Montana Of 300 - Godly Lyrics

God over everything
To God almighty

I give praise
The truth it hurts
So lies is made
And men in search of power use religion to design a slave
See we are trying to find a way
While trapped inside this giant maze
Where niggas let that iron blaze
And lost in simple minded ways
Where we hear mothers cry and rage
And its to hard to hide the pain
Don't try to count up how much money I've made
Go count the lives I've saved
There's so much light behind the shade
And everynight I climb the stage
Moving people on these tracks
With lines like they was riding trains
I aim to be the wise [?]
Who thinks like those twice his age
Been balling long as Isaac Hayes
That fire man whose eyes ablazed
Twelve passing judgement some days I would get harassed for nothing
Did massive stunting back in the day when the trap was jumping
Sold packs of bud and didn't have a budget still strapped in public
Somehow I'm winning and haters can't break the pattern of it
They mad at something their cash is coming and ask for nothing
I kept faith in God so I had it coming you got to love it
Between the Lord and my lyrics
I produce life like two lovers
I chase my dream with my team and watched it unfold like new covers
Don't try to act like you love us but on the inside you jealous
In times of comfort and fear they always show their true colors
I swear they hate on my success
But they give ear to my word
They fear what they heard, the Rap God is clear, I'm superb
Yeah Satans nervous
The demons sweating
I've picked the setting
I keep progressing and teaching lessons till hes beheaded
This lethal weapon
Unleashed aggression to keep from stressing with the deepest message
Might reach the heavens that's key possession
Don't fall into that Devils trap
Just look how far it set us back
Just know that you can broaden your horizon without steppin back
God never gave his word
You might be following that Devils map
To set someone up for a lie
They always start by telling facts
Lots of edits from different authors
Added lies to the saga
What understanding loving father dips his kids into lava
All religions are just a buisness with scriptures written by scholars
Where preachers try to sell hope and take your almighty dollar
We sat with them chains
And got hung like a swing set
And if you still sitting waiting then you haven't grown wings yet
Wings up that's elevation freedom that's what my team reps
Keeping digging cause there's history that you haven't seen yet
I used to eat with some gangsters
On that ave with them forks
And niggas knew where to find me either the trap or the court
Please keep your sons out them streets
Go put they ass into sports
And all my lyrics cut deep
Like I was rapping with swords
I'm always bringing that heat
Like I was passing a torch
And giving credit to God
Like he was passing a course
So just let go of the worse
And just hold onto the best
While on that road to success you got to know that you're blessed
Possessed the power to heal
I taught myself how to use it
Yeah we all aim for the top but do you know how to shoot it?
See me I go through the music with hopes that you don't confuse it
Although this life is abusive understand life is exclusive
Dead men wish they was in our shoes
But had the chance and they blew it
There's no more sex
There's no more ticks
No bomb expert can defuse it
There's no more Ls when life expires we hope God can renew it
While your loved ones left with that pain but you won't be there to soothe it
I'm from the land of the laws where there's no way to recoup it
You pray to God and say you love him then be godly and prove it

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  1. Jaymadestw YT

    who here 2019🥳

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  4. Jamal Loving


  5. quincy bass

    this the speech i listen to before i go on that football field for the game

  6. J Mighty

    somebody should put a beat behind this

  7. Myles Johnson

    I still be banging this

  8. T. H.E

    FGE Shit!!!God Over Everything👆👆👆

  9. Mark DaYoungan


  10. kbeeper69

    this is not rap this is poetry

  11. Schon Powell


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  13. sqilly willy

    Has anyone else ever rapped with out a beat

  14. Kawal Chhina

    OMG 🔥🔥🔥🔥 love this guy truth 100%

  15. Ambitous Rick

    Y tf this ain't at a 1 million views yet like come on stop hating and give MO3 some views💯

  16. chemswrld

    I'm giving credit to god like was taking a course . I call fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. jashua colbert

    He killed it and it was acapela damn

  18. I'm just here.

    Where all the "here before 100,000" guys at? Lol, not calling y'all out, simply calling attention to it. Straight skill, structure and articulate thoughts. *Cue the fire emoji* 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Brian Todd

    Peace be to God. And peace be to the Rap God ##Montana300 🔥💩💯⛽️

  20. jordan schrimpshire

    montana is gud

  21. LeeleeGang 300

    preach!!!! Pastor Montana of 300

  22. Colquiitt


  23. Andy Torres

    God never gave us his word, to tell a lie they always start with stating facts- bro I got chills when I heard that yall think bout it

  24. Quinshay Taylor

    this proof he's not a drill rapper

  25. Chris Tian

    fire asf,meaning, flow, don't doubt the God! R. I. P KL your career is only going still cause yo ass sold your soul like most of the rappers in this generation Free Montana of 300

  26. Weslye Gordon

    I bow to the rap god

  27. Lxu CcraZzy

    MO3 All day !!!

  28. FxFamine

    after hearing this I'm 100% sure he's not going to XXL

    David Garis

    FxFamine why


    David Garis it's an attempt to awaken the masses.

    You can’t See me

    David Garis because this track goes against everyone in xxl.

