Montana Of 300 - Art Class Lyrics

They call me "Mr. Rap God", welcome to my school
I'm goin' off again for those who like to snooze
Big shot out to my fans and my haters for the views
I am not like other rappers, please do not get me confused
When they talk and end up dead, I'm who they accuse
I'm slidin' on you pussies, you would think my name was lube
Life is full of frequent losses, you can't be afraid to lose
Fightin' demons, droppin' jewels, I go so hard, I don't bruise
Member back when shit was sellin' (Woo) slower than a cruise
Then a nigga put in work until I blew just like a fuse
Now these bitches wanna choose, look at nigga like I'm food
Because I got so much money my niece call me Uncle Scrooge
Value God and read a lot, bitch, that's the secret of the ooze
Wanna book me? Send in racks, like bitches sendin' nudes
Dude, your bitch ain't a goddess, you want a link like a sausage?
You know I'm smoother than lotion, that's why baby on my Johnson
She gave me neck so fuckin' long, I thought the bitch was a ostrich
Big dick nigga, all the hoes on mine like a conscious
You just keep makin' them comments, I'ma keep makin' deposits
I need money for this shit, bitch, every bar is a hostage
They hatin', but they can't block it, they pissed and they ain't Ben wallace
These other rappers is novice, I'm whippin' 'em like garages
When people begin to praise you, there's always someone to hate you
Don't ever question me bitch, I brought everything to the table
I got it up off the floor, I'm the legs that kept this shit stable
Not dinin' with the ungrateful, when they can't use you, they'll hate you
So I gotta teach the love from a city where all they know is sick
Can't trust your closest kin and the Lord above might be your only friend
Where we too broke to win but can't let that stop me from focusin'
Holdin' emotions, it made me meaner than Gene Okerlund (Woo)
Stop the complainin', boy, it's bad for your brain
You can't create your own storm and then get mad when it rain
See, I was maskin' the pain until I mastered the pain
I vowed to never let my purpose be distracted by pain
Just know that God's sun gon' always shine after the rain
Expect the haters gon' come harder even after the fame
Conor MacGregor, swear they wanna see me back in the cage
They think I'm up to my old ways, but that was back in the days
Only had two things on my mind, what? Rappin' and slangin'
Established my name, stay strapped up while I'm stackin' my change
Try not to get a tombstone like I was wrasslin' Kane
Squeezin' at they fuckin' necks like I was snatchin' a chain
Two bulletholes in his throat, my gun got dracula fangs
These other rappers don't compare, they ain't no match for my brain
Who gonna hop up on a track and feel the wrath of a train?
Enter the dragon, bring your cameras, try to capture the flames
Pay for a feature, nigga, summon the dragon, but
Don't come at all if you don't come with the passion, nah
Don't fuck around, I done put some in a casket, yeah
Like GI Joes, you know I come with that ratchet, yeah
Anyone can score, can you play defense for them bucks?
I grab the stick before I move like I'm reachin' for a crutch
I think I fucked this bitch too good, she couldn't keep it on the hush
Bitches choosin' Johnny Cage, they be swingin' on my nuts, yeah
We been through pain and the struggle, that's why we strong
I'm a stand up guy, you would think that all the seats gone
Niggas say they apes 'til it's time to come meet Kong
Niggas talkin' dumb, bump they gums 'til they teeth gone
I'ma get my creep on while he get his sleep on
Pull up in his face, shoot, bullets hit his cheekbone
I hope you niggas keep on, I really do, this shit 'n you
Walkin' and you talkin' like a preacher with his feet gone
I'm all about that action, that's why you actors hate 'em
Blew at his head, Leonardo decapitate 'em

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Montana Of 300 Art Class Comments
  1. Demario fairley

    Y’all put Montana at 300 million

  2. Chris Terrance

    My guy, nigga is total trash

  3. Jeremy Speak

    Montana of 300 has bars for daysss

  4. tenser chriss

    Lets get this song to a million views already smh fake fge fans

  5. Matthew Brown

    His got to be one of the most intelligent rappers I ever listened to I'm from the uk and iv never heard anyone talk about this guy. he is so underrated and should be bigger then he is, his one of a few that talk sense! (I'm going off again for those who like to snooze!)

  6. James Halaweh

    been following his music for 4 years now. Boy never disappoints literally Untouchable


    I thought it was brandon rashad when I saw the thumbnail

  8. vanessa thibeault

    BARZZ!! damn son

  9. Barry B. Smoov

    This is fire but I checked most of his other songs and they are all booty cheeks..

