Monster Magnet - Gods And Punks Lyrics

When your mind goes blank in the pouring rain
And you can't get back on your feet again
Well, your girlfriend tells you the world is dead
And it just ain't working inside your head

Get along, little doggie, get on
No one else is gonna sing your song
You can fuck recovery 'cause you're already gone

I'm a stone jet-fighter with a heart of gold
Well I'm really mad and I'm really old
And I rule this planet from high above
It's time I sacrificed all my love

And if you don't like what you see
Go ahead and take it out on me
I'm the big pig apocalypse and I ain't hard to please

I'm a stone jet-fighter with a heart of gold
And I rule this planet from high above
I take what I take because I want what I want
And tonight I'm gonna rock with the gods and punks

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Monster Magnet Gods And Punks Comments
  1. legalize homicide

    Ok.. I'm holding out hope there won't be a bunch of skanky chicks in this video. Wow didn't have to watch a bunch of barely dressed women shake their ass. I'm impressed monster magnet

  2. AncientSlugThrower

    It took me a long time to realize. I'm a stoned jet figure with a heart of Gold.

  3. Matt Ryan King

    holy crap ahahaha i forgot i was in this. RIP red jacket HAHAH

  4. Brad K

    Fuck yes. Still good in 2019. Real music. And that smile around 2:08-definitely get it.

  5. 88jolar

    Ear Candy

  6. carlos881104

    This is my fucking song, I'm just a worthless peace of shit like Frankenstein's monster

  7. Dean Latusek

    Soundtrack to the end times. Video of the century.

  8. Rob Campbell

    This is Fucking Great!

  9. Stray9

    Was i the only one rooting for the bad guy?

  10. Itis Me

    Even my man knwows...

  11. one H

    I remember my gf smiling to this song like she ever knew me ... :D

  12. Alex Grin

    я тот про кого много раз говорили:"я первый раз такого вижу....." вспомните ребята.

  13. Falco F F Faraday

    I was lucky not to bang myself. Just saying.

    -Wall ace stoneman Neel stanley frakenfather. Am I missing something?

  14. FranklyBatman

    I was looking ages for this song!

  15. Stuart Jenkins

    Still hoping for this guy to turn up in Deadpool... Preferably NOT as a cameo getting killed.


    I have just one word for you Stuart: Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

    Stuart Jenkins

    EyeCandyAthlete, I mean the down on his luck Supervillain from the video.

  16. Julián Martínez

    this is the best monster magnet video, even though there are no tits in it

  17. one H

    Will write comments for food!

  18. Владимир Попов

    Просмотрел раз 10 ништяк !!!!!!

  19. Varech Band

    great and original video on a fallen super hero !!!


    I'm thinking about a career change. I think I could make a living as a super hero. I have a super human fashion sense. I could use it to fight crime.

    Régis Blanc

    @ eyecandyathlete that's a pretty good idea , RED BANK needs somebody like you to fight THE BEAST within !!!

  20. Curt J

    Love riding my Harley to this fast and reckless as hell

  21. Starspangleddude

    This is 2017 and tonight, 135 people are not gonna rock with the gods and punks.

  22. Louizu Lain

    I drew a 4-page comic based on the lyrics, and working on a short animation clip. I'll just put it here for you random stranger :)

    Heiner Schnicksler

    Louizu Lain dave wyndorf should see this :)

    Louizu Lain

    I'll eventually have to contact the band to ask for permission to use the track on the animated short, so yeah... :) maybe he will some day !

    eric stadtmiller

    Well done. Very cool!

    John Gekas

    You, my friend, truly rock! Make sure Dave n the rest of the bunch sees this


    That's a hella good comic!

  23. Peter C

    Classic ass kicking rock that makes most current so called rock look absolutely pathetic and wimpy

  24. Harrison Hunter

    Magneto is looking really bad these days.

  25. алексей гринь

    трудно быть богом

  26. MrJommins

    This video hits too close to my soul

  27. Michael Kottler

    Glad to hear that Monster Magnet is still rocking all these years later!

