Montgomery Gentry - Rebels On The Run Lyrics

Me and Ace and Billy Joe
"Born To Run" on the radio
Doin' 95 down Rock Springs road,
Racin' the Tennessee sun

We stuck it on the hometown games
And played chicken with midnight trains
Oh, time is slow
We were insane
Rebels on the run

And we made a beer bottle pact
Behind Burley's store
That we would always be one for all
And all for one

Rebels on the run...

Heather Reed was our sheriff's kid
It was me and her and a half pint of gin
Went further than we'd ever been
Right there in my shotgun

I was country boy
She was country club
Her momma said I'd never measure up
We left that town in a trail of dust
Like rebels on the run

We made a class ring pact in a Motel 6
That we were gonna stay in that crazy love
And be forever young

Rebels on the run...

Now Billy Joe sells ATV's
Old Ace wound up marrying Heather Reed
And every now and then they give me a ring
And ask me if I'm ever gonna grow up

No, I'm a rolling stone and a ramblin' man
On the road with some boys in a band
Ain't nothin' out there I'd rather be than a
Rebel on the run

We made a beer bottle pact
Behind Burley's store
That we would always be one for all
And all for one

Rebels on the run,
Rebels on the run...

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Montgomery Gentry Rebels On The Run Comments
  1. John Schwendeman

    Only human & an American

  2. Wv Freebyrd

    Love the music to this song. Just wished the lyrics could have been a little stronger. A bit cliche'

    Five Iron

    I agree. But most people seem to be happy with what Nashville's song writers churn out. I'd like to see a little more creativity too.

    Wv Freebyrd

    I wished I could find it again but haven't been able to....but someone did a YouTube video along the lines of "What makes up a country song today".  They took the most common cliche' phrases and then showed clips from the recent country music songs/videos that used that phrase. It was amazing how many "standard lines" are used over and over in multiple songs.  At first it was funny but then you find yourself getting kinda sad and/or mad at the lack of creativity used in writing today's songs.  For example, they said "You have to have a pickup truck with the tailgate down" then proceeded to show 3 or more songs that used that phrase.  Same thing with "a dirt country road".  Etc. etc.  Honest to goodness I do think I could write adequate lyrics to today's songs.  Just don't know how to write the music.

    Five Iron

    You'd have to find a Weird Al Yankovic of country who'd be willing to sing fucked up lyrics. I would buy an album about using a pickup truck to run over Mexicans or banging your cousin at the family reunion. Maybe a song about a beautiful girl in cowboy boots who squats down outside the bar and just takes a shit in front of you.

    Kim Woodle

    Wv Freebyrd YOU CANT HAVE IT