    Trey Y.L.G.

    no this is an average song, his other songs are fucking insanely fantastic. and his remixes are godly

  10. Esteven D. Dubois

    Best young dude from Chicago

    Rare God

    He's 30

    Esteven D. Dubois

    @Rare God my dad always said that "you will know how young 30 is when you turn 40."

  11. Wuneach

    Let’s settle this rn👀
    Which cypher was the best?👇I like 2/3 the most

    Trey Y.L.G.

    1, 6, & 9 imo

  12. Britten C.

    Visuals goin crazy

  13. Noosie Krueger

    Conor McGregor swear they wanna see me back in the cage😥😥😥

  14. Jordan Singh

    Masking the pain until I masterd the pain daamn that line yo cmon

  15. Jordan Singh

    People just dont get how good he is

  16. J Lewis

    “Sliding on these pussys , you’d think my name was lube “ broooo this nigga 🤯

  17. Pit_box_ Me

    fuckin monster. 300 must be how hot it get in the studio when he on, this fire all day.

  18. Osho DMC

  19. Zae Jer〽

    When it comes to punchlines and bars he’s stoopid underrated in the eyes of the rap industry but his fans know Wsp

  20. DAVETheSlayer

    Why is this nigga soo slept on but lil pump is known come on now shit don’t make sense 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  21. Marcus Lee

    Montana the 🐐✊🏾💯

  22. Ajax Wargod

    Dining with that ungrateful 💯

  23. C Reiko

    Keep doin you Montana300..💯💯💯💯

  24. Izrial Martin


  25. Malachi Forrest


  26. fladdada mean

    lick a(liquor) nigga like im booze

  27. 2Pac Stan Police

    Dude’s got bars💯🤣

  28. CordizzleTv2.0

    "Stop the complaining boy, that's bad for your brain,
    You can't create your own storm, and get mad when it rains." 🔥

    Queen Zyonna X

    This is what I'll tell all of my coworkers when they keep messing up at work and in life

  29. Jacob King

    Montana should do a chris travis remix Crunch Time

  30. Boss man

    I be waiting for songs to drop

    Chad Stevens

    New vid old song lol

  31. Donnell Roberson

    Montana should remix one of the Shotta flows🤣💀

  32. Dejon Vaughn

    Endless punchlines

  33. Bryan Boyle

    "When people begin to praise you, there's always someone that hate you. Don't ever question me bitch I brought everything to the table, I got it up off the floor, Im the legs that keep this shit stable, not grinding with the ungrateful, when they can't use you they hate you"

  34. chase johndoe

    He did too much in his older stuff he finding his flow now tho this goes hard

  35. Dan Kondrath

    False god

  36. Timothy Harrison

    Why is montana respected as much as he should be?

    Queen Zyonna X

    Montana is A Natural Creation of the Most High and all natural creations come to this life doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing they don't need instructions it's just like that with all Natural creations, facts

  37. megaboss 120

    Beat knock harder than a jehovah witness

  38. jayy sosa

    Im sliding on you pussies, you would think my name is lube🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Melvin Fitch


  40. Aaron Purnell

    “She wanna link like I’m sausage, you know I’m smoother than lotion that’s why baby on my Johnson “ cause that baby lotion.. GAHHLEE 🔥

  41. Dingo dolla Willy wonker

    Take a breath mate 😰

  42. Justin Kouns

    Real fans kno this isn't new lol

    Chad Stevens

    He should've dropped this forever ago

  43. Billy Davis

    Keep it up Mo3 you really running a clinic 💪💪

  44. Detgtyha 73


  45. Jalen Lee

    I thought Montana was dead?

    Chad Stevens

    You just been sleepin on him

  46. Jordan Gilbert

    Montana should do a 223s ynw melly remix

  47. Tommy Marks

    Greatest rapper of all time

  48. Levontay Carothers

    Bruh how he started out with 🔥🔥🔥 tho

  49. Noah Lowe

    Salute 💯 💪

  50. Atlantic 31

    I was so fecking exciting when I see Montana of 300 is here in WWSH
    This guy is my great uncle in some way

    T-Mac Herbo

    Atlantic music time out idk wtf was you reading but you need to clear your eye sight out u fuck face I am the biggest Montana Of 300 fan in the universe how dare you talk to me like I don’t know that go kys u fake label

    T-Mac Herbo

    U dumb fuck I can’t see my comment but I know I would never put these industry niggaz over him he the best in the universe go get some new eyeballs you fuck head your shit is bad

  51. I KEISER I

    "Try not to get a tombstone, like I was wresting cane"🔥🔥

    BMM_ JaKaY

    Jacob Keiser only some will get catch it 😂


    @BMM_ JaKaY got to watch WWE and you'll get it 😂😂

  52. datdopeboy

    montana the goat..

