Monica - Breaks My Heart Lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I think of what I've done
All the pain that I brung
Baby you should've walked out on me
And when I turned away from you whenever there were hard times
How could you still be with me
And it was no mistake when I hurt you that day
And went out with somebody new
But still you forgave me like it was so easy
I should've been mad at you

Baby it breaks my heart
To think that lovin' me is not easy to do
And I don't mean to make it hard
Sorry for all the changes I put you through
And it's hard to believe
After everything you're still here right beside me
Wouldn't trade you for this whole world
Thankful just being your girl

[Verse 2]
Never gave you my heart
Cause I never thought
You deserved any of me
I never told you how I felt
When deep inside I knew that
You're really what I need
And I always gave you up
Whenever I thought something better comes along
And right when I come back
You're waiting for me
And you welcomed me home.


And if it takes my whole life
I'll make it up to you
Cause I've been so cruel
You've given your love to me
In spite of everything
I don't deserve you
From this day forward
I'm truly yours
and it took me a while to see
That we were meant for one another
Thank you for lovin' me

[Chorus till song goes off]

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Monica Breaks My Heart Comments
  1. renee barbie

    2020 am still listening to this. Who else is?? This is the bomb..

  2. Brian Cannon

    Man my girl sang the hell out this song

  3. Gabbyy Grace

    2020 anyone ?

  4. Nobantu Sibeko


  5. Niq Shepherd

    Still In 2020!!! Love This Song

  6. Marqwetta Williams

    Listening in January 2020

  7. Danyell Hill

    Look around need put me first I love my. Said try be nice

  8. Kiara Williams

    2020 I love you baby#ryan the love of my life

  9. Ashley Himes-Williams

    I love you Lawrence..I was looking for love in all the wrong places not realizing love was beside me all along..I'm thankful you never gave up on me..I love you so much and can't wait to become your wife! 💗

  10. suphadope1

    Listening in 2020

  11. Danyell Hill

    Daniel's very sick you sing put use out Jackie i talk to my kids put every one that's I did use wrong

  12. Leigh Burton

    Stillll 2019

  13. Nafisah Herbert

    November 5, 2019 & I'm still here💜😪..

  14. Licia Lee


  15. Leah Crews

    2020 where you at?

  16. KK and Kimmyy

    This song relates to me. My boyfriend is a great man. But at ONE point I didn’t deserve him. He was too good to me & I wasn’t good to him back. But now? We are PERFECT for each other. I love him more than anything. 💗💗💗 2 0 1 9 ✨

  17. Stephanie Johns

    Makes me cry everytime! So grateful to you baby!!

  18. Latricia Morgan


  19. Sipho Blose

    Those who say this song should have been the other way around show exactly how some women want everything to about them.. I believe this song was made to be the way it is for a reason. Men get played too

  20. ciara jackson

    😢 no friends nobody except me as a friend world hate me im a waste of space

    Mark Payne

    world doesnt hate u

  21. paul Campbell

    I remember my ex girlfriend now telling me to come and listen to this song because it reminded her of me. Didn't really pay attention to the lyrics back then but it makes sense now. Too bad I didn't learn my lesson sooner.

  22. Sweet Deva

    Anything you say

  23. Yalonda Mitchell

    13 years later & still love my son's Father... My (his 2nd) only child! A year after our son was born; I broke his whole world 🌎 with pressure applied. But to this day we still remain FRIENDS! If WE both could turn back the hands of time ⏰

  24. Venolia Keitumetse

    I know I’m not the only one listening in 2019

    M&N Ganga

    Nope . 😘

    Love Serenity

    Not at All.

    Ashley Parker

    Venolia Keitumetse still do

  25. Wendy Negash

    Me 2019

  26. Dana Ray

    Love you Monica!!!!

  27. Latanya Bowens



    Still banging with so much meaning in 2019

  29. Aljanae Thomas

    This is my songggggggg !