  29. Emeka Ebo

    Y' God Strong right after Godly. It fits so well lol

  30. Kj Real

    He killed that beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. 302Woo Bangger24

    This nigga master the art of rap... #MO3 for #XXL

  32. Boss Boss

    This nigga confusing. First he against God, then he talking about his faith with God.

    Queen Zyonna X

    Boss Tention Tupac did the same thing,that's how you know that demons are real,this is a spiritual fight that they are fighting so they will need the mighty ansestors to help them with this battle,then they will win and be free,just hold on Montana the demons will be defeated soon,I'll pray for you to,peace and blessings always my wonderful God

    You can’t See me

    He starts talking about the truths and unanswered questions about religion at first then he explains his faith in god. I'm confused how your confused... but anyway believe in god and not religion my friend.

    North Blue Star

    King Krunchy1911 simple as that my g

  33. will rob

    FIrst off the lord did give the word 2min and 17sec in thats where he lost me Go ISRAEL!!!!!!! cant fool the elect


    will rob fucking Zionist Jew

    will rob

    correct! see a rapist rapes a journalist does journals so a zionist must be for zion rite. Even if the text isnt real its still nice to know a specific fiction family is hated by all nations that surrounds them because the creator did not leave them anything in his inheritance so they mistreat them as a way at getting back at God.

  34. Javon Hale

    This is my homie bro 🔥🔥no homo but I love this dude 😇😇

  35. sage uchiha

    giving credit to God like he was passing a corse (school)

  36. Dylan Henderson

    God damn chills for fucking days

  37. Bleu Woods

    This is what rap should be!

  38. BrokenDreams

    who needs church when you have montana speaking real facts

  39. Prophet Johnny

    "To set someone up for a lie, they always start by telling facts" REAL SHITT

  40. KingTieno

    For The Cost Of Sin Is Death And Thou Shall Be Thrown In The Lake Of Fire 🔥Don't Sin repent and get saved you will go to heaven people think every body go to heaven you actually have to live through Jesus and follow the rules

    You can’t See me

    OzKingTieno "whys hell still a punishment? when Jesus died on that cross for every mans sins"

  41. CJacobs

    Bruh he used no beat and absolutely killed it

  42. Blake Alexander

    Deep meaning

  43. BennySupreme FLO

    bruh this was🔥🔥🔥, dis nigga went ocapella and spoke a message...I'm glad he put this on the ablum 💯💯

  44. LaVelle The Goat

    This beat is faster

  45. Blake Alexander

    This is still 🔥

  46. I. James


  47. Norman White

    speak yo shit nigga

  48. NBK Goon

    Im shaking, bruh #TheRapGod

  49. This type of shit I ain't gonna bump everyday but damn you gotta sit down and appreciate some really good rap every now and then

  50. Bernard Fortune

    Real shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Jarrod 381

    This is the cleanest straight up song ever

  52. Alexis Rosario

    he is the rap God for real best rapper alive

  53. MTV Kidd

    Only stupid ass people blinded by their religion will let this mans bars go over their heads. So many people think he is rapping AGAINST God. Not the case at all, he's speaking the TRUTH about God. Telling you what your priest or pastor will NEVER tell you in your entire experience going to your church, I gurantee you that.


    Vilis Bitch I completely agree. the whole idea of just donating to get to heaven and not tithing=hell is just bullshit

  54. Malachi Mccoy

    give credit to GOD like he was passing a course🔥🔥🔥

  55. Ty. Highlifee

    Giving credit to god like he was passing a course 🔥🔥🔥

  56. RayZ SP33D

    acapella.. #LIT

  57. FGE Willie

    Fighting Demons dropping pt2

  58. Keondre Hayes

    I don't care about wat anyone says this is my opinion I choose Montana ova Kendrick anyday

    Teamscooter bro

    Keondre Hayes mo3 all day

    Big Tye

    Keondre Hayes MO3 all day wings up 💯💯💯



  60. "I'm always bringing that heat, like i was passing a torch" wow..🔥🔥

  61. Jefe Siete_777

    this song is evil and demonic hes say dont read the bible..... mmmhhhh sounds like something Satan would say.

    Jefe Siete_777

    Raven williams yeah but what about when good people control the bible what then?


    Subutiya Saahir u my sir is retarded

    Jefe Siete_777

    SheLovezRobert "u my sir is retarded" nah I think you got this whole thing twisted.

    You can’t See me

    SheLovezRobert I don't think anybody is restarted, just depends on your knowledge and teachings you receive.

  62. Mc Kaizer

    DMX did the same from way back.

  63. Local DrugDealer

    Waiting for the beat to drop still

  64. Javi skrilla

    did he just realize things..tell him he slow..

  65. Sam Powell

    I don't think he understands what he's doing and talking about and it's potentially bad.

    Sam Powell

    Raven williams I know what he means but the writers of the Bible were prophets and chosen by god I could see a little editing but what's in the Bible isn't false.

    You can’t See me

    This world started with no religion only god, somewhere religion was born and took the holy scripture and was used as a weapon&control on many races in history.
    what he is saying is what's left is just edits and copies of copies. And now that same religion is everywhere telling us either false teachings or what the people (want to hear,) the bible was never apart of a religion.

