Montgomery Gentry - What Do Ya Think About That Lyrics

I heard it through the grapevine
My new neighbor don't like my big red barn
A '47 Ford, bullet holes in the door
Broke down motor in the front yard
I got half a mind to paint a plywood sign
And nail it up on a notty pine tree
Saying I was here first
This is my piece of dirt
And your rambling don't rattle me

Some people care about what other people think
Worry about what they say
Let a little gossip
Coming from a loose lip ruin a perfect day
Say, blah, blah, blah, just a jacking their jaws
Got a letta roll off-a my back
I don't give a dern what other people think
What do ya think about that

I wear what I want to, overalls work boots
Crank my music up loud
Like to sling a little mud in my four wheel drive
Trek it all into town

Shot a little eight ball down at the pool hall
Drink a beer with my friends
Now don't judge me and I won't judge you
Cause we all get judged in the end

Some people care about what other people think
Worry about what they say
Let a little gossip
Coming from a loose lip ruin a perfect day
Say, blah, blah, blah, just a jacking their jaws
Got a letta roll offa my back
I don't give a dern what other people think
What do ya think about that

Some people care about what other people think
Worry about what they say
Let a little gossip
Coming from a loose lip ruin a perfect day
Say, blah, blah, blah, just a jacking their jaws
Got a letta roll offa my back
I don't give a dern what other people think
What do ya think about that

Say, I don't give a damn what other people think
What do ya think about that
What do ya think about that

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Montgomery Gentry What Do Ya Think About That Comments
  1. C. Kerns011

    I have a neighbor who has like 6 cars and he parks them all on the side of the street but when it rains and my driveway gets muddy I park on the same street and he will come over and literally pound as loud as he can on my door cause when i do that he has nowhere to park all his cars... I jammed this song in my car one day when i was outside cleaning it and he was mad cause i was on the street

  2. Timothy Foeks

    47 Ford broke down in the yard of course !!!!

  3. LaDon Hilley

    l've never cared about what otheres think about me. l try to intill that into my son and grandson.

  4. cylekicksurass

    They look like a retired backstreet boys 50yrs later

  5. Atul

    A "True that" to the lyrics

  6. Michael DeTorrice

    what album is this from?

  7. scott fennell

    I lost my brother and sister last year, January my sister took her life, December 16th my brother passed for a brain aneurism, we love your music and I hope that you will keep inspiring people the way you did with my family!

  8. Timothy Foeks

    I'd let that girl ride me instead of that motorcycle !!!!

  9. Wizard Merlin

    RIP Troy.

  10. Susan B

    seems they think women are porn stars and men are, as shakespeare said, the great unwashed

  11. Seleste Rodriguez

    Who else came to this video for their humanities/philosophy class?

  12. Blake bubble

    Dam forget the chopper I will take her


    still mow my yard with my 96 john deere mower no hood no exhaust with cow skull bunjie strapped to front and drive my 95 f150 open headers and dont give a damn...what do you think about that

  14. Timothy Foeks

    I used to shoot a lot of 8 ball down at the pool hall !!!!

  15. Jennifer Delay

    She didn't bite yet

  16. Jennifer Delay

    I dont c any unloved animals here keep rolling

  17. Pyagrl*16

    I'd like to see them try that in a neighborhood full of drug houses.

  18. The Resale Boss

    A letter from the Homeowners association should take car of that motor hanging.

  19. Jennifer Delay

    Must have missed it

  20. whatdudeokman

    I didnt know Rick from Pawn stars made music

  21. Andrew K

    Does he have earings or just strangely shaped shiny ears

  22. Michaela Andrew

    My neighborhood ❤🖤

  23. Northern Redneck

    I don't gave a darn what people think of me either.....

  24. Candice Machella

    I care what men think or say. If men were suppose to stay married God would have made them live longer. And they can kiss my ass.

  25. Donald Trump 2020

    I don't give a damn what Democrats and libertards think about that LOL

  26. cewinkle

    Sounds to me like Michigan is a state full of bitches. Head south 2 states and learn what real life is. Saw a comment on here some wet noodle bragging on his family ( not him ) owning 3 whole acres in Michigan. All I have to say is sorry about your luck

  27. Thomas Booth

    Love from the UK sharing you all over love this style espically while drinking haha

  28. redneck400m

    Her husband better de-cuckify pretty quick

  29. Jennifer Delay

    No peeping here

  30. bad person

    Lol gay

  31. Dave Carsley

    Very Hank Jr.

  32. Ray Taylor

    Me !!! RIP

  33. Dweeziewe Love

    I need to be more like that

  34. Rowdy Thomas

    Raq has always had fun but it was kinda weird when we

  35. Mike mysers Mike myers

    Who’s still listening to this in 2019?

    Jerrett Leon

    Hell yea brother

    Bob Roberts

    I do and im voteing for Trump and hope know one likes it.

    Dee-ann Prentiss

    AMEN, BOB!!!!!

  36. R R

    So many hotties in this video.

  37. Steven couture

    I have loved this song and its message since i was a kid... but it has always absolutely irked me at the awful jump cut when he says earring' (abt 1:42 )

  38. willy potts

    "damn straight"♫

  39. Mickey Acosta

    Who else doesn’t care what other people think about you
    Let’s make that thumb blue

    Chris Perdue

    Hell yes rebel for life


    The fact your asking for likes just proves you care what people think if something as small as likes gives you recognition

    Dave Carsley

    Begging for likes is the most loser move in the world

    Mickey Acosta

    Chris Perdue I don’t give a damn what you both think so yeah

  40. Motor rider

    O K B O O M E R

  41. Nicole Wild


  42. to too

    judging by comments many people loved Troy

  43. Stephen Giguere

    4.3k folks are pussyz

  44. Timothy Foeks

    Of course a 47 Ford broke down motor in the front yard !!!!

