Monica - Why Her? Lyrics

[Monica: ab-libbing]

[Verse 1:]
My last tear just fell from my eyes
Told myself that I wasn't going to cry no more
(you did what you did, it is what it is) and that's why I walked out the door.
Moved on with my life, but not really
Spent too much time wondering how could you
(you do this to us while we we're in love) I guess I was thinking too much

I was thinking that the sex had you locked
You never could get enough cause I kept it hot
I listen to you tell me your dreams
And your fears
I wiped your tears
I was there and this is why this is hurting me

Why her? Why her?
Did I get on your nerves?
Did I give you too much that you couldn't handle my love?
Why her? Why her?
Tell me what she was worth it, to make you put her first and deceive me.
You wanna come back but I gotta know (why her?)
I thought she was all that? Then why you at my door?
(Now look at you, look at us, what's all this for?
Hope you got the answers to my questions)
Why her?

[Verse 2:]
This going to be the last time we say goodbye
Ain't going to be no reruns of this episode
(you did what you did, it is what it is) Maybe if you would of told me
You weren't happy, you weren't satisfied
We could of worked it out
Maybe we could of tried
(but you didn't say nothing) All of alone fakin' it in front of me. Why?

I was thinking that the sex had you locked
You never could get enough but you know I kept it hot
I listen to you tell me your dreams
And your fears
I wiped your tears
I was there and it hurts me

Why her? Why her?
Did I get on your nerves?
Did I give you too much that you couldn't handle my love?
Why her? Why her?
Tell me what she was worth it, to make you put her first and deceive me.
You wanna come back but I gotta know (why her?)
I thought she was all that? Then why you at my door?
(Now look at you, look at us, what's all this for?
Hope you got the answers to my questions)
Why her?

[Monica: talking while ab-libbing in the background]

Now ladies, you all know I speak from experience right?
I used to look at him and wonder why.
Why her?
You know what I'm saying?
But ladies, I learn not to worry about them living a happily ever after
Because that shit just build on a lie
So it's sure to fall
That's why I stand tall (baby, baby, baby)
I just looked at him and said this right here

Why her? Why her?
Did I get on your nerves?
Did I give you too much that you couldn't handle my love?
Why her? Why her?
Tell me what she was worth, to make you put her first and deceive me.
The grass looks greener on the other side
But I promise you'll be back tonight
Now look at you, look at us, whats all this for, hope you got the answer to my questions
Why her?

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Monica Why Her? Comments
  1. Jennifer Ortiz

    Never again will I wonder why her 🙌

  2. HeyItsJazmyne

    listening in 2020

  3. Erika Fuller

    Realized my worth... It wasn’t about her, it was all about me...

  4. Celes Lynch

    Why her okay talk that shit to me

  5. rolexshunrn2

    This was me 2 years I heard this song play on the radio one day and just had to pull over and listen. Her words spoke life in my heart cause I just couldn't believe it. But now I understand the whole concept of this thing called life

  6. Dominic Smith


  7. Bertram Williams


  8. Robin Dixon


  9. Kourtney Adair

    I can still cry to this song to a heartbreak i been over yearss ago i remember how it felt !

  10. Brandy Cobb

    I lv some me g

  11. gacha miracle

    2019 & Still 🔥❤️💯


    Here in September 2019, should have let go 10 years ago!!!!!!

    queen Miya

    I AM RADIANT— I feel the same way. Man, this can’t be my life


    queen Miya I know the feeling 😩😭😞😒😣☹️

  13. karen clark

    This Chick is bad as Hell is sing this song Why He

  14. Babe D


  15. Deureka George

    14 years later I'm DONE

  16. James H. Davis T. Third

    What's the mute for?, Me and you too?

  17. Lashaun Jones


  18. James H. Davis T. Third

    Blowing raindrop's time?

  19. James H. Davis T. Third

    Why it?

  20. ember michelle

    Monica deserves more credit. She is a great singer.