    Sam Powell

    Raven williams prophets that were guided by god wrote the manuscripts of the Old Testament along with stories and then modern prophecies wrote the New Testament guided by god. I understand what your saying but it's not what I believe... but to each their own.

    You can’t See me

    Sam Powell im stating religion is confusion and misguidance. The bible was never to be apart of a religious group and when it did the holy scripture was abused by that group, like if I was ever to read a bible it will not be a catholic or christen bible they can move on, but hard to forget how they treated the bible, so if they're willing to disrespect the bible like that... how do we know it's even the same words of the prophets, it's a dark and confusing history which is why I believe God and not the bible or religion.

  66. Aaron Sanders

    Who tf Kendrick Lamar he just became irrelevant

  67. iGottaReactToThat

    let him be at my church

  68. GOD Strong

    Montana dont need a beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Rodolfo Carbajal

    Montan of 300 bars

  70. Keith ORE

    Who else was waiting on a beat to drop

  71. Moey Drip23

    I am done wow😱 he is the rap god damn #freemontana

  72. Jay Jay

    went in without a beat

  73. Daniel Emblidge

    no beat hes a rap god

  74. Joe Burroughs

    ill give him credit its bars, but how you finna say this is better than the whole albulm DAMN🤔

    Mark Royal

    Joe Burroughs He talking about "god strong". This a different song than the one he was talking about

  75. Alex Matthews IV

    never subbed so fast in my life💯💯💯💯

  76. rigz yadig


  77. Cole Wade

    this is dope you can also edit this and put this on any beat if you really wanted to

    Cole Wade

    its his xxl freestyle tho fucking fire

  78. omar s2002

    Heatstroke pt.2?

  79. Montana

    Fuck Being on XXL. This brother should own the damn thing.

  80. Its Z3KE


  81. El Majeste 509

    "dead man wish they was in our shoes but had their chance and they blew it" damn that's sum real shit

  82. Thomas de Haas

    Don't upload his songs without permission that is fucked up
    You're basically stealing money from him

    Thomas de Haas

    Jonathan Rodriguez Nah i'm not mad but it's just unfair for montana he worked hard on these songs

    Thomas de Haas

    Mr.LuckyGrenade Thanks you understand it

    Thomas de Haas

    Graphics hitz You ask me if i'm dumb while you said monitored LMAOO it's monetized

    You can’t See me

    Jonathan Rodriguez who would be mad? I bought the album but it gets annoying finding his shit on YouTube while I can just go to my playlist.

  83. glorgang

    this shit soooo fire

  84. Isaac Burton

    damn montana 300 the god he ain't use no beat all bars

  85. Killian Jones

    every since i was he the best the greatest he help us he my favorite rapper he my leader he's the illest and i fw him forever

  86. johnny castillo

    #FreeMontana #RapGod

    The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

    johnny castillo lmao Montana and even locked up fam.

    LaVelle The Goat

    The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Yes he is

  87. Six Six Drew

    What understanding loving father dips his kids into lava🔥😱

    Cozy Grams

    King Drew bruh i read this right as he said it lmao

    St Johns

    maybe it's referring to Abraham when God told him to kill his son to test his loyalty

    You can’t See me

    St Johns are you sure? He speaks heavily about god in this so I thought he was referring to (hell), and why it's even still getting taught it's real.

    St Johns

    King Drew this is why he is the best, his bars produce varied interpretations giving the song different significances to each listener


    King Drew i read this one when i heard it too

  88. Stefan

    meaning and mean punch lines

    Keayon Morris

    Stefan 😂😂😂 How you find this already


    Shit too fire that's how lmao M03

  89. Matt Caron

    dopest track.of the album for sure.

  90. cheb hamiham

    fucking all facts #NoMoreKendrick Inthernetabout to shut the fuck down

  91. Rudy Regalado

    Fire with beat or no beat 🔥

  92. J Smooth

    Where can I find this instrumental?

    Joseph Medrano

    J Smooth where do you want to be found dead g

    North Blue Star

    Joseph Medrano 😂

    Nathan Nelson

    J Smooth 😂😂😂😂


    It’s when you turn your phone off completely

  93. Lynch LaFlare

    I swear this song the truest shit Ive ever heard. Montana is pure fucking genius

  94. Nicolis De Bartolo

    This that real shit right here man. Montana !!

    2:47 you can hear him beat his chest gangshit

    Lord Jesus

    Nicolis De Bartolo 2:57

    Nicolis De Bartolo

    I give the kids an extra 10 seconds to listen to the whole bar!!

    Dat jr.

    Nicolis De Bartolo Smart man.

  95. RoMaine Hicks


  96. Giadon Smith

    Could be a preacher

    Dat jr.

    Giadon Smith A preacher? of what religion?

  97. Kings with Dreams

    oh he dropped his shit?🔥🔥🔥

  98. Destø Glockie

    anybody reading this comment subscribe to me

    40K Remi

    Trinity of 300 desperate ass nigga how TF u gonna comment on the rap gods new song saying for ppl to subscribe to ya dumb ass