Montgomery Gentry - Clouds Lyrics

Clouds rolling by way up high
Sometimes I wonder if you're up there in the clouds
When it rains, skies are grey
Is that you crying up there somewhere in the clouds

I hate sunny days
Nothing but empty blue skies so I pray
Ooh, how I pray for clouds taking shape
I swear sometimes I can almost see your face
Somewhere up there in the clouds

Sometimes on a plane I feel like I'm with you
Just hanging out somewhere up there
In the clouds rolling by
Way up high with the angles fly

Yes, I miss you down here
But I'll see you up there in the clouds
In the clouds, yes
I miss you down here
Yeah. I'll see you up there in the clouds

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Montgomery Gentry Clouds Comments
  1. Deborah H.

    This is beautiful

  2. LOLBram71

    RIP Troy Gentry

  3. Suzy Sweeney

    Beautiful song

  4. Michael Perkins

    Wow!! Just Wow!! We had the chance to hear this on WTCR in Hu tington, WV. Wow is about all I can say. Very Moving Song. And May You R.I.P. Troy Gentry.

  5. Lucretia Varner

    R.I.P Troy yu will be missed


    Lucretia Varner, Eddie can now dedicate this song to Troy who is now with his father and son in the clouds. RIP Troy.


    Rest in piece Troy