Montana Of 300 - Heat Stroke Lyrics

Do you Smell that?
Do You?
It smells like smoke?
Is it a fire?
There’s a fire in the church!

This is that call from your plug saying the drought is over
I'm gods most ruthless and wildest soldier, my style ferocious
While y'all was drinking and y'all was smoking, this child was sober
Spitting more fire on tracks than dragons with halitosis
Flood in the game like the rain that never showered Noah
Piling my dough up, them pounds was coming from South Dakota
Had garbage bags of that loud as strong as the foulest odor
Had a long road to success, that bitch wasn't right around the corner
Know times got hard I still vowed to blow up like loud explosions
While counting dough up stood next to sinners like power forwards
From West street niggas get murdered before they chalk will roll up
With hopes he'll come back like Jesus, but highly doubt he'll show up
Hustled with homies from high school, fell out, and now it's over
Used to love whips with big rims, so haters we towered over
All white seats inside the Chevy, looking like powdered donuts
You should've seen how the crowd would go nuts
They bow before us
I used to dream of being paid like this, I
Got hella tracks that I done slayed like this, I
Never thought I'd get out that maze like this
Ain't never changed up, Montana always stayed like this, see
These other rappers, they ain't made like this, no
You gotta read to turn the page like this
All praise the god, they ain't know that he made grenades like this
And niggas hate but even Jesus had days like this (wooh!)
So much Fire in the Church, the choir had a heatstroke
Youngin' got the streets sewed, let my haters deep-throat
.40 in my pea-coat, slide on em' like a ski slope
Change em' like a remote, place em' in that deep hole
Right now I'm in beastmode, it's like I got a cheat code
I see another side of the door, just like a peephole
I keep my guard up cause GOD ain't the author
I wear my pain like it's armor, my battles just made me smarter
A murderer like my father, two straps on me like a farmer
Clip to your head like a barber, I bus yo ass like a charter
Come back around like I'm karma, then witnesses gettin' slaughtered
Take off like dearly departure, flow hard, that bitch need a carpet
I got a lil bitch from Spartus, slid in her walls like a charger
Plus I can have a Minaj with two sisters like I was Roger
Yeah, both of them wanna do me, they sweat a nigga like Coogi
One black, the other one mixed, call em' bitches Scooby and Snoopy
Got groupies tryna pursue me, I'm good, I'll pass on that coochie
Plus, lust is the death of duty, I'm grindin' till God remove me
When it's go time, I blow mine, I'll be in and out in no time
And that newspaper gon' cosign, that I shows up when it's showtime
I'll kill your ass and then say shit, like God said it was your time
If you niggas want it then mo-dime, blow their brains out, I don't mind
Been shootin' shit like Kodak, niggas used to ask me, "where the hoes at?"
I was gettin' money way before rap, I was hustlin', movin' dro packs
And I made a decision, I lost all my mother's conditions, while I never sold crack
Only givin' truth, tell em' hoes that
Touchin' more souls than a doormat
And I wonder where my life would be, if God wasn't on the side of me
Responding to me quietly, enhancing my psychiatry
I fight demons daily, baby, Satan's still my rivalry
Declinin' all his bribery, the lord would never lie to me
Fact was in the argument, and you don't have to die to see
I've broadened my horizon, like I'm watchin' from the highest tree
My words hold the truth, I got shit locked, just like a diary
I put my own self on nigga, I should get a finder's fee
This world is cold, I'm pourin' more, restorin' souls, applyin' heat
The more we know, the more we blow, now picture hip-hop minus me
They hate behind my back, tip-toe and whisper while the giant sleeps
My videos, they spy and creep, see me, show love, and try to speak
God told my squad it's time to eat, I can't help who ain't grind with me
All honesty and modesty, all while I built my dynasty
What lies beneath the skies, the sheep, the wise is beast, surprise it's me
Defined elite, designed with ink, my fine physique looks kind of Greek
My minds unique, sometimes discrete, and I just want the blind to see
That God does not have hiding spots, so nigga this ain't hide and seek
You only pray to God when you want something, so your bond is weak
I pray to tell him thank you just for blessing me beyond belief
Like him, I'm who they dyin' to meet, play games with me, that price is steep
I'm sleepin' them like private suites, he'll get shot, Hepatitis B
Like anything with value nigga, what's on the inside is key
Righteously, I try to be, shine light on that side of me
I spit what I take in, can't keep it down, like fuck who tryna sleep
Plus, Fire in the Church just dropped, and every rapper died this week

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