Monica - Sideline Ho Lyrics

Ho, Ho, Sideline Ho, Youse a ho, youse a ho, sideline ho

[Verse 1:]
When you called his phone, did he pick it up?
No, 'cause we was making love.
Did you meet his moms, have you met his kids? No, oh, did you know my kid was his?
No, oh.

Get your shit together you're making a fool of yourself,
it don't matter if he spends the night, his home is somewhere else
Ain't you tired of being on the side line, tired of getting yours after I get mine baby?
second place don't get a prize when you gone realize
you're wasting your time baby
Ain't you're tired of him getting, hitting real quick, then rolling and
Ain't you're tired of when you need a little change and he lies about what he holding?
Ain't you're tired of spending all the holidays alone, tired of being his little sideline ho?

Do he take you out, do he foot your bills, no oh, 'cause I know what his balance is
have you been to his church,
do he ask you to pray, no oh 'cause Sunday's Family day


[Bridge x2:]
Do you got benefits, no, credit cards, no, house keys, no, then youse a sideline ho,
do you get pillow talk, no, held at night, no,
if you don't make his breakfast then youse a sideline ho


Youse a ho, Youse a ho, sideline ho

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Monica Sideline Ho Comments
  1. Edward Wilson

    year 2020 still a side line ho how you ain't move up yet

  2. Tria Moore

    Singing proudly about getting all the perks of being with a disloyal cheater 😂🤣so those perks and access to everything Holidays and etc make you feel better about him fucking someone else 🤔😆that’s interesting

  3. Alexia Sorrell

    Nice song but I better be the only or it nothing

  4. DeKeira Jones

    I like this song but it is also very pathetic on both ends I'm sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  5. Perchtynne Legister

    Let's put it like this their both sideline hoes because the man going back and forth with the both of them periodtt.

  6. Thelastfart

    Wowwwww this a throwback lmao i forgot this used to be my shit

  7. lovely Sparkle

    Is she sick of her man cheating on her ass tho lol.....🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂

  8. Asia R

    It's all fun and games until I catch up with u baby girl it's sad cause you know we're together and yet you in his box no baby girl he ain't going nowhere

  9. Chantel Adams

    Still here ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Crystol Bracey

    He a hoe too tho’ 😂

  11. Breanna Simmons

    November 23 2019 💜🎵🏵️

  12. Licia Lee

    2nd place don’t get a Prize Stop Wasting Your time.😭 Sideline hoes🗣

  13. Nadz B

    I was that side line I got my act together and saw my worth...Just being honest!

  14. Darrylhoops5-Brawl stars

    so monica /monica baby am i right about it (Smee)O!!! no Not in this track no comment!!!!

  15. Charles Hickman

    I thought this song was funny when I was young. Now that I am older this song has real meaning and a message.

  16. REAL One

    Have you been to church does he ask you to pray ..noo cause Sundays are family days

  17. Quelia Britton

    Monica yeees say that deeeen 2019 🅿️🥰

  18. ttmoore20

    ⭐️November 5 2019 ⭐️

  19. Bambi J

    Aww baby MONICA really finna bring her "A GAME" even stronger since she done got THAT DIVORCE". who ready for the NEW ALBUM!!!!

  20. Sunshine Bethereason

    I played this for my friends that are hoe’s... well if the shoe fit 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Jaliscia Walden


  22. Angela Gay

    We 💘 our men mentally and physically and spiritually

  23. Louise Faltz


  24. Itss Beautty Again

    The 456 ppl that dont like this song are the sideline hoes..

  25. mya c. rivers

    i had totally forgotten about this song until Vee made a video 😂💀

  26. Salems Lott

    This song is pathetic and sad if he cheats he's worthless .

  27. ms red832

    Some of these female's be want'n to be a nigga side peice no respect tell it Monica 2019

  28. James H. Davis T. Third

    Azjillion's vs. Multi-Azjillion's?

  29. James H. Davis T. Third

    A Tuesday check?

  30. James H. Davis T. Third

    Religious vs. It's opposite?

  31. Yessi Fenton

    Lol...nice!! 😘 she calls you her Ho!! Not my words..but uhmm...thanks..

  32. Hailey Good

    I am tired.. and I haven't even done anything



  34. g swan

    There are main chicks not getting all that.

  35. Juugy Fool

    My Fiance Favorite Song 🤩😂

  36. Jennifer Montes

    I love this song!! Points out how pathetic it is to mess around with someone else's spouse. Just sad! Move on and find your own.

  37. Jakira Killiebrew

    It's sad af women think being a SIDELINE is kute or wea it's at these days. I WILL NEVA PLAY SIDELINE TOO NO MAN!!!

  38. bigbaby1454


  39. MsUntouchable 42

    Shhhiiddd them Sidelines make they breakfast

  40. Nikisha Mitchell

    These hoes made second place feel like they got the number one spot. Not cute sideline hoes.

  41. Niyasia Lesure

    Bitches Love Being Sideline Hos 😭😭

  42. S Harrison

    never argue with woman about your man...if a man want to cheat if its not her it will be someone else....

  43. Chyna Ferguson

    This song stepped on a lot of people toes. Including me once upon of time.

