Montgomery Gentry - Headlights Lyrics

Everybody knows when the summer gets hotter
Everybody goin' on down by the water, chillin'
Nothin' gets rocking 'til the clocks says midnight
Catch a buzz on honeysuckle moonlight

Shotguns, girlfriends, coolers full of cold cans

Follow those headlights
Down a broken fence line
Take it to the riverside
Point 'em through the red dust
Keep it in the tire ruts
If you wanna find us
Wanna go all night, hell yeah that's right
Follow those headlights

Got a girl in a tee and cut-offs shakin'
'Round here we call that summertime naked
Yeah, shake it
Got bottoms up boys, hats on backwards
Hittin' it hard, since they parked them tractors
(since they parked them tractors)

Got Hank up on 10, if you can't hear him
If you can't hear him

Follow those headlights
Down a broken fence line
Take it to the riverside
Point 'em through the red dust
Keep it in the tire ruts
If you wanna find us
Wanna go all night, hell yeah that's right
Follow those headlights

Follow those headlights, yeah

Follow those headlights
Down a broken fence line
Take it to the riverside
Point 'em through the red dust
Keep it in the tire ruts
If you wanna find us
Wanna go all night, hell yeah that's right
Follow those headlights
Follow those headlights

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Montgomery Gentry Headlights Comments
  1. Matt

    Nothing like a 2nd gen dodge

  2. Bo Rupert

    Rip Troy Gentry

  3. Princessa Stardusty

    Last night i played to my best audience, .. my g'son Damian. the boy danced and danced and danced until he was pooped out, ... there was so much joy watching him, him watching me and that jackson guitar just singing out, rockin'! lol what a blast! we rocked out to this song; M. Gentry's Headlights, about 20 times, he and i "love this song", it's a fun song! he had so much fun - nothing but smiles and then says to me, ... "im a super dancer", LOL hahaha, why ...yes he is! now ... THAT is how music is suppose to work it's magic, and touch you and a child. we 'shall' do it again tonight!!
    , ... "follow those 'headlights', down a broken fence line",
    it'll always pick your spirits up. ... sheer joy. <3

    who knew,... all i was doing was practicing .... wow. "HELL YEAH" ... that's right !!!
    what an great night,
    ... ... #blessings #music #kids #magic #love #liftedbigass4x4FordTrucks !

  4. Kaley Dixon

    I Love Montgomery gentry and I love this new song headlights ❤❤❤

  5. Andrea Craig

    This song is bad ass

  6. simple country boys

    Only Montgomery Gentry would use a big Dodge dually in their video, rip Troy we miss you man

  7. Kendall Mastre

    R.i.p Troy..that second Gen tho

  8. Brianna Baumann

    Love the song

  9. Angela Jordan

    That's Right!!! ♡♡♡

  10. Shannon Burn in hell

    Ur. Truck. Is. Ugly

  11. Shannon Burn in hell

    Why. Would. Some. One. Wanna. Find. Montgomery. Gentry

  12. Shannon Burn in hell

    Ya. Montgomery. Stupid. Gentry.

  13. Amy Johnson

    God SPEED Troy! Watch over us with #3!

  14. Tom Campbell

    It will never be the same with out troy but i really hope Eddy continues producing tracks. Y'all have been One of my favorite bands since i was a young kid.

    Sunflower Queen

    Agree!! Same here!

    Ghost Kid2

    Same i went to concert when i was little in San antino

  15. Bo Rupert

    RIP Troy

  16. Bre Thompson

    Love this song!! RIP Troy!! U will never be forgotten..U will live on in ur push it to the limit music!! Wild to say the least!!

  17. Dustygaming HD

    R.I.P Troy

  18. Southern Indiana Dipper

    R.I.P troy Gentry

  19. Juan Santos Echevarria

    He's up there along with Waylon, Johnny, George, and Hank

  20. Joe Fly

    R.i.p troy you will be missed!

  21. Dark Trainer Z

    R.I.P. Troy

  22. Bo Rupert


  23. Justin Manis

    country greats turned pop pure shit!!!

