Monica - Love All Over Me Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Must not have been paying attention
I stepped right on it didn't even notice how deep I was
I went from the ground to the top of the cloud
And now as I look down I see where I fell into your arms

Now I got love all over me
Baby you touched every part of me
I got love all over me
And I don't want to get it off
I'm completely covered up in your love

[Verse 2]
Even my skin is changing oh
I'm feeling warmer no more icy blue hearts for me
You put the color back in my life
And now where there was black and white
you're becoming iridescent

Now I got love all over me
Baby you touch Every part of me
I got love all over me
And I don't want to get it off
I'm completely covered up in your love

Before your love baby I was muddy
So deep with pain till you took it from me
You showered me with a new beginning
Now I'm clean
Took me by surprise when you ran up on me
I came to life baby in that moment
You put your hands on my heart and baby
now it beats

Now I got love all over me
Baby you touch Every part of me
I got love all over me
And I don't want to get it off
I'm completely covered up in your love

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Monica Love All Over Me Comments
  1. Niecey Lam

    Seeing her tonight in ct hope she performs this 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. Mrs. Hawkins

    Can u please come to Chicago. I've never been to your concerts my mom couldn't afford it. I couldn't. I've been a fan since i was like 14 I'm 38 now. Thx

  3. Mrs. Hawkins

    Love u monica. Can u come to chicago?

  4. shannon c

    This woman has always been my favorite artist she is so beautiful and talented she deserves so much recognition I still rocks with her old and new she so down to earth never changed lover her for that natural beauty and I hope she finds a man who truly knows her worth and not a boy who plays games she has gotten me through a lot from heartbreak to this moment with my amazing man 😍😍 love you monica

  5. Derrius Melvin

    My favorite song by Mo

  6. Hillary Velasquez

    Came here after Alyssa forevers video with Jay Versace twerk off video

  7. Gaone Mildred Nkoga

    we are here December 2019👇🥰

  8. Brooklyn Williams

    Dis hit different when you under 17💀

  9. Marc Hernandez

    12/17/2019 Anyone ‼️‼️

  10. Lay Thompson

    I'm listening to this song in 2019 this song never gets old

  11. La’Ray Béngucci

    3-17-19 I love you 💕 mar

  12. Rachel Thomas

    I love my WJG

  13. Rachel Thomas

    Just hearing this song. I love him so much more.

  14. Rachel Thomas

    Nothing last forever. Nothing but $.

  15. Rachel Thomas

    Sang that song Monica!👍

  16. Rachel Thomas

    I'm listening!👍

  17. Rebirth Studio

    I got love all over me
    I am feeling every word

  18. Michael Burmy

    Just sayin', Papoose waited SIX YEARS while his lady was locked up...SIX YEARS.

  19. Dafne Noel

    This was my jam.😍😍😍

  20. Don Don

    The Beat 🔥🔥🔥

  21. seshan marshall

    2020 looking like OMG 😳 “And I don’t want to get it off I’m completely covered in your love” 🤞🏾✌🏾🤘🏾❤️💯 #Abundance 🙏🏾

  22. Carollynn Joice Porter

    I Red is the female cop trapped into the abandoned house you murdered and was holding hostage but I am still alive you beaten up my man and arrested him that owner to that home is Carollynn Porter in the State of Florida I told you don't touch my David. He will always be my David he save me from my Dad abusing me while I was a teenager but that is also Shirley Cox too you was making both my Shirley sick we crashed at 10 Causeway Street Boston Mass at the Social Security Administration office Headquarter it is one of the Main branches in the USA

  23. DJ Augusto Martins

    best song!

  24. Xaniyah Morris


  25. Kiara Smith-Beckford

    Dwui è tuioie yu i tf t

  26. Lanita Lester

    This song got me in my feelings...smh

  27. Keith Bailey

    Damn how much time they gave Manio? Went from 1995 to 2010.

  28. quincey carpenter

    how long

  29. Rachel Thomas

    Sang that song Monica! That's my song for my baby ..Willie. loving me some him

  30. Paula Ford

    Even my skin is changing God am feeling woman no more rise see blue hot for me know and AL we're there was black and white color me iridescent I got love all over me love....

  31. Stand For Something Positive

    Love this Queen!!! Same age and still here listening to you Monica! Truly underrated. Glad she didn't sell her soul.

  32. Reggie King

    Man this song is awesome! Powerful

  33. naynay2cute4u

    Monica is slightly underrated. She got VOCALS

  34. Xaniyah Morris


  35. Theresa Nuamah

    I am probably responsible for at least fifty of these views.😊

  36. Hi Felicia

    In real life would Maino been the better choice?

  37. Wheatty Wheatt

    November, 2019 R.I.H. Levi Hicks 💔😢😢

  38. Ahyanna Espinosa

    My mom was aways blasting this song in the car now iam 13 still loving this song

  39. jamstar876

    What wine is she drinking? It's the same bottle in this video and the 'Everything to Me' video LOL!

  40. Bridgett Gay

    2019!, girl can blow. Vocals on fleek!

