Montgomery Gentry - Folks Like Us Lyrics

We're scattered out
On rural routes everywhere
From California to
The Carolines

Flag wavin', Jesus prayin'
Mama lovin', don't care
Redneck, white shirt
Blue jean kind

Folks like us
Like to live a little
Honest, simple
Outside, small town
Dream chasin', beer drinkin'
Raise 'em up, if you're thinkin'
This ole' world ain't got enough
Boot wearin', God fearin'
Folks like us

With Folgers in a Thermos
At the door with a brown bag
Steel toes on the go
With the risin' sun

Even when the wind
Ain't at our backs
We don't quit, won't quit
'Till the job gets done

Folks like us
Like to live a little
Honest, simple
Outside, small town
Dream chasin', beer drinkin'
Raise 'em up, if you're thinkin'
This ole' world ain't got enough
Boot wearin', God fearin'
Folks like us

Come on, now

We hang out, just a little too much
Hey, the way it is now, ain't the way it was
A whole lot of real and a little less fake
Yeah, I guess that makes

Folks like us
Yeah, folks like us

Folks like us
Like to live a little
Honest, simple
Outside, small town
Dream chasin', beer drinkin'
Raise 'em up, if you're thinkin'
This ole' world ain't got enough
Boot wearin', God fearin'
Folks like us
No there just ain't enough
Folks like us

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Montgomery Gentry Folks Like Us Comments
  1. Hanna Fogg


  2. Jeanine Edler


  3. Another French Surrender

    I believe in this 100 percent

  4. Lone wolf trucker 99 Ky

    Stevie Ray, Davey Allison, T Roy.....Dam helicopters!

  5. Nathan Clarke

    Thank you mr. Troy, for leaving us some great music to listen too...R.I.P.

  6. Clorox Bleach

    Need a fiddle in the band!

  7. Shorty Davis

    You can never go wrong with Montgomery Gentry best country song ever need to play it on the radio

  8. Tracie Hoffman

    I beg you Trump ptrsdent parrdon torny

  9. Tracie Hoffman

    Tony need now

  10. life of

    TROY !!!!! Never Forgotten!!!!!

  11. Alex Collins

    Boot wearing God fearing folks like us

  12. donna todd

    Kings of the world

  13. george Matthews

    great song most be the only uk fan mybe because i and half american

  14. Jake Nowoj

    Rip T roy

  15. Emma Bryan

    I've listened to this song like 500 times and it is still not stuck in my head. I miss Troy Gentry so damn much. I wish that he could still be here on this earth.

  16. Lane Blount

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with small town hard working blue collar life but still like to have fun. I wouldn’t change my life for anything

  17. KC Miles

    Love this song and video and so does my preschooler and kindergartener!


    Love this song R.I.P troy🇺🇸

  19. The American Red Solo Cup

    folks like us small town folks farmers mechanics hunters fishermans church pasters cowboys ranchers and most of all The Country Folk like US

  20. The American Red Solo Cup

    why cant country music be like these fellow smalltown country boys anymore now a days you hear trash musicians that aint even country

  21. Matthew King

    call me for your music needs 7064957239

  22. Matthew King

    no good

  23. ekeller88

    RIP T Roy

  24. Christopher Perry

    This song would make me want to walk to Bangor. But, I ain’t American, I is Canadian. C.P.’67

  25. Correnna Iverson

    R.i.p troy

  26. kim lee

    still good

  27. Aleksandr Filippov

    Я люблю Россию, но жить здесь в этом Путинском фашистском режиме невозможно!

  28. Angeline Moss

    I miss him

  29. Terri avk Mudd deV6ries Badd Kree


  30. Elliot McCorkle

    sweet silverado, oh hey i own one like it, but anyways RIP Troy you will be missed

  31. Seth Burgess

    Keep it up (if you see the message)

  32. James Darwin

    A shame he gone! Rip

  33. Cool Man


  34. Jackson Wood

    Rip Troy

  35. Paul Stephenson

    rest in peace Brother Troy rest in peace I know you're on that big stage up in heaven with the good Lord above rest in peace Troy

  36. Larry Kuehn

    I love song myself.I grew up listening to country music as a kid and I still listen to country music these days even thou I live in the city these days.

  37. Jeremy Jordan

    My neighbors know the song very well they hear it a lot..... now rather they want to is a different story 😂

  38. Travis Hudson

    Amazing song, have always loved these guys! Good ole home town country. Scene them years ago in lil ole Kernersville Nc bar for stears an stripes! Best show ever, up close real good time having group!!

