Monster Truck - She's A Witch Lyrics

You were a nightmare baby, and I don't know why I love you like I do.
You were out all night, doin' nothin' right,
Never tellin' me the honest truth.
My heart keeps breakin, you keep takin'
Everything that I've ever known.
I'm a wiser man cuz you tore me up
And knocked me down from upon my throne.
She looked good to the eye
But her spirit is full of lie
That girl's got a demon in her soul
Watch out

Alright, yeah

Time and time again, I was told
Stay away from her, she's a witch
But I got hooked on her siren song
And she cured my every itch.
What I got lately, she got crazy
And a fire lit up in her eye.
Born unto the seven gates of hell
It's how she planned out my demise.
What you said my friend,
"That woman will be your end."
That girl got a demon in her soul.
That girl got a demon in her soul, yeah!

(Got a demon in her soul)
She got a demon
(Got a demon in her soul)
In her soul
(Got a demon in her soul)

Ohhh, that girl
(Got a demon in her soul)
Got a demon
(Got a demon in her soul)
In her soul, yeah
(Got a demon in her soul)
Oh yeah!

That girl got a demon in her soul
(Got a demon in her soul)
That girl got a demon in her soul
(Got a demon in her soul)
That girl got a demon in her soul
(Got a demon in her soul)
That girl got a demon in her soul, oh yeah!

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Monster Truck She's A Witch Comments
  1. Angry Pink Monkey

    Best Hard Rock Band On The Fucking Planet!!!!

  2. Razor Bear

    I saw these guys when they opened for Alter Bridge a few years ago. Straight ahead rock n roll. Love it!

  3. Dan Marr

    Fuckin bitches lol

  4. urizen

    bitchin' :)

  5. Evan thorn

    Guess Greta Van fleet had to take a couple notes with that riff

  6. Dan Marr

    Barrie Ontario 2018, awesome show!

  7. Paul Jordan

    Monster Truck kicks Ass!!

  8. Mike Pi

    The sound of the damned old freedom! For those about to rock we salute 'em!

  9. Ralph Filigenzi

    Killer hard rock band. So under rated!

  10. patrick grondines


  11. RocketFuel

    Awesome!! im from Argentina and i have a hard rock band. we are so surprised with your band! keep in that way! Greetings from Argentina!

  12. John Murray

    Poor man's Audioslave without Mr Cornell's awesome vocals. If they tuned down to drop C maybe they might sound genuinely heavy.

    Alastair Lindsay

    John Murray And the award for biggest Prick who knows fuck all goes to John Murray

  13. patrick grondines

    LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. marie Brigitte Sevaistre

    just FABULOUS <3 <3 !! just saw them in Paris Yesterday '(June 3) <3 !!

  15. Snejanka Boneva

    Wonderful performance on the stage in Sofia ! I was pleasantly embraced and very impressed by the group that I saw and heard for the first time ! Thanks for the nice experience !

  16. Normal channel

    Saw you at the DP concert yesterday at sofia, you guys were fucking awesome

  17. F Munky

    Wow. Jane's Addiction's Whores riff recycled....

    Mike Lowndes

    lol its far older than that matey, check out Budgie.

    Mike Lowndes

  18. Fabrizio Pedrotti

    Jane's Addiction - Whores

  19. kyndryd spyryt

    when theres cheesey crap about like avenged sevenfold, this band is a breath of fresh air.

    Grimm Sleeper

    kyndryd spyryt nothing wrong with sevenfold !

    ANP Infotainment

    Concur, I like both. I saw these guys in front of Airborne a few years ago, it was AWESOME!


    Sounds an awful lot like "Whores" by Jane's Addiction...

    Mike Lowndes

    nope, its a direct borrow from Budgie...

  21. No Likey Gs Omnipresence

    This shit is Whores by Jane's Addiction!

    Pawel Habrajski

    No Likey Gs Omnipresence first of all this isn't shit, secondly this is way better than those pussies

  22. Jo Gray

    Balls to the wall \m/

  23. joanne weston

    love these guys....looking forwards to seeing them tonight in Birmingham 😍

  24. aileen thomson

    Rocking weekend for me Birmingham an Glasgow for me

  25. Jethromcsheepherder

    needs WAY more views

  26. Randal Wallace

    Wow these guys fucking got it they fucking ROCK!

  27. How-To-Videos

    love love love this song!!!!!!!!!

  28. The Esprits

    <3 Monster Truck - She's A Witch <3

  29. Andrew Skelding

    best song on the album by far love this band.theyre fantastic live

  30. Dustin Thompson

    Looking forward to the Naniamo show on Canada Day. I was SHOCKED that we could get them on the Island (outside of Victoria) for such a big day.

    DOE Motorsports

    hell ya, me too buddy!!!

  31. Pam James

    Great song, we need more hard rock bands like this.


    Or, you know, you could just go listen to the original version of this song: "Whores" by Jane's Addiction

  32. Dylan See

    I'm really happy I found these guys since its hard to find good rock bands these days


    Same here

    rammy nozzer

    yeah, found these by accident, awesome, album ordered 👍

  33. Steve Berberovic

    Hard rock with groove. Mountain, Blue Oyster Cult, Monster Truck....

  34. Allen Saunders

    good stuff still i am happy to say i find good rock often on you tube the bands are out there harder to find but they exist, try diablo blvd, the pretty reckless, forever still, the motion device ,there album eternalize great stuff just the tip of the iceberg

  35. CraftyChica

    Hell. Yeah. 😎

  36. Carey M

    Best damn hard rock band on the planet right now,period!


    Totally agree with you

    Reach McReach



    @Reach McReach Damn, you've never heard Cream, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Led Zep and Grand Funk... And so, sooo many more hard rocking bands from the 60s and 70s. But Monster Truck is also really good, fun listen from time to time!

    Emerald boy 456 dimond

    I agree

  37. Raptorama


  38. Jennifer Hellam

    love this tune! favorite one on the album!.. tho I love them all lol

  39. Darren Harpur

    man i gotta get this album

  40. Diesel Kid

    makes me want to jump on the harley and ride like a bat out of hell! Ride with the reaper on my left and the beast on my right and the devil on my back.

    nick urban

    hell yeahh

  41. suzy

    from a sixties chick used to Sabbath........ I'm impressed :)))))

  42. Jonathan Panetta

    I think this my favorite song of the album

  43. Scott Vey

    omg, I can't wait for this album!!! such good kickass tunes! come back to the east coast!