Monster Magnet - Mastermind Lyrics

In a world full of mud as far as you can see
No one will love your sorry ass like me
Hey baby, get in focus
I'm talking to you
Crawl into this cave so you can spit out some truth

I know your future's looking fine down at the lord's hotel

Well you pissed out the candles on your birthday cake
Come to me for the answer I'm your three-headed snake
Hey baby, need a doctor? want a teacher? need a scene?
Punk rockers love what's in the Yoo Hoo machine

You won't believe how much I care down at the lord's hotel
You gotta trust your mastermind and keep on ringing that bell

I know your future's looking fine, it's looking rosy as hell
You gotta trust your mastermind and keep on ringing that bell

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Monster Magnet Mastermind Comments
  1. AncientSlugThrower

    Am I playing Space Ace?

  2. Itis Me

    Black..thank you so much

  3. Kallemannj

    You gotta love your mastermind!

  4. Venus Meraz

    Where is the cartoon from?


    Cool world animated adult movie

  5. ecabernet

    This video gives me the strangest suggestion list. I love this song, but the suggestion list.. I think youtube thinks this is some kind of childrens video.

    Vince R

    same bro

    Eteq Development

    @Vince R yeep
    like that central idiot agency video that brought me here

  6. Eduardo

    ЗАЕБИСЬ! Very, very good ))

  7. Cody Rubey

    dig the vid, pal

  8. Kallemannj

    This is insanly good! Perfect

  9. Milo Bloom

    8 Ball - you're good. Damn good.

  10. E Zap

    lol. LOVE IT!!!

  11. Perplexia X

    A friend just told me about this song...
    I have to admit, using the parts you did from Cool World really worked well! Great Job! :-)

  12. Marcin

    She is dancing in perfect moment :)

  13. Kataritenabela sciscix

    wonderful video !

  14. Mario Live Gaming

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, this band is most underaded rock band 👿🤘👿🤘👿🤘👿🤘👿🤘

  15. doomyman

    how freaking cool is Dave?


    Extremely cool!

  16. one of a kind last of a loyal bloodline

    For those of you who don't know the name of the movie its called toon world

    Black Eight Ball

    "Cool World" dude ;-)

    one of a kind last of a loyal bloodline

    My bad lol its been a long time since i've seen it

    Black Eight Ball

    That s not important ... I'm fading too :-D

  17. Oceana Vale

    Love this Video ♥️👁️ Thanks for keeping Rock Alive

  18. Paul McLauchlin

    Better than the original version.

    Devin Svennson

    PaulthaPict the original album was pretty much bland hard rock.

  19. Stuart Jenkins

    Cool World AND MM in the same video? That's a big fucking I LIKE from me. :D

  20. Bill Swick

    These last two Monster Magnet albums have been really good. I also like how they've revisited and redone them. Kudos to you for the video as well. The cuts from Cool World sync up well with the music.

    Black Eight Ball

    Thank you. I ve been very busy for the last monthes, but if things go well I should issue new vids in the monthes to come. 😁

    Black Eight Ball

    Thank u I did my best for the sync :-) Think the vid suit well

  21. Jan O

    Great video! Made me think of Don Bluth. Is he an inspiration of yours?

    Black Eight Ball

    Thx Jan, I do my best. It has been a long time since I ve issued new vid because my actual full time job. For this vid, I just found these "cool world" scènes rearranged could perfectly match with the song ;-)

  22. paxonPL

    i know your future looking fine...

  23. necronomiclastodon

    Thanks for this.

    If you want my opinion on another good combination of Ralph Bakshi and Monster Magnet, "Wizards" and "Master of Light" would make a potent combination.

    Black Eight Ball

    Yeah thanks for the suggestion. ;-) and thanks for the comment. :-) I do my best.

  24. Hard1ified

    Awesome video! Definitely a big like from this guy.

  25. alphajames33

    Sick video, dude. Thanks for the upload.

  26. Scott Thornton

    They've really come home on this album, and I couldn't be happier.

    Black Eight Ball

    +Scott Thornton  : entirely agree with you Scott ;-)

    Devin Blevins

    +Scott Thornton 100% agree. start to finish it's so damn good his vocals are just wonderful and the band is on point start to finish. Truly masterful psychedelic sound fx as always but the sitar and shit everything is just mixed so good gahh i can't rave about it enough so I'll stop I waited until I had the proper mind bending materials to allow myself the treat of listening to this album. It was worth it.

    Black Eight Ball

    Thank you Dave XD Please that you loved that. It's just the fact that I 've been really loving MM and Dave Wyndorf  for 25 years. For my video inspiration, I just close my eyes and let my spirit roam on MM Music. For your question,  I only use youtube but I saw that some has transfered them on dailymotion. So I'm about to create a channel on Dailymotion too. If you know any other channel please let me know. Make sure that in a close future new videos will come on !!! ;)

  27. Lothar Pawelzik

    Thank you very much Jeremie! You can´t compare Monster Magnet with any other band. No one knows how to do it their way. Merci Dave!

    Black Eight Ball

    +Lothar Pawelzik One million thx Lothar. As we could say Monster Magnet " is satanic drug thing that you would not understand" XD