  44. Edwin Green

    Making of me use to be on repeat all day in 06

  45. That’s So Nae

    If you came here follow me on Instagram oohmissy.liin

  46. ClassyGirlBree

    2019 HERE‼️ Monica we this in our generation

  47. Lady QUEEN Starz05

    2019 💜💜💜

  48. Ta'Niyah Campbell

    I love this song

  49. Kødak Black

    This song decaded to the sideline hoes in these comments 😂😂💀 y'all haves to do better 🤦‍♀🚮😂

  50. Cindy Mayorga


  51. Sandi Jones

    This song will never get old.. sideline Hoes are Passing this on the next generation of sideline


    That's Rachel hoe

  53. Consentida blueford

    Nope , A hoe doesn’t worry., aren’t you tired of him cheating on you No Monica

  54. Carman Wilkins

    I love Monica but this song is crazy. The main one is more stupid than the sideline ho because she stick around knowing that he got hoes. She the one that should be tired.

  55. C Bunny

    Still my shit

  56. Blessed One

    I was never a sideline hoe.





  59. Shymireria Snead

    I confuse then a bitch


    nooooo noooo noooo

  61. Alex Jones

    Real shit carma bitch I love MOE😂😂😂😂

  62. tiffany yarbrough

    This females are stupid to be number 2 knowly is so sad. I'm married uno always sidehoes get what they got coming nothing out a real man. Same for a married man god see's All.

  63. Ragine Brown

    Still bumping in 2019 ❤️❤️

  64. Rainbow Lifestyle

    Main goal is assertive where both wins...Self Love and Self Respect for each side

  65. Rainbow Lifestyle

    True song. You cant say you the main with no benefits, no marriage license, no credits house keys...

  66. shamira thomas

    This is my Song

  67. Angela Kidd

    So I guess we going to ignore the lyrics 🤷🏽‍♀️

    MsUntouchable 42

    Angela Kidd I wonder was she singin about her husband

    sharell Tucker

    ok so im not the only to see dat damn near all the words are spelled wrong

  68. OhSheila

    Get your shit together you’re making a fool of yourself

  69. Famous Karisma

    Crazy how I’m just finding out about this song 🤦🏽‍♀️❤️

    Chloe Lincoln

    it def is where the hell u been? lol

  70. Jade Carter

    So basically she knows her man is cheating and she’s trying to make the woman feel bad honey u losing too

  71. Kødak Black

    It's a lot of sidelines hoes in these comments 😂😂 But that's none of my business 😂😂🐸☕💀

    kisha Walker


    Stellana McBride

    Kødak Black dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but yep 👍

    Travis N amanda Holley

    2019 and still ♡ this song

    jennifer gares


  72. Kathrine Collins-Williams

    Love this song

  73. Lavonna jones

    This my shit 😜😜😜😜😜

  74. Nakeia Jones

    Yes 2019 me PLEASE 😘😍😘😍

  75. Delroy Peterkin

    Delroy betta tell ha now before it's to late

  76. Sieara Foster

    2019??? 💅😍 these chics of today think its cute messing with someone else's man!!

    Lil momma Baston

    But it's also the dude putting out his hand to another chick

    Cat T

    They wann be a star on first 48 too?

    Nikki Harkins

    It’s 2019 no ones faithful.. if ur man says he’s single how she supposed to know.. listen to bad azz Becky lol she speaks facts

    Latashia Bowles Bell

    Crazy behavior if a mf got to cheat they can leave no time to waste energy on bullcrap

    REAL One

    Exactly real women are rare to come across . Everybody is a hoe abd it's being it's cute in these days to fuck your mates friend behind THEIR back

  77. Wife & Momof6

    This still my shit!!!

  78. Keyanna Nealy

    So sad how many hoes mad at this song. We all know women out number men so it’s inevitable that your man will be tempted by another. In this generation it’s a lot harder seeing how most lack morals and self respect but when you love someone you can’t just let it go without a fight and if that man is willing to try and do right by you y’all can work it out and even become stronger together. Y’all bitter sluts need to just kill yourselves. We not only out number men we are more mature and wiser. Some don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. True enough no one wins in this situation but let’s be real about it this it happens everyday. If your bond is strong you will hold on and your man will do better and get rid of the’s called GROWTH!

  79. Roselyn Hare

    2019 anyone??

  80. Rare diamond blackQueen

    Still playing in 2019!! ‼✔🎯👏🏾❤

    Desi Baby

    Hellll to tha yes chica 🌹😎....

    Kamorya Quick


    Edward Wilson

    2020 aka yes listening

  81. linda maxie

    U zzzzz a Hoe

  82. China Yates

    Omg this still the stuff an its 2019 baby

    Martell Holloway

    It's always the same oh BS that we as woman have to see women do or who they are. They all hoes!!!

  83. Mr Samuels

    This is LIFEEEEEEE

  84. ms red832

    I would like to deadicate to my daddy's sister she's just thirsty

  85. kaylor N

    2019 still my jam

  86. Phorever Tori

    Still jamming this in 2019😌😌😌❤️

  87. K Muse

    Nice, but you sleep a men ho too, sad but he like your pussy over dirty hoes . Mess ass song

  88. Taneshia Victory


  89. Kendall Ariel

    Crazy how relevant this still is in 2019

  90. AlwaysOneDeep

    This song will make a ho that takes pride in bein a sideline ho mad 😂

    Yvonne Gary-Stevenson


  91. Sweet Deva

    My shit is well together