  21. Ursula Peden

    Love me summ Monica yesss

  22. Sabrina Walker

    🎵🎵 SING UR SONG MONICA !! 🎶🎶

  23. Eer-ca j

    I Love Him In 2019 `19

  24. Bee Proverbs

    No b.s. a 28 year old asian guy named Wa Her.. Made me remember this song! 😂😂😂😂😂😂💯

  25. James H. Davis T. Third

    Yo' music, good music, Monica!

  26. James H. Davis T. Third

    Yo' music, good music, Monica!

  27. Larry Kelly

    My baby Jewel Hughes love this song oh I'm Larry Kelly out of Waco Tx

  28. Andrea Purdie

    This song will never get old 🙌🏾❤️

  29. Andrea Purdie

    I love her so much my fav Monica ❤️

  30. Bambi J

    True song but it's ok women cus we always BOUNCE BACK!!!!

  31. Earl Flowers

    Thanks Goddess Monica.

  32. Quentin Gurley

    Men can relate to this to we get cheated on just as much as women

  33. Latisha Graham

    Why her? That really hurt I thought we were better than that but I guess not. You got her involved in our marriage 15yrs. She was worth being around your family, in our home, around our dogs, in our car, and most worst of all your face and dick in her..THAT HURTS... and on top of this I never done anything to any of yall. This broke me. I CANT BOUNCE BACK THIS PAIN RUNS DEEP.
    I am your wife, I was put out of our home. Lost my job, went to jail over a lie, lost my car lost everything. I found me now i could not understand for a long time why? Now Im not trying to figure it out. I headed to divorce court. THIS IS NOT WORTH MY SANITY. I GOTTA GO. KEEP HER #whyher(LindaDeniseMcgill#10/30)

    charlee lewis

    Latisha Graham 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Latisha Graham

    @charlee lewis thnks charlee but im okay now

  34. domonique carolina

    You wanna come back but I gotta know

  35. The P

    Why her?? I thought this so many times. Thought everything was good. Was hurt at first but used that pain to get in the gym and get my sexy back. Truth was i let myself go. Stopped caring about myself and was SO focused on keeping him. All the while letting myself go. So him dropping me was the best thing. He dropped me and i dropped 20 pounds , got my sexy back, started taking care if myself, got a better looking guy, all with a new found confidence and knowing ive got to take care of me first.

    charlee lewis

    The P 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  36. Keda Potey

    June 2019...I do remember 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Martell Holloway

    Why her No why me. The beating the hospital all from him and i was his Bonnie 10 years and 3 kids later his wife, his prayer warrior, his faithful queen that loved unconditionally and for what to be in a wheel chair NO Hell No!

  38. Nah'Shadeen D Collins

    I love this song omgggggg

  39. Latonya Barnett

    This songs makes me stop being emotional my sons father walked out on me 6 months pregnant once we found out that our son will live with some type of retardation , second baby daddy an 3rd child , it hurts me so much cause I thought of him being so much better than he shows . But nothing lasts forever .

  40. Marceisia Winder

    Im still listening to this jn 2019... i had a baby by a guy but it was only supposed to be a 1 night stand and it turned into a family and im having the hardest time with him and other girls .. at first we were so happy and then one day everything turned sour. If he only knew how much love i have for him... this hurts so bad

    Marceisia Winder

    Why them????

  41. Marrissa Clark

    Who still listen to this in 2019👀👀

  42. Sean Jenkins

    This and Side line Hoe taught me so much about how to deal wit these niggas

  43. Jaha Black

    2019 🔥🔥

  44. Krystal Henry

    My girl since day 1! "Just One of them days"! Still banging Monica in 2019! ❤ Her & she is so under freaking rated!

  45. Tammy McPherson

    Still bumping Monica in #2019.... I love love love her music.... #alabamababy

    Trina Samuel

    Tammy McPherson Yassssssssss

  46. Samantha Gentry

    2019 and now I really understand this song I was too young at first.

