Montana Of 300 - Favorite Teacher Lyrics

Class in session I hope you came here to listen
I give you what they ain't gone mention
I keep it a buck you can't find this knowledge in college
It's priceless, just pay me attention
See my teacher told me one day you gone wake up in prison
'Cause I used to stayed in detention I made a decision
To avoid some fatal collisions, by being my greatest invention
The greatest that did it every line got 'em hooked
Right now I'm takin' 'em fishing, I am LeBron
I do more than just play my position I [?] MJ and Pippen
Shake off the sadness regain your ambition
To put in that work is to pay your admission
When I come and cook 'em it ain't in the kitchen
It's just warming up though like making some biscuits
Preparing my students testing their faith for their vision
They wonder what grade I'm a give 'em
And when you're a God you don't wonder if heaven exists
You just wonder which way you gone kill 'em
See life is a bitch and she's beautiful but her attitude ain't the prettiest
Reality ain't got no sympathy no man is a failure until he quits
See half of y'all won't understand me but my music's not for the idiots
God is my [?] haters get ghost soon as they see these clips ain't Insidious
It's time to go in I turn up like keys in the whip, pardon my English I'm lit
I go hard in the paint like a bitch that was keying your whip with a heart that don't even exist
Who woulda thought all of the pain and the struggle I went through would lead him to this
I done took off, success is the reason they pissed I got all the ingredients bitch
(Chemistry class)
Don't show your true colors and die, 'cause I am the teacher that drips
Ready for that action, they can't end my movie too early, so I got to squeezin' a clip
(Let me talk to 'em)
Life doesn't need to me do its job, so I'm not here to give you a tough time
But the reason you claim you ain't eating, is 'cause you do too much talking at lunchtime
See I had to go through some dark days, to make sure my daughter and son shine
I gotta take care of what's mine, I can't put nothing above mine
I got a gun up in my desk, if the devil walks in I'm a bust mine
What the fuck you think I keep the metal for
Most of y'all won't catch that was a punch line
When I got that work out it wasn't gym class
I got more white off than SlimFast
I had lots of green on me like Kick-Ass
Now like Santa Clause I got a big bag
Bitches wanna wrestle 'cause they heard a nigga seein' seven figures like a phone number
Tell 'em kick rocks like Dwayne Johnson, see the cold shoulder, Stone Cold Stunner
I can't seem to shake all my savage ways, I praise God and then go let that ratchet blaze
You gone think I was throwing my hammer [?]
Then I bang at your top Diamond Dallas Paige
Got my opposition tryna watch and listen
While I kill 'em with bars call that riot prison
You so stubborn that you forgot how to listen
While you sit around waiting on God to fix it
See I knew it was something beyond the trenches
I knew riches don't ever respond to wishes
And when life wasn't fair to me, God was still there for me
My lyrics therapy lots of healing
I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror
And see my best friend and my competition
Passion all in my labor I'm optimistic
Got money off the mic like I'm Robin Givens
I'm heaven sent I was airborne the pain is what got me in rare form
See Malcolm has told us that the future belongs to the ones that prepares for it
They didn't witness your struggle so they cannot judge you at all because they wasn't there for it
Tell my haters Montana's prepared for 'em fuck they lives and fuck whoever cares for 'em
I jumped off the porch at age seventeen was the flyest killa that they ever seen
James Bond in that Chevy thing shoot until blood into your eyes that's that 007 screen
I finally moved on to do better things, once I divorce the streets with no wedding ring
Put my life in these bars like I'm Claude and Ray, worked my magic then left, Penny Hardaway
God didn't write none of these books, it was the humans that touched it
How you asking for strength and forgiveness but scared to ask God if a book was corrupted
We are students of life so we keep learning, 'cause the truth is we never get out of school
I had to get on that right track I had to hurdle them obstacles
You gone train or complain bitch you gotta choose
I share knowledge with y'all 'cause I rock with you
Anything you do good that's the God in you
I'm just here to bring more of that out of you
I'm everyone's favorite teacher I am the one you should watch for
When it comes to that fire I got more, now you niggas know what's in my top drawer

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