Montgomery Gentry - I'll Keep The Kids Lyrics

You don't have to holler,
And we don't have to fight.
We can settle all this, right here
Right now, tonight

No need to call no lawyer
You don't have to pack no bags
It's obvious, all you want is
Half more than your half

I see here on this paper
You wrote what you want down
Want me to sign over
What was ours is all yours now

Take the house that my sweat built ya'
Here's the keys to both the cars
I'll do you up the title to my ole Harley in the barn

Take all our family pictures
And my records off the wall
And any other sign of livin' proof
That I lived here at all

Can't help but not see a couple little things
Not there on your list
So if you don't care
I'll keep the kids

Look at dads old Gibson,
I see you wrote that down
Girl, that's below the belt
But it's all yours now
There's Grandmas diamond ring
She wore fifty some odd years
She'll probably roll over in her grave,
But, I'll leave it here
I'm outta here

Take the bass boat and that tractor,
All my guns and Earnhardt hat.
Every nickel we had tucked away
And twenty years I can't get back
Take the shirt right off my shoulders
Hope it fits ole what's his name
Take everything you think your world revolves around everyday

Can't help but not see a couple little things
Not there on your list
So if you don't care
I'll keep the kids

Can't help but not see a couple little things
Not there on your list
So if you don't care
I'll keep the kids

Couple little things you won't miss...

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Montgomery Gentry I'll Keep The Kids Comments
  1. Blake Henderson

    still fighting for my kids to this day but it's all changing I hope seeing them more and wait not but it's been a damn fight

  2. Damien Harteis

    Just really hoping that my aunt Stephanie and Uncle Josh work things out really hate seeing him so depressed
    But in the long run he has two boys and only sees one whenever he can I just hope he gets custody of him

  3. Jason Cronk

    Know of many women who use the kids as pawns in their games to get as much money out of their ex husbands as they can. It is really sad.

  4. pam lorenz

    His new wife is way more attractive than the EX.

  5. Ethel Hoose

    Thank God he was a good father

  6. Zack Lauseng

    When me and my ex broke up I played this for her

  7. john dennis

    Touching song. I just got granted custody of my three children. Best thing I ever did. Unfortunately, mothers aren't maid like they use too.

  8. Yohn D

    I have custody of my two girls I’ll do anything for them to better them then what I had

  9. Eddie Brandenburg

    Song should have went number 1, one DJ said it was the best song since George Jones He Stopped Loving Her Today.

    Jimmy & Lizabeth Wolfenden

    I would agree with that sentiment

  10. Zack Lauseng

    My ex just put me threw hell and she took everything we didnt have kids together thank god but I do miss hers everyday

  11. Eddie Brandenburg

    Song should have been a number one smash hit!!!!! POWERFUL

  12. Amy Shepherd

    I walked away from his hell and 199% all I took was r kids! I just had enough

  13. henry hilden

    I'm going through a similar thing with my ex feanciee she left and in 24hrs got a new fella and know she's stopping seeing my three kids and trying to take it to court iv been through a lot in 3weeks and this song is starting to make me strong again

  14. Angela Jordan


  15. sea6bear

    My dad passed 2 years today he was 82 ....Back when he was 27 he took custody of us 4 kids ages 5 to 1 ...takes one good hearted person to do that ....this song seems to relate to a lot of people ...God I miss him.

  16. Christian Kuhr

    you aint keeping my Earnhardt hat

  17. April Hagar

    Gold digger don't need her any way

  18. Jana Payne

    May God bless you and look out for you Eddie. Rip Troy.

  19. brian stafford

    My mother walked out of my life when I was a kid. Threw me my brother and father out of the house onto the streets. My father has raised me into the man iam.

  20. pam lorenz

    Love this song. Who wrote?

  21. mary ryan

    Just saw in the news Troy Gentry died in a helicopter crash

    Ben Herbert

    mary ryan, that was very sad. Troy was a great guy and musician

  22. rcas9490

    Daddy did! Thank you God!!

  23. Athrough Z

    In my state, if you're a mom, you could be a crack addict, and still get custody. I pray my wife and I never divorce. I love her and our kid to the moon and back and will move Heaven and Earth to keep them safe.

    Hunter Higley

    I know how u feel

  24. Jeanette Nichols

    This is me... but I'm their mom.

    Steve Mahne

    Jeanette Nichols 👍👍

  25. 09smartin1

    I love you Gabe and grayson. I'll fight for you till the death

  26. Ben Smith

    Man, that is a true dad. Willin to give up everything, for his kids

  27. Chris Graham

    yes it gets eaiser tom keep positive im still married she ran off with anouther guy! stay positive

  28. Kayla Lindsey

    Song gets me every time I hear it

  29. Daniel Nelsen

    damn right on

  30. mongoou812

    fu kellyn

  31. Ronnie Sorter

    This song just brought me to tears. I'm going through a brutal divorce now. I gave here pretty much everything I busted my ass for my whole life, but she still wants more. The only thing I care about is my 4 sons. As long as I get to see them she can have everything else. it don't mean a damn thing to me!!

