Monkees, The - Snowfall Lyrics

Drift down

'Neath my

Covering trees
Misty lights
Velvet breeze
'Round my doorstep

Covering trees
Misty lights
Velvet breeze
'Round my doorstep


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Monkees, The Snowfall Comments
  1. deep purple fan

    Just Perfect

  2. nealbfinn

    It was the theme music for Claude Thornhill's band during the "Swing" era. Hadn't heard this before and never thought I'de say it but it's not bad. Background arrangement is a little heavy but the vocal harmonies sound really good.

  3. APStephens

    reminds me of that "Blue Shadows" song from Three Amigos. both are great :)

  4. Linda Vayo

    Great as always 💖💖💖💖

  5. Emachine789

    Awesome. Great tune. Love it.

  6. Karen Britell

    Sounds like something my cousin Dave Stamey will sing! Look him up in YouTube!

  7. Jennifer Lytle

    Love to you sing Mike! ❤️☮️🌻🎄

  8. alan fox

    davy and michael were the best singers in the band.

  9. Abigale Buss

    I have heard artists over the years ruin this song, I"m glad that Michael wasn't on that list. That was wonderful!

  10. D.A. Elliott Jr.

    They should have put out a Christmas album 50 years ago but I guess half a century is better late than never.

  11. M. M.

    In case anyone is interested, here is the Claude Thornhill original. I think he'd be very proud of this version though.

  12. P Durano

    The best new to me Christmas song in a long time. Once again great job Monkees. Hope to get the LP for Christmas from Santa of coarse Hint Hint....


    Did Santa bring you the LP?

  13. Janet Barnett

    I love the sound of Mike's voice. It's like velvet!

  14. Bob Spector

    Sounds great, Jonathan!

  15. Pete Zolli

    This is very nice. And it's a nice setting for Nez; it has a kind of ...tropical campfires... vibe. How strange that this video has downvotes; I wonder why. People are strange.

  16. GingerGilligan


  17. Susan Holloway

    Beautiful version! Bravo, Jonathan! Michael sounds wonderful too. Since Jonathan Nesmith produced, arranged, mixed and performed with Michael Nesmith on lead vocal it’s strange this is credited to someone else.

    Jonathan Nesmith

    Yes. That is strange.

    Jonathan Nesmith

    And STILL not as strange as misspelling my name.

    Susan Holloway

    Maybe the h is a Christmas present ;0)

    Jonathan Nesmith

    I'll take it. Anything for The Monkhees.

    The Boss Of Pro Wrestling

    Jonathan Nesmith the one thing about this album that disappoints me is that the Monkees did not sing back up for each other. Do you know why they chose to go this route?

  18. hadlockjudith

    Oh my!! How different and beautiful!! New and classic at the same time!!

  19. Daniel Burkett

    Sounds like another great Christmas song to me. I GOTTA get this album!

  20. Justus Christian

    New Christmas Classic.

    Charles LaPat

    Not new by a long shot! This is a song from 1941 that Mike covered for the album.

    Justus Christian

    @Charles LaPat I am aware. I have the Doris Day version. I should have said, this will be a New Christmas Classic for the Monkees.

    Mark Bignell

    @Charles LaPat The original, instrumental version from '41:


    The Manhattan Transfer did an amazing version of this song as well on their Christmas album.

  21. Apple Arts

    Love it ! Nice harmonies Nesmith's

  22. Mary Jean Lelek

    I keep listening to this. Makes me wish for a First National Band Christmas Album.

    M. M.

    Yeah, Mike is doing his best work NOW

  23. Mary Jean Lelek

    Love it!