Montana Of 300 - In My Bag Lyrics

My chips, my cash, my drip, my splash
My kicks, my swag, your bitch, I smash
Live fly, live life, like it's my last
My clip might blast, I'm in my bag

In my bag, like chips, I got salsa
Never ask for that pussy, she offer
Yeah I be drippin' water
Keep a pole on me like my charger
Act like a hero, get put in a suit
Check on me just like a swoosh
This off the head, no salute
Just like a beetle, got juice
Mad they can't do what I do
Expect me to fail
Got your hands out, someone give him a rail
Bread on me blue, but not stale
Had to bounce back off them L's
Me and bro rockin' like Kenan & Kel
Get up everyday and I hustle like Ed
I'm gon' chase cash 'til a young nigga dead
Down to get money, no I'm never scared
I'm just gon' do it, I don't gotta say it
Catch me drippin' in that Louis or Fendi
I got that soul like a 10 piece
Clean like a butler, no Jimmy
That shit that you talk don't offend me
I'ma keep rapping and make niggas envy
My bro be shooting like Steph 'til it's empty
None of my niggas is friendly, aye
I'm tryna ball just like NBA
Flash flood when I drip on the scene
I'm a collector machine
Living my life, I'm living my dream
Cut niggas off like a scene
Feeling your bitch today
Ooh, your chick I filet
Honey dip dick in your bitch
Flex, she blowing me like the TEC, yeah

My chips, my cash, my drip, my splash
My kicks, my swag, your bitch, I smash
Live fly, live life, like it's my last
My clip might blast, I'm in my bag

Call it what you wanna, I stay with that blicker, that burner
That glizzy, that toolie, that iron
My momma told me you niggas gon' hate us
Some said I wouldn't make it, I knew they was lying
Count on me, I done won too many times
I like to drip in that Louis Vuitton
That ain't my bitch, but that coochie is mine
She want me to lay up, like she threw me a dime
Feeling good, nigga how about ya?
Bro keep a Glock and nigga I'll vouch
If a fuck nigga get buck-wheat
Point it at his top, ooh, Alfalfa
Dick for you pussies, I'm too raw
You are not fuckin' with me, that's blue balls
Keep a move in the whip, like a U-Haul
Don't get hit with the stick, like a cue ball
Used to ride with that TEC in my drawers
Moving 'round with that weight, like a medicine ball
I'm rapping facts, I ain't never been fraud
I got blamed for some murders that never been solved, yeah
Had to drive way before I was 16
Clothes to hoes to designer and ripped jeans
I'm not Kevin Gates, but my kicks clean
My whole squad drip, like a swim team
My daughter and son, they be fresher than Easter
Flexin' and ballin', Batista
Bitches know I'm a boss
I got cheese, I got dough, I got sauce, I could make me a pizza
Haters talk 'til it's "hasta la vista"
Sit the fuck down, or get fanned like the bleachers
Word to God, it ain't shit to take money out
I'll make everyone pay, like the preacher

My chips, my cash, my drip, my splash
My kicks, my swag, your bitch, I smash
Live fly, live life, like it's my last
My clip might blast, I'm in my bag

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Montana Of 300 In My Bag Comments
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    No fatigue been killin it lately

  2. Derrick Ross

    I glade he didn't sell his soul by signing to a record label

  3. tenser chriss


  4. tenser chriss

    Let's get the view up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐

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    Love at first listen

  6. Atlantic Music

    Need more Views From the General's Helmet music video
    This album is too fire
    On loop still!

  7. Matthew Singleton

    This song is dope

  8. Mitchell rowe

    Why is this so underrated??

  9. tenser chriss


  10. Gavin Lindesay

    Montana need to do a street chains remix....

    Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.

    He not remixing any Wayne beats

  11. Prince K

    Herb needa hop on this

  12. tenser chriss

    Lets get this song to 100 million views already smh

  13. robert jones

    he deserves more likes

  14. Wesley Markham

    I love this song and I don't like rap.

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    This is hard


  17. tenser chriss

    Should be at a million views already smh

  18. Madden slayer

    My chips, my cash ,my drip my splash my kicks my swag your bitch I smash live fly live life like it's my last my clip might blast I'm in my bag🔥🔥🔥

  19. Trey Weber

    that hook tho

  20. Tom-Jones DeLeon

    Yoga FLAMEZ! Love from Brooklyn NY... This goes IN!

  21. RiCkThEKiDD420

    How does this not have a million + views already

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    BDK ✡️🔱✡️🔱✡️ GD CrAzY folk stay crsckin Trey's

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    That looked like the back round of the play doe video kinda

  24. Nico Gourley

    Montana 300 is da fucking goat bottom line. this shit hard$$$$

  25. Nia Irvin

    On repeat. Montana underrated😘😍

  26. Kentevius Curtis

    I remember Montana from the shells gas station in Peoria im from Mississippi but im from the P2 good shyt brody im fin take a page outta yo book n take tf off 2 idgnf

  27. almighty vlc


  28. Dead uni

    I've been a fan for years i swear on my soul FGE the best team. it hit me this moirning some of us have been fans for 5+ years thats like half a decade. we love you bro live fly live life like its your last.

  29. Ali E

    Jeeeez 🔥🔥🔥

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    montana killed his verse

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    یه تور پرشیا طلبت


    Shit I want mo3 to blow but at the same time I don’t want him getting ruined by shit cunts
    Keep up the awesome work would love to see you in Aussie 🇦🇺

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    Strong swag my friend

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    get a new profession

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    I dont care when you first heard the song, just enjoy

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    Bring $avage back Montana 💯😩

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    Montana of 300 is the hardest rapper

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    Montana never disappoints me stright 🔥

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    He killed every song omm 🔥🔥 🔥 proved that he tuff 5 years ago

  54. Khalid Hankerson

    I was listening to him every since he made chiraq and try me that shit tuff

    Daniel Harper

    Facts my bro played his chiraq remix been a fan ever since his remixes are better than the originals

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    Joe Montana of 300 cuz he's a legend with the 16.... Think about it

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    yo bitch i smash


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