  41. kenny sutton

    Tennille you will always have my love

  42. Shadirah Mcrae

    I'll always be here I miss this R&B

  43. Teresa Winfrey

    November 2019

  44. Kimoraa Milan

    😍🧸💗 . This Song Makes Me Wanna Cry😭, I Feel The Pain💯💗 .

  45. Shalaiye Benning

    Thur nov 14th 2019! And i still cant let this song go! Monica you say every feeling for us!

  46. Omega Red

    She blew

  47. KDevon Whoelse

    This was an awesome video. Who da hell dislike this video?

  48. Kayla Mark

    My used to drive fast when this song came on

  49. tj Tanner

    Wish I had Love All Over me.

    Mrs Isashah

    Say that

  50. miss trise

    Love this song and video

  51. Headtop Yoshi

    OMG I played this song like 5X in a row and this really touched me who plans on listening to this in 2020

  52. Alonza Ward

    He "shannon brown" never deserved a woman as beautiful as Monica, that woman is a gift to a real man's soul

  53. Mrie B


  54. Smiley Lightfoot

    Man Monica gurl stop playing wit me gurl u can have me at any sec of anyday baby!!!

  55. Taveon Caldwell

    Yo grandma was on crack

  56. Taveon Caldwell

    1990 till 1999

  57. Melony Carter-Peete

    Still Listening Oct 2019.
    "And now where there was black and white I'm becoming iridescent" That goes over ppls heads. I felt that with full conviction. Monica Is underrated.

  58. maryam mure

    Such a beautiful song. Such a beautiful woman. Shannon was a fool to do that shit to her. I hope she finds a real man and real love like Ciara found after what future did to her. Men are idiots lol. How they gonna do that to good women like that. Crazy men lol.
    I love men but damn they get on my nerves sometimes.

  59. Jennifer Wright

    Happy birthday Monica. 💕 2019

  60. Derby

    I almost shedded a tear😰😭😍😘❤💪

  61. TheBig Stepper

    The great Denise Williams Sample 2019❤️

  62. Teresa Winfrey

    2019 still a hit

  63. Kermit Frog

    hear on moms playlist

  64. Nikita Holmes

    Damn 😭😭

  65. Carolann Jones


  66. Deon Love

    I was bent crying to this real soulful sound damn I miss my ex one love Monica

  67. Ragga Chat

    [email protected]

  68. Lacriesha Hill

    So beautiful and amazing💜🌼💜

  69. Robert Sterling

    Big shout to Maino....But why I just go through every comment, to see that no one realizes that she's talking about him finishing off on her. She wrote this after a crazy night of love that ended with him showering her with a new beginning (unborn children). Let's see how you hear this song from now on

  70. TYLIE116

    Monica the only person who can go to bed and wake up with her hair still in place😂
    Always wondered if this was in contrast with her relationship with C Murder.

  71. Carlos Rivera

    I just love this song

  72. A Dancing Gamer

    Video does not do this song justice. One of Monica's best songs ever

  73. Craig Cull

    Wow music has gone to shit these days

  74. Fox Gator


  75. Sharon Campbell

    I love the jewelry.

  76. LaTasha La'Ria

    I got looooooooooove all over meeeeeee!!!!

  77. Dolores, not Lolita

    My parents used to play 97.1 QMG on every drive we went so I’ve known this song religiously ever since I was 7-this brings back so many memories.

  78. Kids just wanna have fun

    Who here 9/20/2019 ❤️

  79. Yacob Cristofel Lessy

    First time I heard this song is from iPod my friend that i'm stole it. But now it's my favorite song from her.

  80. The 305fireball

    Damn you fell into his arms and he went to squeezing other hoes...

  81. Shelly Bellys

    Who ever gave this a thumbs down you really dont know music.

  82. Demario Simmons

    2019 still here

  83. Merdice Howell


  84. TrapVibe Reactions

    he look like he could be Q-tip's older brother

  85. Nexxa J

    My heart is broken but i love this woman vocals so soulful

  86. Dee Macc

    It's only parents texting

  87. Lindamorena

    My favourite Monica song

  88. Kayla Grisby

    This song I’ll be played at my wedding !

  89. Jennifer Carruthers

    I got love all me baby touch every part me I got love all me

  90. Fe ware

    Still rockin tha day 1 love me some u 💙❤️❤️❤️ when ur just havin one of them days and u hear this 😞💙💙💙💙💙

  91. Stacy Thomas

    I love love love Monica! This song is so real!

  92. Kashon Comment

    Love the shout out to c murder!!

  93. laea n

    Yo remember listening to this in the car and started crying 😢 ❤️🥺

    love mystic

    Why did you cry 😕

    laea n

    love mystic I don’t why I cried 🤔🤔

  94. elle T

    why am I crying. I don't have that love yet in my life.

    love mystic

    Awww don't be sad

  95. withoutatrace

    this is so damm good

  96. Beauty's Guess

    Such deep lyrics...goodness.

  97. Khris Blu

    Monica is a beautiful classy lady love her

  98. Mantrel King


  99. Alicia Young

    I like when she said "I Wanna Wait"!!!! For YOU😘 😘 💞