther it be in the Army Navy and or Marines that they and this song does show that they do respect our veterans. R.I.P. Troy Gentry you were taken away at a such young age and maybe one day I will get to the pearly gates to meet you.

  73. Choff C

    God Bless Mr. Troy Gentry..!!! RIP.... Seen em up in Orlando a while back and they are awesome..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Nick Edwards

    Currently listening to this 2019 I love this song as much as I do the flag and our country

  75. Diane Mahan

    Jesus is shining on Troy, no worries.

  76. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy then 14 Volunteered Rescue Squad and Fire Department. Wrecked/rollover a fire truck 7 weeks in a Coma. Slow starting but steady running Country Boy

  77. Jenna Zyla

    Id be glad to meet my grandfather once again👍They called him simple,but he could speak fluent german,he saved many lives and freed poland,france,germany.My other grandfather serverd as polish special forces

    Rashad Jones

    My great grand uncle fought in WWII also. #growingupoklahoma.

  78. nathanael harwood

    God bless our troops, especially our Marines and my Marine brother Shared. Hoo-rah!!!

  79. Chris Ruffolo

    That old man right there in the rocking chair he can buy your fancy clothes with 100 dollar bills.

  80. It’s FrostyWolf

    I’ve never seen this music video but it only made me like this song better ❤️

  81. pot smoka

    This military theme really makes no fucking sense at all if anyone can explain it to me please do so because I would really like to know and no I am not a liberal Democrat or a city boy I’m a white southern country boy just to let you know

  82. Chris Cannon

    Montgomery Gentry i listen to your music everyday on the way to work and i just want to say thank you for motivating me to be the man i am today! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

  83. Cody Smigel

    I love reading the comments and how people show there love for the military and being an active Marine in Lejeune it give ample amounts of motivation to keep doing what I’m doing and even tho it’s hard and it sucks, I’m happy because i know what I’m doing is making a difference in this lovely world we live in. Semper Fi And Rah Marnies and for those who know YAT-YAS

  84. ninja tiger

    Honestly I live in a country.😎😎😎😎

  85. michael Hayes

    Country boy it runs in my blood ❤️

  86. Erin Foster

    rip troy

  87. Schrodinger's Cat

    woah this was *flaming* !!! GO MONTGOMERY!

  88. Chuck Slayton

    I love MG, but this song has dick to do with combat or the military. RIP T-Roy!

  89. deleted

    0:26 0:26
    0:26 0:26

  90. D’Ante Graham

    This is why country music is great!!! The amount of respect for the military is TREMENDOUS!!!

  91. Blondie Girl

    Love them an so sad ,RIP TROY

  92. countryfam and more

    Well it's all ganna be ok because we have people fitimg for us my grandpa served

  93. VFILIP3

    I love this video and the song gives me goosebumps of the good kind

  94. Gamer Cris

    I truly heared this band once on spotify and i loved it so keep up the great work and for all the veterans thank you for your services sir you wil not be forgotteb💪🏼

  95. Rich Lewis

    Love these guys, the song and the video

  96. Kim Whitney

    It'll always be an Honor to have Served with both, those from the city and the country. Can do things in the country that won't fly in the city. Roots run deep in America, don't matter where you come from. Amen. 🇺🇸💪

  97. Shred Criminals XL


  98. Michael Rogers

    dont matter what country you in, down there in the states or up here in canada, respect your boys.

  99. Tyler Mueller

    The town that they are singing about is protected by the men and women fighting in this video. god bless our troops