  24. Matt John

    #ramcountry #ramlife

  25. Myron Owen

    I just saw Montgomery gentry in concert at Billy Bob's Texas in the Fort worth stockyards very great concert

  26. Thomas Fletcher

    Cummins headlights

  27. TNA WWE

    Why this song never made it big amazes me. When i first heard it last year, i thought it would be a #1 single

    Levi Moore

    I thought it would too


    I just found this song today. I never heard it on the radio. This is easily a #1 single. Hopefully they'll re-release it.


    TNA WWE because it’s teenage crap music. Sorry to hurt your butt but they sold out.


    I like Montgomery Gentry but this song is a clear Jason Aldean rip-off. Prob why it never went big.

  28. Camaro464

    Hell ya. Love these guys. Super talented and badass!!

  29. Jared Cobb

    Heard this song on the radio ONE time, what happened to it!? It's awesome!

    Marie Skiles

    i did too they need to play it more

    Levi Moore

    I did too

  30. CountryGirl Lve

    Can't wait for yall to come here to Florida next weekend!! 💜🙊😱

  31. Cassidy parker


  32. MrPhilbillydeluxe

    is it just me or did country artists all run out of things to sing about? it all sounds the same today, I miss the old stuff from 10 years and older where they were all pretty original.

    Jade Elderkin

    It's like that with most music/artists? It not just country.

    Dana Butler

    It's not the artists for the most part... It's what the record label wants you to put out. It's about what's in today not musical expression; unless you're an indie artist. Even then I'm finding a lot are trying to be current when it comes to country at least.

  33. Fred Prudoehl

    love this song. Its a great sound

  34. tullyman82

    I followed the headlights, round the broken fence line now I'm stuck....WTF???

    Mizuki Shiba

    Use a Chevy next time

    Andrew Pitocchelli

    @Taftin Thompson hes talking about the song.

    Alex Tomasek

    This is what happens when you own a Ford

  35. BarrelHorseGurl8 !

    Love the truck :)

  36. XGamingNerdX

    First time hearing this song on the radio I was instantly hooked!

    Luke Baron

    Same here except I got hooked by a tow truck


    What r u talking about? lol

    Fred Prudoehl

    Same here

  37. twag0735

    i think thats a sign... i was thinking about trading my 68 f100 for a 98 dodge ram 3500 cummins. well there it is in the video like a sign. if shes good ill be rolling a new set of wheels by the end of this week.

    Vlad Lavrov

    Oh, noo.. a '68 f100?
    That's like the coolest pickup ever made... No, it's been my dream truck ever since I was little and saw one, don't trade it out. Save up money and buy the dodge but don't get rid of the ford!!!


    i decided to keep it. but since it had a motor swap in the late 70's to the 400 (aka anchor) shell be getting a motor swap when i get the funds..... shes getting a 615 ford (bored and stroked 460.) :D

    Vlad Lavrov

    @twag0735 Glad to hear it! Any plans for the frame? Not sure how that f100 frame will do against a bored out big block. What are you gonna use for a tranny? Good luck with your project! :) 


    ill box and reinforce the frame wherever i can. but tranny wise id probably do the tremec t-56 magnum, pretty much the same tranny in the viper and corvette just built up much stronger


    and thanks! itll sure be a pretty penny till its done

  38. Tracy Broyles

    I love this song...keep them coming. ..

  39. Jennifer Gordon

    Love it!

  40. oldgoldtop

    WOW!!! Easy to get hooked on this rockin song! Those wild summer nights! Love that addictive pumped up guitar sound. Nice job!

  41. Tyler Gunderson

    Love this song was aiting for yo to come back

  42. Brittany Randolph

    Love this song 

  43. Brian Hurst

    Heard this this morning on pandora, and its been stuck in my head all day! Amazing song!!! Glad to hear some decent country music again!

  44. Megan Jordan

    So happy they're back! I missed hearing their songs on the radio! 

  45. chris wood

    Glad they are back! I'm so sick and tired of the American Idol pop country crap that's on the radio today.

  46. John M

    So good playing it on repeat

  47. Grant D

    Any Texas Aggies here?

    Bre Thompson

    No Roll Tide!!!

    Mitch Hudgins

    Nope once again Roll Tide

    Bo Rupert

    Nope but I live a mile away from A & M

  48. Intars Ābols

    Hell yeah, love it

  49. Duncan Swart

    Great GREAT song

  50. Cody Farmer

    Love it