    Tom Weaver

    Me too brother. I'm on day 4. Does it get any easier?

    Ronnie Sorter

    +Tom Weaver It hasn't yet. But I know God will never forsake me or give me more than I can handle. Keep the faith brother.

  32. Darrell Collier

    If I DONT see it NOT on the list, then it's actually there. so the kids ARE on the list?


    I think it's dialect, so the usual rule of "no +no= yes" doesn't apply. Just like "I ain't done nothin'" means " I didn't do anything" even though, following the rules of standard English, it should mean "I did something".

    Does that make sense? :)

    Cristy Davis

    Can't help but not see a couple little things
    Not there on your list
    So if you don't care
    I'll keep the kids

  33. rzombi666

    This is so California. Doesn't matter who's at fault, the ex wife gets half or even more in some cases. Also the kids go with the mom because most courts here in California look upon the father as not capable of raising kids plus the wife in a lot cases portray the father as a child abuser even if its true or not. I've seen it time and time again.

  34. DM4ZG sexual Healing

    I did keep my kids over 13YEARS thus year they be B 26,21,20,14 ALL BOY'S AND NOW YOUNG HANDSOME LOVEN MEN LOVE YOU ALL MY SON'S FROM POP'S

  35. born free

    all i can say is wow. How it is really something knowing that something like this can be capulter in a song. It is so impressive that anyone can sing about this and make it connect to so many of us. I know how you guys feel when my dad cheated on us. It made me realize way superheros would never work. because like so many boys dad is not dad he is something nobody can ever take away from you he is hope he is strength HE IS PERFECT IN EVER WAY. but, after years you realize he aint. But, after those years your realize he your dad and he will always be your dad. All I can say is my kids wont have to feel the pain behind every hit that cuts way deeper then any punch can or will ever. My kids also wont ever say "walk a little straighter daddy." but he is your dad we all make mistakes remember that when you feel like bringing up all those old memories when your made. some things are better left behind then to carry

  36. Shanna Folden

    He didnt care..I kept the kids!

    Shanna Folden

    +Sara Devens Right on!; ) It's the toughest job ever being a single mom/ dad but I love my children more than anything♡

    Shanna Folden

    +Sara Devens :, ( Thank you! Everyday with them is a blessing, even the long ones. Thank you for your encouragement ♡ God Bless you as well:)

  37. angel of light

    so glad my mamma didn't do that she left most of her things with Papa she said she already took us she didn't want to hurt him any more then she already did by cheating. I get to see papa this weekend 😄

  38. David Mather

    Great song . If your a Mum or Dad the kids should always be your first concern and if not then you have got your priority's all wrong.

  39. Becky Rooker

    Love this song. I was 16 when I met my ex husband. tough times, he cheated, stole, and burnt me, in the end I chose the kids, no child support nothing just freedom. material things can be gotten back, my babies can't

  40. marissa clark

    My sister and I were raised by my dad. Greatest guy ever, my mom left and didn't want us but my dad did always did and always will!!! This song hits home!

  41. Joe Cantu

    Sounds like my ex! I have the kids! Thank God!!

    Shanna Folden

    Amen! :-) I feel you;)

  42. Krista Henderson

    My mom may have got us kids in the divorce, and while I'm not close at all really to my real dad, My Daddy raised me.  He was my step-dad and the second man mom married and left.  He stayed around even though he didn't have to.  Taught me to drive, helped me buy my first truck, saw me off to join the Army and one day I really hope that I can meet and marry a guy that is HALF the man he is.  He was literally the dad that didn't have to be.  He could have left when mom left him but he chose to stay around for me and my brother and sister and be the father he KNEW we needed.  PS, hes also currently trying to find a way to get to the city I'm in to help me fix my car!  WHAT A DAD!! LOVE YOU DADDY!


    I'm sorry for all that you had to go through. And thank you for your service and your sacrifice for our country.

    Wesley Borton

    So sorry for all you went through krista

  43. AEfuryness

    My mom and dad separated when I was 3. He didn't pay any child support. Made my mom put her pay checks into a bank account he could controlled, only giving her enough to get by with my brother and I. I am now 18, they are in the middle of actually getting the divorce stuff finished. He refused to sign the papers because he wanted to be married for 20 years on paper. I can say without a doubt I don't like him at all. My mom did her best, and looking at me she did a great job.

  44. Shade Miller

    my mom didn't come around after her divorce with my dad..i was 3 years old when it happened..i lived with my grandparents..even though the law said i was my mom's..7 years later my grandparents yelled at her to get her shit together..i still am not as close to her as she wants me to be..

