Montana Of 300 - Souvenir Lyrics

We ask for God's forgiveness but don't ask for God's permission
I'm your brother, not your opposition, please don't block the vision
Yeah, yeah
The disappointment of seeing one of your soldiers fold
He chose that path, he burned that bridge, he's on his own
The land of leeches make you wonder if the love's real
I've been through that pain and that rain, I know how the mud feels
Not fill enough, try to knock me and then his blood spills
See when it comes to taking out jokers, I let my gun deal
Yeah everyone with me toting, don't play with these niggas
You never know who gon' shoot it, 3-man weave, nigga
They know we fresh and we spraying shit like Febreze, nigga
They say life's a bitch and I know 'cause I made her leave niggas
Got your favorite faded, Hip-Hop's Ali, I'm the greatest
And when you speaking the truth, I hope your prepared to be hated
The wind whispers in the ears of the listening skys
Our unity's the biggest threat inside the enemies eyes
The futures, present, both effected due to histories lies
Here's the key, set yourself free, stop being mentally blind
Pick up the jewels that I'm dropping 'cause we was meant to be wise
Beware of family and friends, especially the envious kind
My kids will mourn when I pass, but I won't witness these cries
I hope when they need my guidance, they can remember these lines
Don't stress when life when life gets you down, I been there too many times
Just let your energy drive, that's how the misery dies

Before I didn't know a gangsta could die
Just cause you going through a dark chapter that don't mean it's the whole book
Lately I been looking for rain in the sky (Mhm)
Is this only rain I can have?
Everybody gets their share of the rain, but the sun will shine on you again
All this pain up inside, but I'm trained to survive
Before I didn't know a gangsta could die
Lately I been looking for rain in the sky (Mhm)
Is this only rain I can have?
All this pain up inside, but I'm trained to survive

I told my sons, "You're future kings and always try your fucking best"
Told my daughter, "You're a queen, don't ever accept nothing less"
Life's a bitch that's short and fast, so she'll be down like "just a sec"
Always be cautious when it's work by someone that's of the flesh
I'm sorry if it's too debonair for your jealous ears
I had the drip way before the drip, blood, sweat and tears
They wanna trip, I know that road, I let 'em steer
They'll get exposed, they always fold when death is near
Fly guy with that hammer, bitch I was Thor for real
Wet niggas up, yeah I made 'em pay, no water bill
No man alive with a set of ears can ignore the skill
We are not the same, you're like Jermaine, I'm more Shaquille
G-O-D's my sword and shield, ignore the fake, absorb the real
And when I'm riding with my daughter, I'm gon' bump some Lauryn Hill
This writer's blessed and giving messages that's deep as Jordan Peele's
And it's not spiritual if the slave owners had to force the field

Before I didn't know a gangsta could die
It's not spiritual if there's anything in between
Lately I been looking for rain in the sky (Mhm)
Spiritual is a connection between the creator and what he created
Is this only rain I can have?
Everybody gets their share of the rain, but the sun will shine on you again
All this pain up inside, but I'm trained to survive
You can't tell a tree how to be a tree
Before I didn't know a gangsta could die
In order for it to grow, all it needs is God's rain
Lately I been looking for rain in the sky (Mhm)
Is this only rain I can have?
All this pain up inside, but I'm trained to survive
Don't let 'em break your branches

Stood firm when hope was gone, trap house, no home alone
Mom's couldn't leave coke alone, I snap hard like broken bones
Each line is dope alone, haters can't over throw 'em
They might pop up for my bread, I keep that toaster on
My AK blast, it spit so fast, you'll think it wrote for Bone
Fuck shit I don't condone, life just goes on and on
Watch how you talk to your children, try not to mold 'em wrong
I try and coach my own, poppa's no Rolling Stone
If you love life then maybe you should chill, bitch I'm too for real
I keep that iron like a Caddy, I can't lack, no Coupe DeVille
If I come down and strike yo' ass, man they gon' swear that Zeus was here
When you're a king, it ain't no room for tears, for one, I'm too sincere
And through the years, I never moved with fear, so I'm not used to tears
Y'all saying, "Jesus take the wheel", God gave you that, so you should steer
I pray to God and he never responds, but Lord, if you can hear
When I die please take my soul and keep it like a souvenir

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Montana Of 300 Souvenir Comments
  1. Tyler Caylor

    Thank you Montana for all the lessons you've taught me over these years just know some of use really listen and thank you for all you teach much love man you're the biggest inspiration to who I am as a man and how I write my music and I hope one day when I start dropping music we can make a track everyone's got dreams but I'll get mine just wait big homie I got your six 💪🏼

  2. Unknown TheTruth

    My Nigga Montana of 300 Underrated Asf💯💯🔥

  3. Master Tommo

    The Greatest can never come 2nd and thats a fact.