  47. veronica rudolph

    I love this song !!!!

  48. ThePrettyPlug

    Still in my feelings in 2019 lol

  49. remy ma

    I don't think the men that go that route even know WHY? themselves but surely one day ANYTHING built on lies will fall and the comfort in ending is knowing he will miss you when ur TRULY gone and one man's trash is a BETTER man's treasure!

  50. Dreama McDaniel

    This whole CD got me through a very bad breakup back in 2006. I'm still bumping it 13yrs later in 2019. I promise this song was my life, almost like she was right there with me and put it in a song. #MYSHIT #HERBESTCDYET

  51. _Only1QUi

    Love this song so much 2019 still my favorite ❤️

  52. Jonita Burks

    I did everything I could for my baby daddy and I stand right there by his side even thow he did me wrong I was still there this song is telling me I should move on priod and that's wat I'm gone move on it's more fish in the sea it's gone be a guy that appreciate wat I do for him and love me all this song 💔 is saying is leva him b that's my best best priod we don't need them they need us facts

  53. Fear My truth

    Maybe if you woulda told me you weren't happy,
    You weren't satisfied
    We could've worked it out
    Maybe we could've tried
    (But you didn't say nothing)
    All along fake'n n front"n, whyyyy???

  54. kay love

    Still asking same question 😞

  55. Ebony Jackson

    Its shouldnt have been why should've been why him lol

  56. Queen Alika

    Thank god I got over my ex...fuck boah....I gotta new man who loves EVERYTHING about me

  57. Queen Alika

    Monica is a healer for all the woman who hearts been broken

  58. Leslie Marshall

    Sucks to feel this way. I pray every person on here is feeling better and know that we will and can do better! They taught us hurtful but valuable lessons.

  59. kadijah edwards

    It’s 2019 & I’m pregnant and this song is getting me through everything ,He cheated and I just can’t do it no more .

  60. Megen Underwood

    Go Monica

  61. Jessica Simmons

    I felt this song with everything in me , sad thing is everything she said is so true love will have you lost looking crazy .. a broken heart is worser than a sore wound I swear worse pain I ever felt .. 💔

  62. Barbie Lulu

    February 2019& i was here😢😓😭

  63. Raickiel Allen

    Five years 2017 Hurricane Harvey i was left for dead and took for a joke i was cheated on the whole five years lost a baby to the fact that we weren't together he assulted me and broke in my apartment to do this 1/1/18 my life changed totally forever after all of this he got three babies all in one year on me had a son with me the first child his first child 33 without a clue and walked out on us everything we had and myself I nearly lost my mind its more He's facing 20years he's damn near putta there and im expecting twins along with engagement and a new house new start new way of life just know Im Alive Well and Free JESUS IS REAL CHEATERS GET CAUGHT

  64. Gd Folks

    My husband had a baby on me with a 19 teen year old and still til this day I still hurt

  65. Dewanna Patterson

    It is what it is this still my song!!!

  66. Melinda Tyson

    After 10 years, I cheated on my girlfriend and she played this for me everyday after that, until she just finally left me. And I miss her sooo much but I am moving on. But fellas don't do it.

  67. Tanaya Green

    Idk but as women we always want know why her? But then in time we learned the answer or the reason hold no vaule.

  68. Soncherae Knox

    This song got me through some of the darkest moment's of my life and I had to learn that men only do what we as women allow them to do to us spread your wing's

    charlee lewis

    Soncherae Knox 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  69. Marva Davidson

    Eric why her

  70. Frederick Boyd

    Everything men does have purpose. Tho misunderstood by many, all a brother really want is that real love. Once heard players don't fall in love but after aging quite well, I can tell you that's all act and show!!! To all you women, he won't respect you nor won't you be that one in his life until he see a woman; the woman he know he needs!!!! Discipline that boy and eventually you'll have the man u see in him. Coming from a real man. Didn't really know this until after hurting so many. Now I understand

