Montana Of 300 - Blood Sport Lyrics

Cash got a bag of beats
Cash got a bag-

Kill or be killed, blood drippin' from the lion's hair
Was one of many kids in the project just like a science fair
If you think you reap what you sew then you think life is fair
You tryna reach the top, what if Satan's waits at the highest stair?
Don't let desires get you fired, shit'll have you sinnin'
The thirst for money and these bitches that's what got you in it
The nigga that's supposed to have your back might stab you in it
Be mad you winnin' when they're seein' all this cash you gettin'
Had iron when I met wit' clients, I ain't gettin' robbed
Always kept that stick when I served 'em just like a shish kabob
Caught three pistol cases, still ready if ever it's a prob'
Refuse to get on top and start slippin', shit, that's how Bishop died
The same ones that'll snitch usually be the same ones that's quick to ride
Loyal in them streets, but when in that system then they switchin' sides
Squad was pumpin' gas on the Ave, but I had a different drive
And I know life is short, so I'm hustlin' on a different time
Lyrics changed my life, had to work and master this gift from God
You wanna open doors? Then it's you that gotta go twist the knob
Never lookin' down on my niggas, I'm 'bout upliftin' minds
I gotta talk to 'em and school 'em (like I'm the intercom)
Face your biggest fears and your demons, that's how them villains die
O.G. gettin' high as a kite while me and my sister cried
Livin' in the 'jects, dreams of bustin' loose like we Richard Pryor
They don't know the son, let 'em criticize, I'm here to rise
Made it on my own, shit, I even made it against the odds
From shootin' out the windows of rentals I got from Enterprise
To pushups in that county while prayin' I don't get prison time
I seen some famous rappers unhappy, I'm glad I didn't sign
I come from the bottom, nigga, now I'm livin' comfortably
Moved mama out the hood, but she went back 'cause she too fuckin' street
Still thankful to be able to wake up to my dream
I'd never trade it or my bros, no, I stuck with my team
Just bought a brand new ning-ding, that bitch come with a beam
And if it's snakes up in my grass, they gettin' cut from the team
My money taller than Jabbar 'cause I put up my Kareem
Your hand out because you broke, rappers up in a sling
I swear I never been a ball hog, can't lead a game with no assists
Welcome to the world where karma's dead and fairness don't exist
And if you still have life, go fight that fight until it's over with
Your brain is a gift, you can't use it unless you open it
Learn your enemy, you can't counter if you don't know his tricks
I know you have a plan for the glory, but do you know the risk?
I hope you drivin' through life with caution, because that road is slick
My squad look like a hockey team, everybody holdin' sticks
We ain't takin' losses, like a chauffer, we got dough to get
Your bitch know I'm lit, I could turn her to the coldest bitch
She on my drip, she blew my top, I been had sauce like Open Pit
I am of no religion, God himself, that's who I'm rollin' with
You know that I'm good with this, the others don't come close to this
They said I got it hands down 'cause I snap like a broken wrist
God over y'all, this is facts, not a thesis
He can rip rappers to pieces, and plus he heals and he teaches
Don't take the kindness for weakness, your closest friends could be leeches
Share lots of money with niggas, let 'em see racks like it's cleavage
Watch how you cross me, oh yes, you will get nailed down like you Jesus
Get wet for sure like the beaches, talk tough until you left speechless (Uh huh)
Think shit a game 'til someone's dead, I used to teach lessons in bloodshed
You don't wanna hear what my gun said, I will give you a taste 'til your tongues red
I used to put cash in my mattress, I was sleepin' on stacks like a bunk bed
Used to flex for the birds 'cause they love bread, salsa walk and be ready, don't run scared
Reminiscin' on friends from the trenches, I got some up in jail, I got some dead
And all 'cause I knew where the slums lead, I put more options in my son's head
Don't let losses of life ever lynch you, I don't wanna see you with a hung head
Gotta keep your head up through them dark times, can't be walkin' around like the sun's dead
To feel that wind, I was walkin' through that cold
Blood, sweat and tears waterin' the garden of my soul
The hardest with the flows, targetin' my goals
Believin' in myself and never bargainin' my soul

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    This need way more views

  2. Y Saucedo

    Amazing bars after bars year later Im still deciphering some song.

  3. Shine _

    Underrated song...

  4. Jon S

    I use to teach lessons in blood sheds
    U don’t wanna hear what my gun said
    I will give u a taste til ya tongues read
    I use to put cash in my mattress
    I was sleepin on stacks like a bunk bed
    Used to flex for the birds coz they luv bread
    Salsa walk and be ready, don’t run scared

  5. Richey Gahagen

    Swear I never been a ball hog
    Can't lead a game wit no assists 👌

  6. Isaiah Bell

    Ik I contributed to at least 2,000 replays

  7. twelve gage

    People stopped listening to Montana cause he started talking about this real shit. People love that killing shit, but that was the Montana God created to get a following, this Montana is why God created his following.

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    Every song should be at a million views already smh fuck FGE fans

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    Best song of 2019 period !😂

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    most underrated rapper in the game

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    Someone has to put the instrumental on here

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    Bars go crazy to real...200

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    💯. Montana just keeps goin harder and harder!

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    This song is so underrated

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    He is the fucking rap godddd

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    This the only nigga from chiraq who ain’t got beef

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    This nga said i moved my momma out the hood but she went bak cuz shes to fukkin street.....MAAAAAN!!!!!

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    If you think u should reap what u soe then you think life is fair💯👌🏾

    Rachel Raffaele

    Foe Cory facts

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    Rare God

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    Really appreciate that Fam 💯

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    This whole album is awesome, im glad you didnt sign to a label also montana, they probably woulda used their legal "power" to force you to chamge up your flow or some other stupid shit lol. Keep doing your thing hommie

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