  4. Bob Ahmann

    To bad he's gonna retire after his rap God album

  5. de Jay

    Ur more jermaine I'm more Shaquille 🤣

  6. Ethan Womack

    Montana really heaven sent yall... ty god

  7. Hugh Neutron

    This fucking dude sucks .

  8. RYAD

    Bad this is bad

  9. Brandon Grady

    One of Montana's best👌💯

  10. tenser chriss

    Let's get this song to a million views already 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Jay Cole

    A WHOLE 168 self-hating imbeciles

  12. ProGuyGaming &

    My he ass, listen to khosen3 “lit it up get it geek” which one better?

  13. emilio conde

    Gosh been on him since like 2008 and from there on🙌

  14. Madden slayer

    I keep that iron like a caddy I can't lack no coupe daville if I come down a strike you ass they gonna swear that zeus was here

  15. Madden slayer

    Mom's couldn't leave coke alone I snap hard like broken bones🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Mondorunsclout

    “He chose that path he burnt that bridge he’s on his own” Montana diss he speaks the truth 💪🏽💯

  17. Thad Morsell


  18. Goat x God

    Trap house no home alone....straight bar....if u seen the movie uk

  19. Tahj Ward

    "we ask for Gods Forgiveness but don't ask for Gods permission" 💯💯💯 ask and you will receive but there's consequences when it harms others.

  20. james brook

    Montana needs to add some features I wanna see a collab with him and meek mill

  21. Detgtyha 73

    Montana, I have some, listen, Montana, I worry, it's Montana you.

  22. Melissa Burpee

    Song made me shed a tear once admit it or ya wack don't lie

  23. danny uchia

    those album art covers are on point OMG.

  24. Marcus McGriff

    Big l slash the black Eminem

  25. Deez nuts

    Talley: "We got to switch it up, what do you think about bad autotune?"
    Montana: "Done"

  26. Justin Ebding

    Beautiful Vocabulary

  27. lone mercurian

    "G.O.D my sword and shield ignore the fake absorb the real" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Queen Zyonna X

    Yes with the Sun is our Sword and shield without it there is no life all enemies will be no more, natural forces of Nature can't be stopped

  28. Qwon Animations

    We ask for God's forgiveness but don't ask for God's permission. Dropping facts 💯

  29. Queen Zyonna X

    Montana 300 we are Divine by Nature we dont need instructions if the beasts Leave US alone we will live our wonderful lives naturally, The Black Woman is God we are the substainers of life,the black man and woman is the creator Guided by the all powerful Most High but the Black Queens is the Substainers of life so Peace Rap God

  30. Red hood

    Best rapper of the new generation


    moe somebody do the instrumental remake !!!!!!!

  32. swaggy ice

    "They might pop up for my bread I keep the toaster on" funniest line I ever hurd lmao them haters gone pop up for his money

    swaggy ice

    Nigga is a GOD

  33. Queen Zyonna X

    Montana of 300 my wonderful King you are totally aware of what's going on in this world that are ran by wicked beasts that are our mortal enemies so with that being said I want you to know that you came from heaven when you were in your mother's womb the Black Woman is God your mother Was your substainer of your life without her their would be no you, the beasts tried to break her and destroy her True divinity but they failed so there's no need to look for God because she's been by your side from the beginning and she will never leave or forsake you, peace King

  34. Justin Ebding

    This dude makes a nigga wanna raid area 51

  35. OG Curly

    Dude literally I think Montana of 300 and Young Dolph made a independent label collaboration song it would go hard

  36. challenges and challenges

    He should be on the billboard

  37. Marvin Lee

    Putting Alvin on this song made it greater FUCKING LISTEN TO IT AND FEEL IT

  38. Ayla Boynton

    Thank you your awesome

  39. Tahj Ward

    Yeshua the father in flesh did give you the wheel when he left the spirit on Earth.

  40. LakerFan

    “Trap house
    No home alone” 🔥

  41. Just Volv

    Why The fuck is this slept on 😶

  42. Von Morris

    "Fly Guy with that hammer bitch I was THOR 4 real" 🔥🔥

  43. Gangster V

    Montana of 300 souvenir lyrics

  44. Gangster V

  45. Marshall Wilcox

    When it comes to takin out chokers my gun deals 🔥

  46. Asap Red

    This is woke af

  47. JamRockzs05434

    This the coldest intro I've ever heard

  48. Deane wayward

    Unity is the ultimate threat Montanna woke asf 💯💯💯

  49. Craz T

    Chores hurts verses 🔥

  50. Fernando Ortiz

    Montana ft. Alvin and the chipmunks

    Unknown TheTruth

    Fernando Ortiz I’ve always said that 😂😂😂🔥

  51. D1 Mike

    Lord knows this song has helped me. I been depressed for about 2 weeks now and Montana just gave me the motivation I needed to understand it’s just a dark chapter and not my entire book. Thank you.

