Monica - If You Were My Man Lyrics

[Verse 1]
First time I saw ya face
I must admit it broke my heart to know
You had anotha chick
I know you wont believe I made this up
But I saw her look like me with anotha dude at the club
And I always knew one day
That she would hurt ya
But please dont shed a tear
Because baby she dont deserve you

And ooo if you be my man,
I treat you betta then she ever can
Shes gonna break your heart
I can give you all the love she don't give you baybay
And I promise that you wont miss her when I am ya lady
And I betcha (betcha)
Betcha (betcha)
Betcha (bet you)
I can love you
Betta (betta)
Betta (betta)
Ooo yeah

[Verse 2]
Now that she's out the way boy
We can share
Just gimme your heart
I promise I'll take good care
I can give it to ya,lemme give it to ya,
I can make ya look betta
I can give it to ya,lemme give it to ya,
I can do ya much betta

Oooo if you be my man,
I treat you betta then she ever can
Shes gonna break your heart
I can give you all the love she don't give you baybay
And I promise that you wont miss her when I am ya lady
And I betcha (betcha)
Betcha (betcha)
Betcha (bet you)
I can love you
Betta (betta)
Betta (betta)
Oooo yeah

See baby she cant love you like I do
She just a chick tryna be like me
You wanna go and hang around all dem crazy fools
Cause in ya face she shake ha booty
See baby thats not I
Imma classy girl
Guaranteed boy to rock ya world
So letta go letta go im just lettin ya know
I'm not a hoe call me a black girl

Ooo if you be my man,
I treat you better then she ever can
She's gonna break your heart
I can give you all the love she don't give you baybay
And I promise that you wont miss her when I am ya lady
And I betcha (betcha)
Betcha (betcha)
Betcha (bet you)
I can love you
Betta (betta)
Betta (betta)
Ooo yeah

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Monica If You Were My Man Comments
  1. Antoine Harp

    Southern university's "Dancing Dolls" brought me here.

  2. Scorpio Goddess

    Monica always been on 🦂🔥🔥🔥 love this song and she know she kill it for all of us ladies

  3. Kelvin Johnson

    Another one of my favorites Jams by Monica.. Love you Monica been down witcha since Miss Thang! Lol 😆

  4. Leon verses Noel

    Single worthy I'd imagined Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj as a feature on the remix

  5. Kara Bae

    This song is so underrated this shit here still a banger

  6. Lena James

    Still listing in 2018

  7. Janelle Etsitty

    "Betcha She Don't Love You" - Evelyn "Champagne" King ;*) The beat is ON!

  8. Jammire Grwen

    thu that

  9. Jordy W

    Love monica go álbum

  10. Chris Mazelle

    Evelyn "Champagne" King

  11. comalaism

    I hope that Evelyn Champagne King got royalties from this song! 

    Richard Snipe

    Jazmine Sullivan was the writer and co-producer for this track, you can her influences all over this. Plus the Evelyn Champagne King sample was done very well. Love Monica and looking forward to some new material very soon?

  12. Sen A

    I love the groove in this song. ^^ Just makes me wanna' dance!! 

  13. Janea Wilson

    I love this song!!!!

  14. Nimmers Nim

    Love me some Monica!!!! This Lady is sooooo underrated in the music world. You have a classy lady her with so much talent who flies under the radar and these no-talent sluts get all the glory. RIP Whitney!!!

  15. Miracle Tinsley

    Ayeee im 12 and I love this

    East Daygo

    😂😂😂😂 that's right

  16. Monique Allen

    Monica If You Were My Man is My
    Favorites Song
    The of 2010

  17. Taavi1337

    Evelyn "Champagne" King - Betcha She Don't Love You

  18. Mic Jay

    I can give your all the love, he don't give ya baby! If you were my man!

  19. Kamilliona Rangel

    Love this song !!!<3
    If you were my men i treat u better than she ever can she break your heart
    sing it Monica !!!!!!!!!

  20. Shayteka Stewart

    This is one of my fav songs :)

  21. TheKoolkanadian

    I love a clever sample. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have done a lot of them on Janet Jackson records - a shot here and there. You go: Wait! Wasn't that the intro to Diana Ross etc? But as much as I do love Monica's talent, I think this is too much more than just a sample. She may as well had just done a remake of Evelyn King's song. Strange music times! :)

  22. aaron G

    random track hit me on my blackberry, waht a jam, didnt even know i had it. classic shit.

  23. adoringbeauty8

    This song randomly came on while I was working today! I was definitely jamming to this song! Got dancing at work!!! Lol!!!

  24. Dijah Jones

    My favorite Singer. My idol

  25. Ke'Ira Wilkson

    Go head on Monica!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. xmztoyax

    i love every song monica make.

  27. circasurvive04

    ohhh shit this is my jam <3 heard this in a dressing room while trying on clothes and started dancing haha

  28. Keiyona Stallworth

    Bettcha i can love you bettah!