  28. Jaycee J.

    when you get kicked out of the sith academy for sexually harassing Ventress

  29. Aleksey Nesterov

    monsters em all.

  30. Anselm Anderson

    looks like cody rhodes took to life in japan poorly

  31. Anselm Anderson

    kick ass chorus

  32. Andrés N. Gordi


  33. kevin brown

    Play something primming u tub. Gotta do thr dishorsss-zzz. Hey! say helllo jelllo!

  34. lucky clown car hobos union

    this is the lamest video ever

  35. Tj Johnson

    just forget recovery

  36. Brians Lilcous

    get blind on cou

  37. Katherine McQuinn

    great to see you guys still going strong ya base player is good but not as god as the original he's the real deal

  38. Thomas Klehs

    love this song


    notoria influencia de Kiss (This songs is strong influenced by Kiss)

    Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall

    That's what I thougt too.

  40. ayling toby

    some brilliant trax

  41. Bence Borbás

    Looks like Mortiis cut his hair short and found Magneto's helmet. But this video is fucking AWESOME!!!

  42. Kylaro Medina

    When u set to go to a cosplay convention but you still drunk


    HAHA!!!!!!!!!!! :,D

  43. GreteStitchLaus

    awesome video!

  44. Susan Tidwell

    If your a stone jet fighter with a heart of gold then I'm the coal miners daughter worth a million hollers...

    Imgonnafuckyou withacactus

    I want what I want!
    And tonight I'm gonna rock with the God's and the punks! 😎

  45. Susan Tidwell

    If your a stone jet fighter with a heart of gold then I'm the coal miners daughter worth a million hollers...

  46. Susan Tidwell

    If your a stone jet fighter with a heart of gold then I'm the coal miners daughter worth a million hollers

  47. bobzilla9p0

    The character looks like a cross between Spawn and Magneto.

    Mark Napier

    +bobzilla9p0 - with shades of Nesfaratu if ya watch the creepy silhouette of the nose & the taloned fingers on the wall

    Chuck Jones

    +bobzilla9p0 maybe a little bit of Mr Sinister thrown in too

    Human who chose the path of the Warrior Monk

    And a little bit of jew

    Falco F F Faraday

    We dont age well...unless we do.

  48. Daniel Lugo España

    Great music to chase the white rabbit.

  49. Andreas Landgren

    Best since power trip.

  50. Gustavo Jugend

    Does anybody know who is this actor?

    Ивелина Атанасова

    +Gustavo Jugend I wanna know too.

    Ивелина Атанасова

    you sure that is his name? didn`t find anything on google and IMDB...
    I`ll watch the valley, see what`s in there

  51. Dimitris ULTRA' Bianconero

    Great Song

  52. doomyman

    I'm a stoned jet fighter with a heart of gold


    Well, I'm really mad and I'm really old.


    @jphedley We've all been there brother.


    @doomyman Ha! Me too. What are the odds?

  53. Mark Weber

    Strange, on the album the song starts at 2:03. Did Youtube shuffle something?

    Morgan Parlee

    This is the single edit. They cut out the intro part (but kept the reprise at 2:03)


    'Will destroy your world for food"

    Robert Feldmann


  55. sarkanybandi


  56. Vincent Fontana

    The clip is fucking awesome, pure Monster Magnet style, dope shit !

  57. 2012Sisyphus



    2012syphilis wtf are you talking about?

  58. levskis leskis

    was thinking MM was dead,but is better then before....

  59. levskis leskis


  60. dmaxhd1

    you guys don't like the song but you like the video? video sucks song is bad ass!

  61. Nihil Quest

    I didn't like the song that much, but that's a pretty good video.

    Wizard of Ass

    I think the song itself is ok, but the lyrics are really wicked.

  62. Paul Ricco

    Saw em 3 times in the last 4 years..they never played this song once...fuck.

    Michael John

    They played it back in 13' when I saw then in Erlangen, Germany! Rock ON!

  63. Willy P

    James Doerfling edit!

