Monster Magnet - 2000 Light Years From Home Lyrics

Sun turnin' 'round with graceful motion
We're setting off with soft explosion
Bound for a star with fiery oceans
It's so very lonely, you're a hundred light years from home

Freezing red deserts turn to dark
Energy here in every part
It's so very lonely, you're six hundred light years from home

It's so very lonely, you're a thousand light years from home
It's so very lonely, you're a thousand light years from home

Bell flight fourteen you now can land
See you on Aldebaran, safe on the green desert sand
It's so very lonely, you're two thousand light years from home
It's so very lonely, you're two thousand light years from home

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Monster Magnet 2000 Light Years From Home Comments
  1. halfpipefreak

    Holy shit i never knew monster magnet actually covered one of my favorite rolling stones tracks !

  2. Lorna Cornp

    Very, very good. Still, it's J. Hendrix interp. of .......Watchtower.....and The Clash I Fought the Law. plus Hendrix Hey Joe check it out. It's totally diff. from the The Leaves version!

  3. Bas Handels

    I imagine Mick Jagger listening to this and thinking "why didn't we think of this..."

  4. unkleskratch

    better (much better) than the

  5. John McCormick

    For my Uncle David... R.I.P. ❤

  6. satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas

    dave is my lemmy

  7. Michael Brumbach


  8. terry cahoe

    I always liked Monster Magnet ,now I think they are one of the best rock bands great cover of the Stones!

  9. casey nevell

    One of the best xxxxcasey

  10. Manfred Müller

    Besser als das Orginal. .☺

  11. Cryptameria

    always a classic

  12. Cecilia Ciaschi

    Very very beautiful voice you have!!!Congratulations, Cecilia Ciaschi from Florence

  13. Stella Lush

    Great band, l love the Stones and this is a smokin cover, that guitar trip, so simple and drives the whole song... Cool as fuck, but other than the guitar and vocals, it's 'exactly' the same as the original version, it sounds like they just sampled the whole thing, I would have liked to hear them do it their way.... If they really did play everything on this, and didn't sample a thing.... Damn, they nailed it..!

  14. Mark Napier

    While 4-Way Diablo isn't considered one of their best albums, it certainly had some kickass tracks on it. This being one of the best of those...nice job with the upload

  15. sergio gabriel

    zafa !!!!

  16. Syd bysyd

    This is a brilliant cover!

  17. חנית ג'אגר

    חולה על הסטונס להיט נדיר שלהם

  18. Michel

    This Song is so dope.

  19. William Palladino

    Love the Stones ... WORSHIP Monster Magnet. Awesome cover.

  20. john muzio

    they stayed true to form

  21. sbilts

    A great cover of a great tune......


    My Science Officer says that this is His theme song.

    Stannis Baratheon

    You have science officers where you come from?

  23. Rick Trussell

    Mic and the boys are very proud

  24. PaulLonden


  25. 51ANARCHY

    That's one BAD ASS JAM right there!!

  26. doomyman

    best cover of all times

    The Original Gamer

    Best covers of all time. Monster Magnet just knows how to cover a song.

  27. Peter Moes

    Great cover!

  28. günter marte

    mega version

  29. Travis Poole

    I'm a big fan of both. Funny enough I didn't know about the RS version (original) This Monster Magnet version does the original true justice. True Flattery to the Rolling Stones! But then again, thats the mastermind of Dave Wyndorf.....


    nobody knew the original. not even jagger.

  30. RDL Wolff

    good, but is better the Stone version

  31. Albert Neumann

    cool version,liked the bass,drums & Distortion you even kept the organ,awesome Video but the 2 minutes of darkness at the end was a bit too much.

  32. 1968sugarmama


  33. TedMacknight

    Love the original but I like this too!

  34. zatoth13

    i think you could get stoned just listening to dave wyndorf talk. love this version!

    Phil Yeary

    zatoth13 already thete, bro

  35. Stanton Kree

    @doggydaddydoo It's My Humble Opinion *sorry*

  36. paisleybabee

    @DoctorIvanSFN great!..except for the "Aldebaran" part XD

  37. Stanton Kree

    cover is better than original!!! awesome space music!!

  38. DoctorIvanSFN

    Great cover! Wyndorf has done this one justice.

  39. Scott Brown

    for fucking real

  40. superzapper

    Most under rated band in history along with the Flat Duo Jets and TAD

  41. CreativelyTheWorst

    Fuckin' A. Great cover of a great tune.

  42. blink4life44

    This was the only thing the Stones did that was worth listening to. (And I grew up in the 60's)! This is a great version...I need a joint now!

  43. Virag Beri

    great video!

  44. Libertine62

    Great track off the new album. You did a great job with the video also. Thanks for u/l'ing it. 8)