  29. XXJustImpossibleXX

    yeah i noticed some of her lyrics are wrong

  30. Jennifer Ball

    to the person who posted the lyrics above....u should really check your info cuz those are not the right words....for the most part u did really good, but, there were a few mistakes

  31. XXJustImpossibleXX

    >> ♫She just a chick trying to be like me♫ <<

  32. nicole fulton

    i luv this song

  33. nicole fulton

    i think she killed this song

  34. Tara Love


  35. Tara Love

    this is like my live

  36. Squid Gettin It

    this is that shit you hear me?

  37. Dr. Choc


  38. Kiersten Fluellen

    This song is dedicated to Rocko .. She done found her another man , and he a pro baller ! Get it Honey !

  39. Valentino Bowe

    @illboogie1134 :) Missy Elliott is a genius YES!!!!

  40. Court Woods

    this is my jam.

  41. Keebas TV


  42. boilova2008

    This is the jam.

  43. LaQuita

    we like this rite here POOKIE! *missy elliot voice* ROTFL!!!

  44. LaQuita

    I betcha she dont i do! I love this remake!! that was the jam back in the 80's!!!

  45. Benjhettia Woodall

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnn. She did this better than they did in 80's!

  46. Bree Nicole'

    XD HAHAHAHAHA! (。◕‿‿◕。)

  47. soulburst

    I usually thumbs down to any remake of my 80's music but This girl can sing ,she not screaming even the rap is in context.

  48. destinie mosley

    wish i could sing as well as monica shes so beutiful and talented

  49. Aspen Thomas

    i lOVe tHiS S0NG- added onto the other songs on her album

  50. soupa22

    I lovce how Southern University plays this song... The Southern University Dancing Dolls showed out on the field when the Human Jukebox played this song!!! STRAIGHT BEASTIN!!!

  51. Thirza Daniel

    i luv dis song

  52. LaLaGrunge

    this is such a great throwback to the 80s. it sounds straight out of 1982 for real!

  53. Karii Harrison

    I love dis song

  54. TerraRyzinglives

    She did a good job flipping Evelyn Champagne King song. Monica can really sing, and make songs her own, so I never mind when she samples a joint.

  55. TheRedthundr

    Monica did this song! Love it! Keep up the work *Monica*!

  56. topdogg757

    @lfinch1959 Thanks! Will look that song up ASAP!

  57. Queen Cherry

    that was HOT!!

  58. Toriaab

    (victorian griffin) 80's bayb love this song...!!!but dha only thing bot this song is dhat i dnt beg nobodii to b wit meh.!.

  59. TARLEASE02

    i am totally feelin' the 80's....

  60. Kenyada Ruffin

    Get It Mo! ;-) i Hear Dat!

  61. TriinaG

    old school feel....LOVE IT

  62. Kyle Davis

    @oburney2607 well jazmine sullican did the song actually

  63. Octavius Burney

    in this song by monica it sound like mariah carey doing background vocals if you listen very carefully.

  64. tiaram2007

    I Love Dis Sonq!



  66. 1UP

    This song is very groovy

  67. Kaela Latriece

    i love dis song

  68. NaQuasia Fable

    Monica is the Bisness.... I dont care what anyone says.. This my idol and i love how she sing. This is my all time favorite song!!!! I listen to her everyday because it makes me happy and gets me lifted... Number one fan!!!!!

  69. Brandye Chavous

    Man This IsMy Stuff !
    Got Her WholeeAlbum !

    - Cokkanutt -

  70. Jennifer W. Jones

    This is jam!!!!!=) I love Monica!

  71. Sweetniqki_

    this songs stays on in my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. missjaro

    I luv this song! this is the jam!

  73. Kadejah Pittman

    lovee it ! =)

  74. shionyvett


    What the hell you talkin about?? I was agreeing with sjcalvert about monica sounding a little like Keshia Cole on some parts of the song. Calm the hell down. I wasnt talking to you or about you at all

  75. mzfabulous45

    dis song is one of the best songs on her album

  76. shionyvett

    @sjcalvert I agree..I thought I was the only one who caught that lol

  77. topdogg757

    What 80's joint is this sampled from?? This sounds like an SOS Band sample.

  78. syrussykes1

    Feeling this sooooo much! Just reminds of an old school track witha a hint of 2010 if you get me!!! So glad Monica is back!! Worth the wait!

  79. Elliot Harrison

    this song is the bst n the wrds r crrct 22222222

  80. Glynn Jacobs

    takin me wayyyyyyy back... love it... xoxo

  81. Kylar Nichole

    i luv dis song!!!!!!!!

  82. nabilster

    Midnight Star, Shalamar style !

  83. SantaBadd

    Evelyn Champagne King song is way better than this shit. Sound like crying cats in this song.

  84. buelllllllllllllllll

    glad to see monica back. This shit has got the funk..feelin it!

  85. Keara

    this song is banging .