Montana Of 300 - Kill 'em With The Sauce Lyrics

Ayy DeCicco, what up my nigga?

Kill 'em with the sauce, kill ’em with the sauce
Kill 'em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah
Kill 'em with the sauce, kill ’em with the sauce
I'm a killa, I'ma kill 'em, I'ma kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em, kill ’em
Kill ’em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
Kill ’em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah
Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
Kill 'em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah

Woo, I’ma straight dog on you crooked cats
They tore down where my hood was at, I come from where you shouldn't lack
Was running 'round the field, yeah, like I took a lap
Zip block bags with kush in that (But hey), no more joogin' packs (Took off)
I ain't looking back (Sauce), rap god cooking crack (Lyrics)
I'm too good with that, it's so unfair I shouldn't rap
I've mastered this, I whip the track, I'm who your bitch was looking at
I slide up in her in front of the mirror, I Iook good in that
Doggy style I smack her ass, I grab her hair, I pull it back
My pockets fat, her pussy fat, she still can't get none, Sister Act
They can't take me or put me back, me and my squad ambush the track
And me and TO3 go back like baggy clothes and crooked hats
(Haters) No, they couldn't match (I know) it hurts to look at stats
'Cause when it comes to bodies, yeah, my old opps know what's good with that
Put money down, they shook like craps, I'm with that steel, I look like Jacks
Write down what y'all need and they right back up like they took a nap
Then I look at my girl just like Kobe Bryant used to look at Shaq
Choppers on deck, I get shit crackin' like a wooden bat
Be careful who you woofin' at, I promise you, you could get whacked
Don't flip your wig, I'll push it back, my kids pure like when Pusha rap
Go pull his back, I'm puttin' cats, leave pussies where we douche 'em at
Then peel out on them bitches like I'm Bill Jell-O puddin' packs
Killa with the sauce, what the fuck these niggas thought?
They say my lyrics piss 'em off, get out your feelings, bitch you soft, yeah

Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
Kill 'em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah
Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
I'm a killa, I'ma kill 'em, I'ma kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em
Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
Kill 'em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah
Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
Kill 'em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah

I don't play games like Nintendo, but when I'm blowin' this cartridge
Bet all dem fall like it's August, I put 'em all up in coffins
Keep that steel on me, Colossus, turnt all my niggas to bosses
The whole world could quit on me, go M-I-A like the Dolphins
Bitch I'ma get it regardless, I got more drip than a faucet
Don't expect life to be flawless, what have you learned from your losses? (Huh?)
You can't live off hopes and wishes, fragile to you, broke the dishes
You can learn through all these bars and you don't have to go to prison
Bible say to follow Jesus, Jesus was of no religion
If I'm not home then I'm headed to the door, Jehovah Witness
Strapped up on that road to riches, sauce at every show, I'm drippin'
Wings up, pose for pictures, I got flavor, so delicious
Player's club, diamonds dancin', I got money, pour some pitchers
Go the distance, go ballistic, big spendin', throw the discus
Big racks and straps like double Ds, L-Vs on down for double Gs
Michael Jordan jersey on, ink all down my fuckin' sleeve
No confession, I'm comin' clean and bitches wanna fuck my team
Because we all breaded 'round this bitch just like some onion rings
Bad bitch on her fuckin' knees while I count a hundred Gs
You play here, pop in R&B, then it's a wrap, my gun gon' sing
Shootin' out the window, thought my car transformed to Bumblebee
Choppers split your double chin then I rolled off like tumbleweed
Bitches gettin' fucked, niggas gettin' chalked
And I ain't Jesus Christ, I'm the wrong nigga to cross, yeah

Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
Kill 'em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah
Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
I'm a killa, I'ma kill 'em, I'ma kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em
Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
Kill 'em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah
Kill 'em with the sauce, kill 'em with the sauce
Kill 'em with the sauce, uh huh, yeah

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Montana Of 300 Kill 'em With The Sauce Comments
  1. Nicholas Spires