  71. Domanatica Miller

    This song touch my heart and it will all way will 😍💗💙😗😘💚💯

  72. fanta Smith

    Why her

  73. Erika Fulton

    I love me some monica shes an idle to me...💜❤💚💛💙

  74. Mariela Garcia

    Lady shiest was here 💁💃

  75. Shezi Katonto

    Gosh this song gat m thinking abt my ex...damn him I hate him....why her😭😭😭

  76. Jessica Bumpers

    Come On Monica!!!! #LEGEND

  77. Keinna Ayesha

    I hope you got the answer to my question.

  78. Keinna Ayesha

    This song is everything because she’s speaking big facts 💯

  79. Denise Carter

    i was listen to this song an i fellt good a town here i come
    call hidee (816) 673-8677

  80. Jordann Songz

    Thought she was all that then why you at my door!? 🤔

  81. Jordann Songz

    You did what you did it is what it is!!!

  82. Laquita Hill

    Truly a healing song💖

  83. Arlene Salmon

    I use to look at him and think why her now am thinking what the fuck I was thinking no more fucking crying glad am done and over him

  84. Candace Burtin


  85. Kenyatta Courtney

    Still listening ❤️

  86. Donneshas Worldd

    Can't sleep, my husband just admitted he cheated on me again. Like literally two hours ago he went and cheated. Blamed it on me. Maybe I should ve just did what he asked. Am I dumb for feeling like it's my fault?

  87. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

    Monica, Alicia Key's, Sunshine Anderson, Mary J Blige, Syleena Johnson and K Michelle. I just wanna say I look up and respect female artists like y'all because y'all sing,make, create songs to embrace and to empower women so much which I love and respect. Black women are so strong which I love so much we fight so hard for justice and respect.💯💯👊👊👊✊✊

  88. Lilany Togisala

    I love this song because she kept it so so so real i know its got to be something shes been through

  89. Bre Battle

    I used to think “why her”, but now I found REAL TRUE LOVE and I’m thankful for the amazing wonderful loving man and husband ♥️be patient you all will find love again, REAL TRUE LOVE.

  90. Zemari McCray

    She made me feel strong with this song thank you Soo much Monica

  91. Monika Gilcrest


  92. Aaron Barnaby

    This album came out when I was 11, most 11 year old white boys were listening to punk rock bands or top 40, but I layed in my room all day bumping this album & JoJo's 'The High Road', pretending like I could relate to the lyrics lmao. I was actually mad at the mf in this song, i felt that shit lol

  93. Denisha Mcclean

    Why her ?

  94. Ambitious Queen

    I can so relate to this song, A lot of men cheat on good women who will love them unconditionally! Love hurts more than anything . Loyalty means everything!!

  95. La'tesha Harris

    Ladies UK I speak from experience, that's why I stand tall #FAVORITE HIT STILL TO THIS DAY

  96. Honey Carmel

    2k18 ?☺️🤩

  97. Lea Woods

    I played this song over , and over again when my child's father walked out on me when I was 9 months pregnant.... I had so much anger, and hate in me. He walked out I went in labor two days later... This is one of the songs that got me threw kept me from doing anything reckless... Songs become an emotional way out for ppl.. I'm glad I could cry, and sing my eyes out it was raining on me , but then the sun came out... it was truly bright after that storm...

    Sabrina Walker

    🙌🏾🙌🏾 GLAD U MADE IT THRU SIS ! 💪🏿💪🏿

    Bambi J

    I swear I feel ya ma'am and trust me u ain't the only one but we strong women always BOUNCE BACK

    Bee Proverbs

    What a testimony!!!!! God KNOWS what we need & DON'T need in our life sis!!!! He protects us from things we have NO clue about! Isaiah 43:2 😘🙏💝💯

    Erika Alexander

    Lea Woods Going thru the same thing now 😢

    Laneisha Francis

    Guys can be so heartless