  39. Margo Doty

    Love it

  40. george matthews

    great song keep up the good work lads,i think i night be your only fan in the UK are their any more of us out their in the UK/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  41. redneck400m

    RIP T-roy

  42. Dylan Shramko

    God Bless A freakin Merica

  43. kentucky 82

    Every time I post up on the tailgate of my truck and crack open a beer the cops always harass me,starting to get fed up

  44. Jason Wukasch

    Won't quit till the job gets done

  45. Robert Waite

    Why a vietnam vet in multicam?

  46. Peter Casper

    This should be the Conservative anthem

  47. Jesto Freestone

    RIP Troy. Miss your voice and persona already. You are folks like us.

  48. PikeSlayer69

    What can I say I clicked for the Pete!

  49. Kevin Williams

    anyone ever the Cheerleader disappears?

  50. Troy Owens

    R.I.P Troy will be greatly missed

  51. Keith Sage

    Troy is alive with Billy Graham, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Marty Robbins, and a whole lot of others, he lives because of the blood of Christ Jesus.. Long live his name.. We will never forget old T-Roy..

  52. Life with labrador pups

    rip troy

  53. Ian Oas

    Here in Wisconsin we work until the job gets done

  54. george matthews

    just found this group great song and sound most be the only fan in englandthe song it rocks

  55. Wendy bricker

    i love Montgomery and gentry music a lot i saw them in some town in IL

  56. Kelly Swanty

    So keep it going

  57. Kelly Swanty

    Dam it sucks. But at least there is still one of you

  58. midget

    when i watch a Montgomery gentry video, it makes me feel that troy has not died.

  59. Mike Brown

    Started breaking in my new steel toe boots today standing on a dock waiting to get loaded. I can't count how many pairs of boots I've been through but I'm on my 4th Freightliner. Without trucks and other hard working people America stops! Give trucks some space and maybe a wave at the driver now and then.

  60. Robert Sallade

    rip troy

  61. Lisa Bartolo

    a whole lotta real
    a little less fake
    I guess that make...
    folk like uS (y) :) :D ♡

  62. Kristy Brown

    Hell Ya!!

  63. Yoshiyah Burrell

    RIP to Troy Gentry.

  64. msalis1

    They weren’t back together long enough! I will miss the duo... again!

  65. dodge owner1500

    Who is listening in 2018

  66. Stacy Chaplin

    Love ❤️

  67. Roadmaster '93

    This world ain't got enough folks like us

  68. Tina Sisco

    they both in their 50s but still hot lol

  69. Tina Sisco

    love yall a rest in peace BIG T ROY . aka Batman. u will b missed

  70. Jeffery Hergenroeder

    Fly high T-Roy

  71. Donnie babs Bilyk

    Love this song top favs bands RIP troy g

  72. Dorsey m

    Take away the god stuff and this is me.

  73. mxx pro

    🇺🇸#1 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  74. gerald vance we shoyld be

  75. gerald vance

    git it TROY!!

  76. giantsquid222

    R.I.P Troy, may God the Father judge him fairly pray that he may enter the kingdom of heaven, thank you for all the memories.

  77. Gus en

    God bless TROY GENTRY and his family and band mates... What a shameful loss to all.... Rest in peace Troy.... sorry

  78. Brooke B

    One of my favorite songs

  79. Harad - Fantasy Music

    Missed you guys !!! Great song

  80. Angela Jordan


  81. H&H Garage

    R.I.P Montgomery Gentry

  82. Robert Bell

    Wow... What a Powerful message. God Bless America.

  83. David Godwin

    loved this country group since i was a young whipper snapper

  84. BILLIE Dawn Parker

    Totally agree with song an so true

  85. tamilla rector

    I am going to miss Troy .
    Eddie hold ur head up.
    know that you have a great talent.
    please don't put it in a box and put it away. Troy wouldn't want you to do u both .ur music has got me through alot especially this is my home town. God bless you both

  86. Kevin Williams

    anyone else notice how the Cheerleader is not in the video at the end, she was on the road walking toward the "smoke". what happened to her????

  87. Matthew Berg

    Won't be he same with out them anymore

  88. Ali Iraq55

    Nice song

  89. memyselfand ifarmer

    Always liked them

  90. Aiden Kernodle

    Well said(: it's always better in small towns than big cities... People are more polite just not as much bull shit. I'd take the country over city any time. I'm glad I live where I do.

  91. Coolcatjr the redneck

    rip Troy Gentry u will be truly missed

  92. Ethan Bark

    Can't believe he's gone. R.I.P

  93. Tucker P.

    Who's still listening after Troy died


    @wrinkles02 me 2

    Michelle Williams

    I am and always will. RIP Troy Gentry I love you and I miss you

    Jeanine Edler

    Me!! ALWAYS WILL!!!

    Rp Burrell

    I'll be listening until my time is up Montgomery Gentry always