  64. Sprocket Turner

    same thing...gods and punks

  65. Lights R All On

    @ 1:15 look at the lab-mutated mouse! Truly an example of "evil" --
    The Mastermind CD is my absolute favorite of all time.
    Love you Dave Wyndorf!

  66. Adversaryan

    The return of Lord Wyndorf is Triumphant!!!!!!!  \m/

  67. Charles Bronson666

    Now thats pure rock \m/

  68. bloodycrow1984

    this is my worst nightmare in video, all of my life i have the fear, to end like this. and its a fucking jocking video and the song its good.

  69. jim bradley

    Dave Wyndorf is one of the last true rock n rollers alive!!!And i feel so sad when i look around me and all i see is ''sissy'' feminized musicians, that are afraid to live with the rock n roll lifestyle.I wonder when this is going to end,and when we are going to return back to the glory days of rock!!!

    brenda kitty

    So true - looking at this post from 4 years ago, it's more true and relevant now than when it was made.

  70. Семен Кустовец

    "магнеты" тянут мазу практически за всю канадскую рок-культуру,слушал "вживую"-достойно! 

  71. IronheadOfScroteus

    Only a fool forges a weapon that can harm its maker.

    Feroniki F

    every single weapon that was created by man (firearms,bombs) can harm its least i havent met anyone bombproof


    @Feroniki F Yes and that's the point: we humans are a bunch of fools.


    Chuck Norris?

  72. Raingar Trizen

    the villans costume reminded me of spawn good work

  73. José Antonio Cázares

    Magnocho, a fusion of pinocho & magneto

  74. José Antonio Cázares

    Magneto Jr but horrible

  75. Inna Leonoff

    great video!

  76. Music lover

    Amazing band.

    Naois Bonar

    Fuck off, I know full well what makes a band good so don't get all sarcastic like a Lil bitch. Also if you were a musician yourself, which I highly doubt, you'd understand why I don't think this band is the best. Now please kindly go fuck yourself.


    @Naois Bonar I must have a shitty taste of music then because I find MM amazing aswell. But let's agree that I don't a flying fuck about your oppinion and you don't give even one shit about mine.


    @Naois Bonar I must have a shitty taste of music then because I find MM amazing aswell. But let's agree that I don't a flying fuck about your oppinion and you don't give even one shit about mine.


    so i assume your band is very successful and people know your songs from all over the world

    Kryp tonian

    since when does a song have to be a "big song" to be amazing? This mindset is why real artists struggle. Its a cancer really

  77. Cletus Van Dammett

    Fucking love this song.

  78. Michał Lepiejza

    What a sad story ;_; It made me cry harder than "The Lion King"

  79. Sean Anomie

    I think it's based on LOTS of true stories...

  80. Wampaa

    Is this based on a true story?

  81. Koadster

    How is this even bad?

  82. Moon Hallow

    this is so bad its awesome

  83. Geofficus Mazalin

    Jimi Hendrix said..."you can't love something unless you can give it away" I feel the same, but patience is prudent when we're looking to others to feed us!

  84. Geoffrey Mazalin

    ...*sniff...brings a tear to my eye! All my friends that can't appreciate the genius of Wyndorf's construct can all go to HELL ...long live MM and their infinite simplicity

  85. RockingRedLips


  86. asssface2000

    best band ever

  87. Line of Sight

    One time at a show in N.J. Before the show, I was standing right next to him, I didn'e even know who he was , he disappeared a moment later, then this HUGE voice came out of this small man that walked up on stage. I Couldn't believe it! Love the Monster!

  88. Sebastian Di

    i hate kids too.

  89. David Stoneinski

    i hate kids

  90. sludger79

    Big Trip!

  91. TheEschwank02

    love the early 90's video style.

  92. AEVIN

    Μόνο ένας!? χαχαχα

  93. das11270110

    Yes he does

  94. Hoower Gontijo

    Mr. Wyndorf still rules!

  95. Spunky McGoo

    this is sufficiently cheesy. i'd give it 7085 out of 9467 pickled herrings

  96. Sittingbullms

    Guitarist170 kai 2 ;)

  97. Guitarist170

    Παντού υπάρχει και ένας Έλληνας!