  53. C4 TheDJ

    dis shit wack as hell

  54. Rydell Thompson

    montana- most underrated

  55. Domo Steward

    Hheell Yyeess 👌🏾🔥✌🏾

  56. Tha Anarchist

    Tombstone is undertaker's move

  57. Elijah Prentice

    Same bars different song ...

    Trey Y.L.G.

    This came out a year ago, rhis isjust the music vid for ir

    Elijah Prentice

    Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. I know he is good but you can’t tell me the flow isn’t the same always and like sorta over rhymes to the point you can’t really just jam to it

    Trey Y.L.G.

    @Elijah Prentice maybe, hus latest album dont gotthesame exact flows as his previous projects. And his remixes always have different flowz

  58. mar mea

    Thank you for Montana this generation would be in the sewers if it wasn't for this dude

  59. Sergio Carrillo

    Montana of 300

  60. Sergio Carrillo

    They call me me rap god welcome to my school

  61. K Tech


  62. CJ 200

    "Leonardo Decapitate them" 🤭😤

  63. thereal BREWSKII


  64. xRusselTV

    This nigga fell off

    Trey Y.L.G.

    How can an indepent rapper fall off, he is yet to even blow up, label free

  65. rekt spekt

    Montana the teacher of the short bus class 🚌 😂😂😂😂😂

  66. robert jones

    2 Bullet holes in his throat my gun got dracula fangs😱😱😱

  67. Juswana Duplechan

    French montana is for people that have lacking of knowledge. This generation today would argue you down and try to convince you that Nba youngboy is better than 2pac. This world today is stuck in a matrix! They rather listen to Sesame Street rappers before listening to rappers that could teach them a thing or 2. How could you expand your thought of mind if you just listening to basic ass rappers like french montana? He is a 2D dimensional rapper so you can't compare him with montana 300. Monatana 300 is light years ahead of french montana and these other sesame street simple flow patterning ass rappers! Worst thing someone could ever do is compare trash to gold, its just no comparison!💯

  68. Jaden Gomez

    WSHH should do a cypher thing like how XXL do just called WSHH class of 2019

  69. Lost Grenades

    Your music is yours until Montana Remixes it.

  70. Dontever touchmyhat

    This dude raps like a top tier battle rapper but on a beat. He has almost no build ups. Punches inside punches.

    Rare God

    Chriaq was a pun inside a pun

  71. Lo Tro

    Best in the game 💯

  72. Travis Swann

    I was waiting on him to blow but instead he's like a breeze.. Blowing over everyone's head whilst giving whoever that feels him the chills #RAPGOD#FGE_SHIT

  73. Mike Perkins

    Rap God 😆😭

  74. Jekarie251Mob Crawford

    Need better beats G!!! Rs

  75. Levi Ortiz

    “ Conor mcgregor swear they wanna see me back to in the cage” man this nigga spits pure fire 🗣🔥 💪🏾

  76. poogaure

    This video dropped on my son’s 3rd birthday!!!! 😁 what a birthday gift for him lol

  77. Spandex415

    shit slaps, but ngl the video reminds me of a a 2000 bunk facebook rap video.

  78. Marques Williams

    He so underappreciated🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️💯

  79. Peyton Shellock

    Any one else think this beat goes hard 🔥

  80. mrchase0310

    Fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire

  81. N.W.A G

    lyrical Monster!

  82. Justice Velez

    Yo fr it’s time for this man to blow up

  83. Jaden Mcelrath



  85. €NGVLF


  86. tenser chriss

    Should be at a million views already smh

  87. Deljon Finister

    Maxo kream now Montana of 300 #distewmuch

  88. Desmond Slater

    Barbers focus School highland Park HP

  89. Desmond Slater

    Desmen Jordan

  90. Lil Shep

    Fire in the church👀🤔🔥🔥🔥

  91. Cameron Cox

    His flow ehh ok

  92. Logan with lightsabers

    Leonardo Decapitate em

  93. Don Chapman


  94. Amir Genes


  95. Mike J

    Real fans already knew this song from a MINUTE ago. Still 🔥 glad he made a video for this and get more exposure to that whole album.

  96. Trevor Smeezy

    As fans of Montana we gotta save him, he is so fucking underrated and being that he doesn't have much clout around his name to get views anymore, us fans got to like, if there is 188k views , let's have 100k likes fr💯 start liking