  45. Nina Cote

    i can tell you right now if my hubby decides to walk out for whatever reason I will be keeping MY kids and he can enjoy paying child support and i don't want the child support to line my greedy pockets i would want it for the kids and so he wouldn't have enough money left in his paycheck to wine and dine some hoochie.. he wants to walk out his family he sure as hell isn't gonna have enough money to spoil some woman

  46. Corinne Boomhower

    wonderful song and while i think a lot of men do get screwed over,, its kind of stereotyping that a man is wonderful if he keeps his kids, but if a woman fights for them,, then shes on welfare , pill popping slut.....I would go to hell and back for my kids,,, and would be so happy if they had a dad that loved them the way they for all the moms out there that are dads too this songs for you too  :)..

  47. Mean Olddog

    I have custody of my daughter, had to fight for it.  In the south, working in law enforcement, minimum 12 hour days and the judge still awarded me custody.  I was not going to back down, no matter what my lawyer said, no matter the odds, because my daughter is worth it.

    M67 KABAR

    Man,Same thing is happening right now to my brother. He is a cop down in Houston, TX and is having a difficult time with his divorce. His daughter is 10.

  48. German Shepherd

    I was raised by my father, couldn't imagine it any other way.

  49. rcg1967

    She kept everything and I didn't fight it cuz I was tired of fighting.  The only 2 things I wanted was 50% of the time with my boys (which she wanted me to have none) and my last name back.  Well, I got the 50% time but she got to keep my name.  All the stuff I lost didn't matter to me.  I wasn't in it for the 'stuff'.  My boys are everything, and they know that :)  

  50. bigoldinosaur

    I wish they'd make a video for this already. Just film a bunch of dads with their kids and let that be it.

  51. elisha carver

    My dad raised 3 kids on his own never was on welfare worked everyday no family because ever single one was drunks or druggies he worked ever day my mom took everything left me n my brothers never was around was out living her life and my dad never was able to have time to meet a good women he stay depressed but he was a wonderful dad n he pulled through n got us grown n raised us right this song reminds me of him.... daddy's girl ♡ he's the strongest man I know.

  52. eddie brandenburg

    Eddie Montgomery should have went solo,he would have a ton of number ones by now!!!!! The man is everything country music is all about.

  53. eddie brandenburg

    Eddie Montgomery has one of the most powerful voices in country music!!!!!

    Robbie Stewart

    eddie brandenburg Eddie Montgomery Wrote This Song Cause Was Goin Through A Divorce At The Time

    Eddie Brandenburg

    Thanks Robbie yes I knew that,it just so happens I am good friends with Eddie from way back to his Austin City Saloon days.My brother R.I.P.Bo/Rebel played a lot of lead guitar with him back then n I was the Bouncer.

  54. billie jo

    I love Montgomery Gentry singing,they don't get the credit they deserve.

  55. Kyle Trulock

    dont forget dads gibson and the ring

  56. Devon Brown

    It takes a big man to stand there and say this. It is a shame but so many heartless, immature women do just play these games. If they wind up keeping the kids they are usually used as toys in her games. It really is a shame and makes me ashamed of my sex. Good men, those of you who kept your kids!

    David Hair

    Thanks I have cusdy of my boys

  57. Devon Brown

    Good man!

  58. Devon Brown

    Good man!

  59. Christopher Hefler

    When my mom left 3 years ago she took everything and my dad kept me and my brothers. I love him for that!

  60. Ric H

    You never REALLY know a woman...until you meet her in court.

  61. Ric H

    And this is why divorce's cost so much...because they are fkn WORTH IT !!!!

  62. Dawg Tunes

    Love this! LOVE MY KIDS!!!!

  63. Echo 7s

    This song means so much to me and my family.

  64. Elizabeth Zane

    I'd love to see a serious video for this song-like, it a lyric one. But I like this one too.

  65. Kathleen Biederstadt

    I gave up everything except my son.

  66. Gary Marshall Ellis

    First time I heard this song, I applauded When it was over! This song is the voice men never have in marriage or divorce! I was a loveless, fun less, source of income, with no rights, and no authority! Twice! Serial cheater, and the addict the second time! I wrote the most brutally honest blog on divorce on my web site, hayloft dreamer dot c o m. Title, I'll keep the kids.

  67. kaitlyn ward

    same situation for my family. Except my dads the one who left, and he tried to take EVERYTHING. my mom kept us and the house and is still, 2 years later, fighting my dad over child support. I love my mom, shes my hero & im so glad she kept us<3

  68. Joey Javeline

    brought tears to my eyes <33 Can't wait to see them live

  69. Brandy Bowers

    we don't always get everything. trust me on that

  70. mike dyer

    y does this sound like my dad. but he didnt let her have his guns or the dog or us kids. and the way crap is these days the woman get everthing just about it and the man get stuck with paying for it.

