Monster Magnet - Monolithic Lyrics

You know you're quite a hot topic
You gotta nothin' in your head
You got your ass in the back seat
We all agree you're over fed

You're from the suck generation
Like a doggie with a bone
You like your lame fuckin' music
You love talkin' on your phone

You're stone monolithic
I smell it on your breath
You gotta 'bout nothin' to say
Keep spending all your money
And love yourself to death
'Till daddy takes your T-Bird away

You want a new load of garbage
I'd love to drop it at your door
Your gonna eat it little piggy
You always gotta have some more
You're stone monolithic
I smell it on your breath
You gotta 'bout a nothin' to say
So download some garbage
And bake your empty head
'Till daddy takes your T-Bird away

Monolithic Baby [x4]

You're stone monolithic
I smell it on your breath
You gotta 'bout nothin' to say
Keep spending all your money
And love yourself to death
'Till daddy takes your T-Bird away

Monolithic Baby [x4]

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Monster Magnet Monolithic Comments
  1. Eric Dahl

    girl at 47 is my ex

  2. wiidisc

    Saw them live during this tour. I was 18 then and this album still rocks! Classic!

  3. Jonny Walker


  4. angi karabashian

    Looove it!!

  5. Aaron Benns

    love these guys 😈✊

  6. DjG Guenther Suft TM

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
    . OMG masterpiece 🙏 💯 explicit lyrics
    .. 1 from the most important Songs in my life ... ⭐️

  7. Paul Kruger

    Great song.

  8. Pope Innocent III

    Your daddy takes your TV away.

  9. randall scott burress


  10. Derek Smith

    Monolithic Baby

  11. Derek Smith

    Monolith Baby!

  12. heelpersell

    Never a bad time for Magnet..

  13. Harvey Manfrenjensonton

    Why wasn't this album far more successful? Strongest album from them, I feel.

  14. Andy81 Andy81

    Awesome band

  15. robletos666

    Isso é bão demais! Não canso de ouvir essa porra!

  16. Benny Zin

    i can listen nonstop for hours this song , again and again

  17. Николай Коротких


  18. Pachanga

    badass riff

  19. Jain Tech

    this was made for monolithic speakers

  20. Gnarluz

    Music for the end of the world.

  21. randall scott burress

    lET"S rOCK FRogs

  22. Michelle L Cinkel

    Baby it just gets better

  23. Daniel A. Thyringer

    They know what to do, but they don’t know what you said

  24. Lionel Corno

    Kickin' ass and takin' names!!! No band rocks like MM! Smart lyrics too.

  25. iwpreyg1001

    Does anyone know why former bassist Joe Calandra and drummer Jon Kleiman left the band?

    Wei Shen

    They hated touring alot and let it feel the rest of them very strongly, and like Dave and also they Said: "They didn't come back to work / We don't wanted to go back to work 'cause of touring."

  26. Mr Skatosakoulas

    nice nose job :P aaah too much cocaine :D

  27. Richard P

    Most underated band ever

    Jordan Allen

    Best live show too

  28. mindcrime2010

    Coolest rockers ...

  29. Jock McCormick

    coolest guy in the known universe...ah fuck it, the unknown universe aswell!

  30. Dr m

    Gets better each listen

  31. xasperations

    in a class all their own......

  32. Delain Carroll

    Bad Ass Music Lyrics and I cant figure out what songs I want on new sound system on my bike! 6x9 in bags 3x5 in faring 10 bass Sony CD + amp !  Fuck the punks in their cages, I wont have to hear them any more + you better know every one will be hearing Monster Magnet!!!!!!

  33. lkgrave

    Back to the asteroid belt.


    Would be a great title for a song.

  34. EyeCandyAthlete

    I'm going to make it a point to do more monolithic things monolithicly.  Starting tomorrow.

  35. DaRotWilder 33

    333 likes * 3 dislikes = the master

  36. Math

    masterpiece :D love it

  37. rodger deering

    Monster Magnet for President.


    Monolithic baby too :)

  38. phallus dei

    truth in music and life,,rock on,,,''mm'',,slay the hypocrites,,,,like ''motorhead,,''hawind'',,,and usa overlooked band-Steppenwolf,,,are all still doing,,,rock ''n'' roll,,,saves us1

    hamdan aziz

    Gtfo lemmy is god!!! Mm are awesome!

    Daniel Medina

    The song of the very good hard rock thanks

  39. Lord Ofmetal

    Just perfect...

  40. Γεωργιος Βουρδαμης

    Monster Magnet Fucking Rocks.Dave Wyndorf,Ed Mundell, Jim Baglino, Bob Pantela Rocking Hard Like Hell.

  41. Nico Martín

    El cantante se parece a un hijo de steven tyler y la mona.

    Fernando Penalva

    JAJAJAJAJA qué hdp. XD

    Leandro I

    Con toda la merca de ST y la mona junta!

  42. 1556metalhead

    Just started getting into MM after coming across the band on YouTube. Its fresh and unique. I'm more into Metal,but I needed something New, and this band did it for me! Don't get me wrong I'm still a metalhead,but for the last two days I've listened to allot of MM!

    Fernando Penalva

    Stoner metal, dude.

    Danny Jingu

    @1556metalhead MM is just fun bro. You don't have to be a metalhead to enjoy them, in fact, you could be into hip hop nowadays, and still appreciate what they contribute. Honestly tho, being into metal helps unless you smoke up A LOT. Or you smoke up a lot and love rock....I guess what I am saying is, enjoy the MM.

    246 80

    No excuse - ME TOO!

  43. PureCarnage3

    whos the girl lol great song

  44. Vintage Boy

    great stuff!

  45. pferdeklauerin

    love em
    but their videos are fashionfuck with shaved armpits.

  46. Brendon Rogers

    Man i pictured a much better music video in my head.. oh well, still an awesome song.

  47. eyeGODit

    Yeah !!! I´m a BIG romanTIC, for sure... Are you "open minded" enough ???

  48. TheShadowking32

    Long live the Sons!

  49. Con C

    love the bass mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  50. ThePapaskiaro

    this is what we call a "Bad Ass Riff"

  51. Doctor Metal

    MM kicks it! Great!

  52. eddie1kanobi

    hypnotic riffs \m/


    That's far out , Man.