    Rip Kobe

  2. Re2Pect Drezzy

    I look at my gun like Kobe Bryant used to look at shaq.😢

  3. BlaZiN718

    Soul not 4 sale🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  4. Jourdan Briscoe

    I listen to this song EVERY damn day my anthem right here real shit this man is blessed with music the only one I need to listen to

  5. bigem8241

    Get YO FEELINGS MARk ROper U soft

  6. bigem8241


  7. toxic drizzle

    Montana has been keeping me motivated through the lowest point i been through in my life and there will never be anyone as good as fge. Keep it up broski your music is more then you know

  8. Cody Koontz

    You all are crazy if you think you are the only one this world dont revolve around you lol

  9. yemp Temp

    The beat✊👍

  10. Brad Thorne

    Form the West Coast of Canada
    I freel ya
    Every song fire
    Always bring the heat

  11. cj SO COOL 29 brown


  12. cj SO COOL 29 brown

    Kill em wit da sauce g💯

  13. Mike J

    that delivery is unmatchable. Montana goin down as a GOAT when it's all said and done. He gonna get the recognition he Deserves.

    Oneil Henry

    Facts just know that we were here before people realize 💪

  14. m h

    Man this beat is epic

  15. laquinta myles


  16. laquinta myles

    Montana 300 is album Fire

  17. laquinta myles

    Montana album 300 🔥

  18. Rahmel Malloy

    Too hard

  19. Yung Flex

    @2:50 🔥🔥

  20. laquinta myles

    Montana album is hot

  21. Darius Jones

    Subs w dis song 🔥🔥

  22. Jeremiah Uchiha

    Bible said to follow jesus , jusus was of no religion

  23. Teresa Thornton

    I imagine poisoning someones sauce to this song

  24. INTEL Clan

    Killem with the sauce they say my feelings get u hurt get out ur feelings bitch u soft lmao that’s the hardest verse

  25. Devin Murray


  26. Vlad Nilevlin

    Hey Harry

  27. Harry Gipson

    thats the shit

  28. Lonnie Holmes

    Why everybody sleep on my man mo3, lethal get him 1m views

  29. Ace Boogy

    Hands down best in game

  30. JC Iglesias

    This beat is holy 🙌🏼🔥

  31. SanbornsTheKing

    The kobe Bryant bar just holy fuck man🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Steven Gaudet

    SO under-rated

  33. Lil lowkey Clickclackbang


  34. tenser chriss

    Should be at a million views already smh

  35. harold williams

    Anyone catch his mortal kombat and marvel reference

  36. Jordan Marsh

    Montana too underrated stop sleeping on him

  37. Fatmike 62598

    Still killin it with the sauce my dude

  38. Dean Bear

    Essex UK here, shits hard !

  39. Jrakkar Woods

    Shooting out the window like my car transform to bumble bee🤒🤒

  40. NO504Jones 1

    This my first time hearing this son and


  41. Firesquad 77

    When the beat dropped & he was still flowing on that hoe 1:37 🔥🔥

  42. Donte Lee

    This is one of his hardest songs today. dont debate me

  43. atlanta176

    “I got more drip than a faucet”

  44. Mike Laufer

    Best rapper alive..dont give a fuck what anybody say.

  45. Ricky Silver


  46. Thomas Raftery

    Why ain't this got a milly this shit go so hard Montana factsssss

  47. Solo IronCloud

    My song right here freal.

  48. Territoryffh Rudy

    Hardest song on the album 😎

  49. Branden Kinch

    This the song I play for my lyft customers who always say turn that up who is this? The goat!

    Matt Mathew

    B Kinch123 this comment is dope

  50. Sean_Micheal HBK

    My keys kids my motivation u just keep my head right!!!