  52. Reggie Ruth

    This one hits different when you riding at night by yourself

  53. robert jones

    They might pop up for my bread I keep that toaster home.🐐

  54. Bryan Boyle

    "Disappointment of seeing one of your soldier's fold, he chose that path, he burnt that bridge, he's on his own" still feeling that

  55. Prim TTG

    I need a music video

  56. Marcin Kiersnowski

    @@UCNPAA5KgY9GONQ4V8bNOPrA this is the best song on the album. Keep doing you thing. Your music has helped me through a dark chapter too.

  57. Markland X

    This Album Goes In! Had to listen to it twice to appreciate the sound he was going for this album. I always navigate to his harder beats and lyrical songs, but this album switched it up a bit. Montana will always have lyrics and gems in his rhymes, but this album brings a different vibe! #fire

  58. Hannah Wosu

    "I'm your brother not your opposition, please don't block the vision" 😭😭♥️

  59. Dylan Cain

    I like Mo300 but this Album is straight up Garbage and a disappointment. Smh Tuning into Hannah montanan

    Brandon Grady

    Sound like you listen to lil yachty

  60. Cody Townsend


  61. Cody Townsend


  62. Cody Townsend


  63. Temichael16 king gamer

    Montana is a fire rapper

  64. It’surboyEnrique Garcia

    Montana of 300 💯💰👹

  65. robert jones

    This, In my bag are going at it

  66. IQ_Sledge

    Take the chipmunk out and its perfect

  67. Nathan Bransky

    “We ask for gods forgiveness but we don’t ask for gods permission im your brother not your opposition please don’t block the vision “ 🔥🔥🔥

  68. Erick Johnson

    Cold blooded 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  69. Raymond Rhodes

    Goin ebola 4 da ear 🥁 on um wit yo shit. Make more. Next verse bro

  70. Raymond Rhodes

    Damn brah. I favor 10 down.

  71. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Deep verse and words. Good song. Good way to start off.

  72. Madre Thompson

    when it come to taking out "jokers" I let my gun DEAL!! #RapGod

  73. robert jones

    Fighting demons, Dropping jewels part 2 how y'all like it

  74. Charles Corry


  75. Kenyatta TheAmbitiousOne Anthony

    Yo This man Montana of 300. Is that guy!!!

  76. Kevin Jenkins

    The best rapper and a very good song helps me reach god and his meaning for me and Montana never lets me down with that thru Montana I have found Jesus Christ thank you Montana

  77. Caitlin Phegley

    So cold!!!

  78. Caitlin Phegley


  79. Ruben Baca

    “ when you speaking the truth hope you prepare to be hated “ — Montana of 300

  80. Tyler Sieg

    Ft Alvin and the chipmunks?

  81. Melissa Creely

    Montana singing with Alvin and the chipmunks. @1:55

  82. Vasean X

    Montana is the G.O.A.T 🐐

  83. Antonio Avila


  84. Richard Stacks

    Someone please tell me what the hook is saying shit is nuts 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Ricky Lugo

    @MontanaOf300 I need this instrumental bro plz I got some pain I need to spit to this

  86. Machiavelli Da Prince


  87. Des Louden

    That hook sound like alvin amd the chipmunk

  88. Leroy Holmes

    Montana the realest

  89. nehemiah smith

    This is his best song on the whole views and all because its too real God was there, all the other songs was something new i like it but it sounded like he hit his mark too hard or not hard enough he over did it God wasn't there on them other tracks, i felt it on this track here and its my fav now thank u montana for this knowledge

  90. Ra1nMan

    Song has a meaning and its good, but too much autotune

  91. Younggjayy


  92. Football Cru

    Best song of his Album no 🚫🧢 !!

  93. gmas barbarian

    This is my favorite song by him.. just murders it

  94. FisterOfDreamz

    Can't believe he got Alvin and the chipmunks on this 🔥🔥🔥

  95. Jorden Davis


  96. David Lowe


  97. Villager Music Group

    He combines lyricism with auto tune so well

  98. Mak El Bey


  99. mark ingram

    He talking to $avage