Monica - Skate Lyrics

Everybody skate to the music, put your hands in the air
Don't stop 'til it grooves ya, and you feel it everywhere
Just skate to the music 'til you feel it going on
Don't stop 'til ya lose it baby
Everybody skate

[Verse 1:]
It's Sunday night, and we're about to have a ball
The place is packed, been thinkin' bout it all day long
People are jammin' and waiting for their favorite song
With everyone in a world of their own

Can't wait to get up on the floor
And bounce around to the sounds
Don't just sit up on the wall
Get down, baby get down


[Verse 2:]
The beat is bumpin', the lights are movin' to the groove
All in the light, we roll until the night is through
Only a minute, before it puts you in the mood
And from there, it's all up to you

Can't wait to get up on the floor
And bounce around to the sounds
Don't just sit up on the wall
Get down, baby get down

[Chorus till fade]

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Monica Skate Comments
  1. Ms. Rawkii Joy

    Bounce. Rock. Skate. I need to move where they have skating rinks.

  2. Zéguinho Music

    delicia de som , sem duvidas essa foi a melhor época da black music , anos 90 forever baby

  3. 1xBeautiful Woman

    This is my jam of the day my jump start

  4. Last Kryptonian

    click like if thes song makes you wanna go skatin

  5. Brandon Oats

    I was listening to this song while watching the skating scenes from the ATL movie. #lit

  6. Junior Robinson

    Monica my sister She dated white boy got knocked up he walked outta her life cause of her color his parents was rich dad was judge from Macon ga I wonder where he is he was cool for y'all didn't know

    Angel Johnson

    Junior Robinson you lying monica didnt date no white boy lying devil

    Derrion Brumfield

    Monica is your sister? And who am i? Bill Gates?

  7. HERU Apocalypse

    I was in College during This Time.I use to Boogaloo My Black Ass off on some Skates.

  8. Mahoe Edwards

    Everyone skate 2 the music

  9. April Knox

    Every Tuesday night was LADIES NITE...awe the memories!

    Angel Johnson

    April Knox oh ok what year?

  10. Isaiah Beckford

    I Love Monica - Skate!

  11. MrEnigma7598

    RIP Rodney. one of your faves by your lil cousin Monica

    Angel Johnson

    MrEnigma7598 im sorry to hear that

  12. Anthony Yellock

    Priceless song. Took me back to my high school years

  13. Kade Sutherland

    Epic Song

    Angel Johnson

    Kade Sutherland oh ok

  14. Ink Pen

    T-boz is singing background

    Angel Johnson

    rdbarne really?


    @Angel Johnson Yes indeed. Credited in TLC's "Crazy Sexy Cool" CD as background vocals

    Angel Johnson

    rdbarne oh ok

    Irving Smith

    Genuine albums

    Lateshia Childs

    No I have the CD its Debra killings

  15. Raymon Anderson

    Love Me Some Miss Thang Monica!!!!!!!

  16. Dr. Jé

    Good Vibes.

  17. Aminah Muhammad