  51. yrn tj

    We can learn alot from this nigga on sum real shit

  52. Brendon Hudson

    "Bible says to follow Jesus,
    Jesus was of no religion,
    If I'm not home then I'm headed to the dough Jehovah Witness"😳🔥

    Kenyana Thompson

    Brendon Hudson fire line

  53. Lil doughboi JG

    Everyone go subscribe and share my channel

  54. Kasey Flores

    Respect the beat yall 👍💪

  55. Brendon Hudson

    Bro this instrumental itself is fire, kill em with the sauce g🤷🏻‍♂️🔥

  56. Machiavelli Da Prince

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  57. OtakuRomanceAnime

    Why tf do I keep imagining someone getting their head smacked with a jar of Alfredo 😭

  58. coryateyourpie

    My wife ruined this song.. She got me picturing him n s chef apron stirring big pot of spaghetti m shit lol

  59. yrn tj

    Anybody got the instrumental?

  60. La Brit

    Amen ! 🔥🔥🔥

  61. Dom Carter

    Montana of 3 Million

  62. DFDigital

    I am just going to spell out all the bars I fell like people missed even if the bar didn't have many layers "I'am straight dog on you crooked cat ( dogs and cats don't get along)" right out the gate he not playing

  63. Cloudy 603

    Shout out to mo3 bumpin this at the New Hampshire show the other night

  64. Dirtydan Rollin

    This shit slapped too hard thought he was boxing in the booth

  65. Jeff Jason

    I swear to god he a god but so underrated 😢

  66. Brad Austin

    when I get wings from my favorite place they in the bag waiting for me to pull em out like ^

  67. Isaiah Whitmore

    He said you can learn from these barz and you don't have to go to prison am I the only one who got that

  68. Justin Hevener

    U can learn from these bars and u ain’t gotta go prison 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Louis Trevino

    Best bars in the game hands down

  70. Cloudy 603

    Met Montana talley nofatigue and don d to this song

  71. Alstanford Pierre

    Montana of 300 straight fire 🔥

  72. Robert Garza


  73. joshua caldwell

    They sleep on you fam. Shoutout to illinois.

  74. Key Franchize

    I ain’t Jesus criss im the wrong nigga to cross

  75. Massa Moore

    That nigga rode tf out that beat Damn!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥😱

  76. Cody Brent

    I dont play games like Nintendo when I'm blowin this cartridge!! Hardest bar ive ever heard

  77. D Cravo

    Hey yall check out my music! Promise yall won't be disappointed!

  78. Larry Johnson

    Who else ScriptWorks brought here?

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    🔥🔥🔥🦍Big bra

  80. sergio vazquez

    Get shit crack in like a wooden bat

  81. Gavin Hemlock

    Blood sport goes crazy too

  82. Gavin Hemlock

    Best song off the album, dude stays snappin.

  83. Charles Stoudmire

    "I don't play games like Nintendo but when I'm blowin this cartridge bet em all Fall like it's August" 🔥

    Unknown TheTruth

    Charles Stoudmire “All Them” (Autumn) Bars🔥🤯

  84. Sergio Carrillo


  85. Fatmike 62598

    Change the play back speed to 2×

  86. K. O Sensi_Red

    I caught a few things, but main lyric that caught me was when he said "started shooting out the window, bc I thought my car transformed into bumblebee. He must got a new edition Camaro

  87. Qvëëñ Vïçtörïå

    On repeat💯♥️

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  89. Qvëëñ Vïçtörïå


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    Ziploc bags with kush in that!

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    Montana x Decicco Beats Always Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    2nd verse went crazy.

    Unknown TheTruth

    Invader Goofy 🔥🔥🔥💯

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  96. Leadjy TV

    The hardest song ever still gives me stank faces everytime i hear it

    Massa Moore


    yrn tj

    Jus shed tears to diss shit dead ass

  97. kolten tomasi

    The whole album was good asf, came with a lot of heat 🔥🔥🔥 and knowledge keep up the good work bro never disappointed 😎

  98. epic games

    I love when he talk about real shit my favorite ablum was fire in the church but I like all his songs

  99. Strafadamus

    I can already feel the nostalgia of the future from this track

  100. DFDigital

    Big racks (breast reference)(money) and straps (Guns) like Double D's (Breast reference) Boiiiiiii had to spell it out for people that didn't catch that

    Leadjy TV

    Damn nice catch