Montana Of 300 - FGE Cypher Pt. 8 Lyrics

[Talley of 300:]
All I know is
Bodies like a morgue, tags like a store
If they want a war, bitch it's Rambo 4
Pistols under pillows, pistols in the drawers
Though I'm one hell of a artist this won't be a draw
I'm that nigga like Django, tryna let the pain go
Withdraws wrapped in them bands like Franklin sprained an ankle
I'm hip-hop like a Kangol, why these rappers rainbow?
I'm a Step Up dancer with my AK like the tango
Putting niggas in they place like assigned seats
So fuckin' gargoyle, bitch, I came from the concrete
If I don't go suit up and release venom from inside me
I'ma put them numbers on your face like a time piece
Then go pray 'bout it all, lord they wait on my fall
See, I'll serve over the net but I don't play volleyball
These niggas stay by the farm, they brought hate to the barn
They wrestlin' with the pigs, I mean they lay with the law
It's a cold game like hockey, nigga
Cold world like J.Cole and full of false prophets, nigga
Learned that I had to watch what I say from John Gotti, nigga
And that my flow hold power like tsunamis, nigga
Catch the wave, I'm tired, its FGE to the grave
But I'm fly, like I been resurrected, I elevate
Need my lime like I'm sipping tequila up in the shade
Got the juice, but just know the shit wasn't minute made

[No Fatigue:]
FGE in this bitch man, y'all know how I'm coming
Tigue shit
I come from the bottom
That's how I know I'm the shit, look in the mirror it's true
It's fuck the law, 'cause they want you cuffed in a cage or your hands crossed in a suit
And fuck them niggas, 'cause you know they feeling the same, but low-key, police too
I'm on a mission, they say it's impossible, don't hit the gas, like Tom, I cruise
Just bein' patient, see niggas hating, yeah, read 'em like articles
Watch out for hoes, tryna finesse, fuck 'em like sex, they all some fools
Think what you wanna, pulling me like a transformer, run up, you gon' be a goner
Sing like Madonna, it's for protection, your honor, Mac can be safe like a condom
Slide on that condom, I beat that pussy like Ronda, we in here hot like a sauna
She said I'm different, just like genres, and you can't see me, just like Wakanda
I'm Raw, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Duane Johnson
I don't care what your response is, I go third quarter Klay Thompson
I remember flipping packs, on the phone like an app
I need paper, even scraps, ain't no time to relax
Bumpy road I fell off like a nigga had collapsed
Broskie 'n them, had my back, hold me down like a snap
Bad breaks how I grind, stolen watch, it take time
Longer than it take five, hope you hit, waistline
Killing beats, Jason, it's the fucking eighth time
And you niggas really bitches, talking like a date line
Yeah, I'm a fly guy, shorty, come fuck with the real
Pop it like a pill, she gon' let me bend and drill
96' Chevy, keep a stick behind the wheel
Packer, on that Green Bay just like the field

[WunTayk Timmy:]
Clique Clan
FGE shit, nigga
(WunTayk Timmy)
Let me end all the rapping debate
I'm the one with the capital take
Niggas ain't have what it takes, I gave 'em a hand and got slapped in the face
Now I got racks in the safe and a Otter Box, no more crackin' the case
Anybody ever got in my way is roadkill, I ain't having no brakes
Hoes still don't be acting they age, I'm getting neck in the back of the range, from two hoes
That's Dracula fangs, I'm Cujo to a cat in a cage, they lyin' in they bars
It's the alignin' of the stars, shit I heard that's what it take
You a rat in a cage, I'm a rattle a snake, cut the grass low, I keep a bag in the wait
I'm an asshole, when I ask 'em to pay but the cash flow all that matters today
In the field with the sack, I'm attackin' today in the field with the bag and threw flag on the play
I'm the illest with rap and the last of the great, prettiest man with a tat on my face
Two Ks, nah, we ain't finna play, keep each artist a strap in the waist
No habla, I'm with a chicana, the pussy is aqua, I hear the Chihuahua
The lady a gaggle, the baby a gaga, she calling me daddy, she hated her father
You niggas be acting, I ain't with the drama, the tool in my jacket's what make it a bomber
The dudes in the back with me made me a monsta, I may be a bastard but thanks to my mama I'm calmer
'Cause mama seen a few black empires and my pop a weasel, like jack-in-box
'Bout to find a diva with with some Apple stock, Apple on her back like a Macintosh
Clique clan, know I got the socks, throw the boots on and the camoflauge
Silencers make the loudest shots say, "Tss-tss", we don't shadow box
Real shit, niggas cap a lot, talking big shit, that's caps lock
Nigga this shit like crack rock, 'cause if you 'bout me you hit the jackpot
'Cause my team got it padlocked, be the star player or the mascot
Throw the mask on, take the last shot now the money growing it's a cash crop
Cique Clan
FGE shit

[Montana of 300:]
Rap God of G shit, you already know what it is man
Thinking about my kids, that's what motivates me and and wakes me up
Immune to satisfaction, can't less success make me lazier
My son just Facetimed me, I told him, "I'm on my way to ya"
That .40 cal be on me whenever I pick my babies up
I'm balling while I'm schooling them, I'm Professor Xavier
I don't play no games on these tracks, this ain't a stadium
Your homies gonna scramble as soon as I Tom Brady ya
I'm why they R-I-Pin' they shirts like Hulkamania
Slide down on 'em with two sticks like I'm skiin'
Forty hold the dick when it aim, like its peein'
I will cook a nigga, it don't matter the season
Don't talk beef if you ain't tryna meet like a vegan
Like fake lashes, I got these bitches eyes glued
They ain't the truth, ain't you tired of being lied to?
Life's a roller coaster, who told your ass that this ride's smooth?
You say its God's plan, but then put yourself up in God's shoes?
Why would I send my message through men who can twist up letters?
Why would I let my kids get raped when I could switch the lever?
Why would I send my kids to burn when I got somethin' better?
Why would I sacrifice my son when I can have whatever?
My lyrics thunder, they make 'em wonder "Did God write this?"
'Cause every joint that I drop tighter than arthritis
The ungrateful's too young to be catchin' Alzheimer's
You disrespectin', you get the coffin, no bronchitis

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Montana Of 300 FGE Cypher Pt. 8 Comments
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