  71. MCmaleNY

    Don't like country but like this one

  72. suzanne hall

    Troy gentry is my uncle no joke

  73. rino1901

    True story!

  74. Robin Hood

    If I ever get in this situation, God forbid, I'll give the lady everything but my drawers and the kids.

  75. john aka O.D.B. martin

    i got the kid the best thing that came from a 13 year relationship. Sad part is i still love her but the kid has no love for her.he was her biological and i adopted him at 6 HE is now 15. it is so sad to think how he feels about her. i could never feel that way about my mom god rest her soul

  76. nina jenisch

    This song opened a can of worms , I loved my ex husband , but when it came down to it my kids were more important . He got it all an scondered it .

  77. Kim Knight

    Kids are moire important then any gun!

  78. Douglas Forrest

    fuck that my bike is ever thing

  79. Chelsea Marie

    your dumb. whay this song means is it doesnt matter if they have to live under a bridge. he's keeping his kids that God gave him. And with that. God can get you through ANYTHING. k? k.

  80. A lone Redwood Tree

    ok don't hate me, ima keep my guns my kids my earnhardt fangear my bass boat my tractor and my grandma's ring

  81. SouthSweetTea

    If my husband decides to leave me he can have anything he wants but the kids, my gun, the pictures of me and the kids, and my fishing gear.

  82. sarapeters4

    My hubby got it all clothes house cars everything but our kids he even took kids pics...i got copys...a year later he return wanted to be a dad....mess up

  83. Maples01

    She got my kid, took her family meddling, brainwashing, counseling, and medication, but she got him. When it comes to divorce, whats right/wrong don't matter, when it comes right down to it, the childs welfare don't matter, because some will destroy the childs future if it will win custody, just requires a psychiatrist, had I known, I'd have let go sooner so it wouldn't have gone there. Beware, if you're in a divorce, the guidance center will destroy your childs future, they'll diagnose them

  84. BCShifflett96

    What you need to do is research on the band itself, and then maybe you will understand the song!!!!!

  85. Jason Drake

    I've said it before and what I've said still stands true. This song sucks.
    If a man is stupid enough to let the woman have everything EXCEPT the kid, and I do mean EVERYTHING just like in the song, then he shouldn't have the kid either.
    Because, ACCORDING TO THE SONG you got one guy, and at least 2 kids because song says KIDS as in plural form, just standing on the curb because MOMMY, for lack of a better definition atm, has all the needed stuff in the house. THAT HE GAVE HER. WHAT A DUMBASS

  86. william chance

    your a tough girl if you can say that my dad spit before i was born and the older ive gotten my moms been acting less and less like a parent im 16 and all she really says to me is get up or go to bed sometimes i wonder what my dad was like but good luck hopefully it wont afect you like it has me - small town texas guy

  87. Meme Machinist

    Country music isn't just "happy, kick-ass fun," it's the lives of working Southern men, and God knows they're lives is filled with as much tragedy as they is fun.

  88. Brandon Beard

    that same thing happend to me

  89. Odessa Hill

    This song reminds me about my husband now. He gave his EX everything. She told him she didnt want the kids. She left him for another guy as well. They didnt even have to go through a divorce he said fine the kids are better than having anything in this house and shut the door in her face.

    I give kudos to the single dads out there. My husband has struggled but, we have made it through we have 6 kids all together and we have them all with US. :)

  90. Gunn Wolf

    Don't hate me but the guns, bass boat, and tractor are comin with me and the kids.

  91. Drue Dehoff

    I wish my dad took me. I'm forced to be with my mom cuz my grandma made her

  92. Ruth Boland

    Well dont listen to it if its that bad

  93. George Lacy

    "Nothing but ignorant whiners coast to coast."

    Surely I'm not the only one to see the irony here.

  94. Vance

    Wow. Country music has de-evolved into this henpecked mess over the last 20 years.

    It started with Tim McGraw's awful song 'please don't take the girl."

    Just nauseating. Country music is supposed to be happy, kick ass fun. Not this half-man diatribe of whining.

    Some idiot that gets married nowadays deserves his fate, just don't whine about it.

    This is a sign of the times though. Nothing but ignorant whiners coast to coast.

  95. Millerdeath Jr

    And the Gibson.

  96. Abigail Tiehes

    Can I throw one in yours bitch?

  97. andy smith

    Does anybody know why that at the moment alot of country singers which includes this song has an organ sounding keyboard,it maybe just me but it do"nt sound right.

  98. Kidwitha12gauge

    You talk about Troy shooting a bear,but I'm sure you have no issue eating meat that someone else killed.

  99. Robert White

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    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries "assimilate," i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.