    Kaitlyn Kittle

    Timothy Foeks FORD. Found on road dead.

    Timothy Foeks

    @Kaitlyn Kittle I know I used to own a Ford ranger and the head gaskets went bad in that truck only ford I ever owned the only vehicle I had to motor work to

  45. MondoBeno

    Look up the video about the Mosque that opened next to a pig farm and demanded that it shut down. The pig farmer got back at them by hosting pig races on Friday evening.

  46. Les Argent

    all these years later still killing it....

  47. Mafisto Waltz

    This is How Americans are and Should be!

  48. Jennifer Delay

    Cant even go to walmart an somebodys trying to pull a fast 1

  49. TheBrownCow


  50. Cole Lawson

    People complain to much about stuff

  51. Big Dawg

    That's Trump MAGA people my country friends. I don't care about that LIB BULLSHIT!!!!. 2020 four more years. Trump nation March and vote. It's of major importance. Get off your ass and vote MAGA!!!!!!

    Cold Slugger

    lol nope aint gonna happen get ready for another democrat my incest born friend

  52. Ahmed-_ Magomedov.-_

    Salam From Russia 🖐️🇷🇺🇺🇸

  53. Jennifer Delay

    Get out

  54. Dawn Wendland

    Saw Eddie and the Montgomery family in Redwood Falls Mn -it was on my bucket list to see Montgomery Gentry and even tho Troy wasn't there it was still one hell of a good time-so happy i got to see Eddie and the band -i love them

  55. mattorama

    1:45 That's a felling axe, not a splitting axe!

  56. Pervitin Jones

    TRUMP still kickin' aces! schmokin!

  57. J Daves

    I'm from Hart County, Georgia, and I love this song, because to hell with Washington DC, to hell with liberals, God save Dixie, and GO DAWGS! Better to die a rebel than live a slave.

  58. Chris McCurdy

    This is a nice country music that you love to play it again and again.

  59. Schneider Palcsik

    I don't care what my neighbors think. FUCK THEM

  60. Simon Goossen

    She looks like lacey evans from wwe

  61. Jennifer Delay

    I hope it just gas but i keep spotting

  62. Jennifer Delay

    My head is going bald

  63. Rewriters Realm

    The word dern though

  64. D_Dizzie _Druck

    me 100%

  65. Ruby Nash

    Hello I'm ruby Nash and I like the fact that you don't give a hoot what other people think.Pss ruby Nash

  66. rollin' stoned

    in other words...come get some you liberal twits! we'll hand you your ass on your way out bitch! yep I'm a bit ticked so your move...and "we all get judged in the end"! I'm not a bit worried about THAT! but you should be...

  67. caleb smitherman

    Only opinion from other people that should matter to you is in a professional setting ( he / she does good work they are the right person for the job ) other than that who gives a fuc*

  68. Tina Brown

    People talk about me sooo much.... who cares!

  69. Michael BUCHANAN

    20 Navy, 14 Rescue Squad and Fire Department, Wrecked/Rollover a Fire Truck. Coma7Weeks Slow Starting But Steady Running Country Boy

  70. Marilee Dent

    Prayers and condolences RIP Troy

  71. Marilee Dent

    Love it

  72. Heather Hawks

    I hate loose lips nd gossipe:)

  73. Lacinda Barton

    that's exactly how I feel and don't give a Damn what anyone thinks when I have my southern flags flying high. don't judge somebody until you get to know them. so all y'all haters of our southern pride keep yalls ass away.


    I live in Oregon and have the southern flag flying too and i have had a few people pissed off at it but i don't give a damn what they think. If anything it makes me happy to make people like that mad.

  74. Hunt31 Fish31

    This song sends a great message to people

  75. Dragongaming-Kid friendly gaming

    "What Do Ya Think About That?"
    Me: I think this is an awesome song! Great mindset in my opinion.

  76. No Creative Name

    Inspiring lyrics. Why do we care so much about what people think?

    Dragongaming-Kid friendly gaming

    Great songs have great lyrics!

  77. Jennifer Delay

    By the shes a little poodle

  78. Jennifer Delay

    She smelled it

  79. Jennifer Delay

    Pearl said this daddys ppt

  80. Jennifer Delay

    Like my little poople

  81. Kaden Buttram

    It is a very good song

  82. way2tehdawn

    I care about what my church, family and friends think... Is that unreasonable?

  83. Jennifer Delay

    Oops i smell 💩 dont u

  84. Jennifer Delay

    Look at that sign selling that property

  85. Donald Trump 2020

    I dont give a dam what other people think what you think about that ????????? 2020 MAGA

  86. Happiness


  87. HailOdin666

    I'm nut sure da great Wall uuf awake end Ing should hap end

  88. Darci Kinard/Kinnard

    My Dad would use that expression.Jacken their Jaw's....Daughter of Navy Seal

  89. America’s Finest

    And with him now he looks like will Ferrell😂

  90. Veronica Contreras

    Lyle my Tia Minnie

  91. Carol Pallotta

    I have some great pics of this concert!! RIP Troy

  92. Phoenix North

    Every guy wants that life

  93. Robin Alberti yeah....what do you think about that

  94. Lonely Lodge

    Like my Neighbor

  95. Jackson Renaud

    Hoa my ass

  96. Darci Kinard/Kinnard

    Ha"!!!You can take the Counrty away from the girl.
    You can't take the Country out of the girl.(jack your jaw")what do you think about that