Monster Truck - For The People Lyrics

Of the people,
By the people,
For the people,
Tell everyone.
We will rise up,
To fight your evil,
We the people,
Will overcome.


We ain't part,
Of the war that you are fighting in our name.
You can say,
It's for the good of this whole country just the same.
We don't want,
A holy war, no we just tryin' ta live in peace.
There's no way,
We're proud of things you do, to say the least. (To say the least)


And I'm not ready to give up, our soul.

Send my dreams out of airplanes.
Ain't got no gold or silver to my name.
I don't need to win my battles,
When a pistol-headed man will do the same.
Don't say you'd do this for us,
When you don't even know who we are.
We just need love and our families,
Sat on a cloudy day, and closed the box. (Closed the box)

And it's time that we remember...

[Chorus x2]

And I'm not ready to give up, our soul.

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!

[Chorus x3]

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Monster Truck For The People Comments
  1. Cpt Planet

    This song hits all the right notes

  2. Luca Felloni

    please come to Italy, in Ravenna!!!!!!

  3. owls till I die

    This video is full of fun and shows what your all about Well done guys

  4. patrick grondines

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. borgos beats

    Congratulations doug ford, goodbye Kathleen Wynne and Greg sobara, thanks monster truck for this song of hope and freedom that hyped me up enough to get out and campaign for freedom

  6. Marcel Graf

    I saw them in 2017 as support to Nickelback.... what do i have to say? Never heard of them before. They set the Stage on fire! Nickelback sent me asleep😪

  7. Leevi Visuri

    Cant believe i got this album free from record shop!!! 😯🤘

  8. Nicholas Barone


  9. luisa a

    25seconds ads. This must be Italian trends annoying ringo's values.. arrogant fools.they spoil everything.😷

  10. Sheptone Guitar Pickups

    Love this tune. Cranking Monster Truck in the shop today

  11. Velociraptor Brunetti

    Awesome, I love it! ☺🍁☘🍀🍃🍂

  12. Cesare M

    Ciaoo from italy!! \m/


    Dope video. Yellow Submarine style... dig it

  14. Wyatt Richardson

    This video is pretty trippy, man......

  15. 1984therocker

    I've seen you guys 3 times, the last time I was first row and met Jer afterwards. Great group of musicians, can't wait for more from you all! Rock n' Roll!

  16. jimmy standard

    saludos desde españa muy buena musica

  17. Vincent

    Songs like these keep Rock n Roll fuckn alive

  18. Rock

  19. Adam Edwards

    I love your animation style and your guitar riffs on this song. Keep rock and roll alive!

  20. Robert Nicholls

    watched these live in Birmingham U.K

  21. D-RAY SPADED420

    I still remember the great time in Springfield IL USA. I wear the patch you guys gave me.. we got down that night smoking my fantastic weed and then jamn out. you guys rock. probably dont remember But my wife and I sure do. Peace

  22. Nicholas Argus

    Can you guys go play this at the Standing Rock Tribe protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline fiasco? The People need an Anthem! #noDAPL #waterislife

  23. John Staton

    Good stuff !! Love these guys !! This reminds me of Yellow Submarine !!

  24. Mikizi Apikan

    Wow nice !

  25. patrick grondines


  26. Marco Garcia

    please, come to brazil !!!

  27. guardduck25

    killer track

  28. Bryden Naugle

    love it awesome

  29. Blauer Vogel

    Such a great Video for such a great song!! <3

  30. Lisa R

    That got my motor going! Great driving music too.

    RapCoca HC


  31. Jethromcsheepherder

    this. is. good.

  32. J'Mar Michael Joyce

    I just love Monster Truck. Such an amazing sound. Always supporting good fellow Canadian bands!

    Jochen Thönnes

    jmar joyce hi. me too . but what did they smoke before they Made this video ? rock on ! jo


    jmar joyce

  33. Mark Birchette

    Fandamntastic !!✌👏👏👏👏👏👍

  34. Rafael Bona


  35. Black_La 18

    I love this song soooo much it makes me happy and makes me feel like all of the people that listen to this song are my family :)
    and the guitar fuuuck 😫😍❤

  36. Glorify Records

    Wow this is great, submit your track on our platform <--

  37. Jay Rock

    Is that Mr. Ian Thornley on slide guitar? Well couldn't ask for a better gold seal approval than having Mr. Thornley playing on your album!!!!

  38. Nickay

    love it! seeing you guys live was so cool :)

  39. PAY

    Love this song ! :-)

  40. Lego88fan

    one of the best music videos I've seen!