  30. Sandile Mthimthulu

    baby break my heart lord so in love with this song

  31. Whitney Montgomery


  32. it’s albrianna’s World

    2019 ? This hit deep fashooo

  33. JaShawn Price

    Better, not mad

  34. Sandra Johnson


  35. Latanya Bowens

    that my songs get marriage

  36. Ebony Whipple

    Smh MOOD

  37. Tracey Smith

    You're waiting for me and you welcome me homeee it breaks my heart 💔

  38. Paris France

    This has been my song since I was in middle school lol

  39. Valeria Lawrence

    Im not boutta give up on my relationship me i love my bf hellA i put him thru shit but hes wit me.and i love him so much

  40. Leigh Burton

    Stilll in 2019

  41. Valeria Lawrence

    Hit me right in the feels 😭😭😭💯

  42. Brandy Wells

    I don't want to take your happiness..... DG

  43. Zayonna Monroe


  44. MahadiPaballo Monyane

    2019? ❤️🔊🌸

  45. Latora Fate

    True.this songs hits the soul

  46. Anita Carter

    Rip uncle zach❤❤😭😭😭

  47. Christian Strickland

    Sorry for all the changes I put you through... had a Good man before but I was assuming & thinking the worst that was a lesson learned promise to not be that way anymore

  48. Monica Sahu


  49. Esme Kilon

    2019 anyone?

  50. Mary-Jane Resetelo

    Still my best song even today

  51. Heiress of GLAM Crown Collection

    Jesse Ingram 💜 sorry....

  52. Shavelle Valentine

    Smh us women can do the most sometimes.....(guilty😭)

  53. Just Honesty

    2019 💜😍

  54. Arbreion Perriera

    When i think of what i done

  55. Ms. Barnett

    Listening 2018

  56. Lena James

    Who's still listing with me

  57. Alayshia Turner

    there's nothing like a constant regardless of the situation it's simply still there with the same love and support moral of the song love who love's you be good to who has been good to you it's hard to find a constant my my my sang Mo BABY😔

  58. Wife & Momof6

    Well dang back in 2018 ❤❤❤❤

  59. Haley Williams

    I'm so hurt but I have to move on now

  60. Sarabi Barnette

    2019 still bumping this

  61. LaTica

    Should send this to my best friend. He's been around 11 years 😭 always felt like I didn't deserve him so I friend zoned him

  62. Leigh Burton

    2018 a stranger to me after all those years. Use to be my best friend. Now I cannot even look at you the same. I wish you the best.

  63. daiejah ricketts

    I love this song

  64. Mimikoi Nana

    Who is listening In 2018

  65. Sandeline Aristil


  66. Narissa Love


  67. courtney jones

    Still love this ❤️❤️

  68. Millicent Evans

    Thank you for loving me.♥️

  69. Millicent Evans

    Monica i like this song so much. It maybe old but those are the songs that sound so much better. Yes your heart gets broken but you will mend and you will be happy again
    Live your life to the fullest and make no one dull your sparkle. 😊👍

  70. Philadelphia Polana Sidumo you Monica

  71. Alphonso Brantley

    It's crazy because men are always labeled as dogs but women know exactly what we miss the whole time they are being disloyal,then when we start being worse they say we wrong man bye hoe

  72. Lyautiana Barber

    2018 wya????

  73. Pearl Kgwete


  74. Trudy Ann Parkes

    All of her songs hurts like hell fire 🔥monica was inspired to let us know we r not alone

  75. Briyanna Miles


  76. pookie Hunter

    Still one of my favorite songs #2018

  77. Brittany Lebron

    I was going threw this but we finally got it together I love u so much Charles Lee Jones thank u for loving me from Brittany lebron I love this song blast on my radio still 2018

  78. mokhothu bokang

    Classic! In every sense of the word...

  79. Dezi Da Bomb Diva

    How can 469 people dislike the song🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  80. Annisa Hasan

    to be honest, if that was me, it would be hard to love someone like that where she would go from one guy to another, if I was the guy I would find it really hard to love someone like that even if I stayed by her. I was in that situation where I stood by his side while he was trying to date other girls, break up and make up again, that was hard to love someone like that.

  81. Kourtnee Thomas

    This song just made me cry....Bay I'm so sorry don't leave me cause I'm not leaving you...2018

  82. Jewel Archie

    Still listening in 2018

  83. Iamkodakmiya

    still bumping in 2018

  84. Jamekia Tolbert

    I still listen to this😍

  85. Serenity Anna

    I can't believe this doesn't have alot of views...yall really sleeping on this song!

  86. Palesa Seoposengwe

    2018 still jamming 😘😍

  87. Jackie Mcfarland

    My boyfriend Marcel passed away 2/10/18 & i wish i had one more time to tell you i love you. To apologize for any & everything. We weren't perfect but our love was exceptional😢😭🤧😔. I'd give anything to have him back...💔💔

  88. Kwesi

    Anyone else think this song could apply to Jesus/God? just take out “baby” and a few other words perhaps lol


    I do, I think of God

    ha ha

    I love this comment❤

    Alicja TheSinger

    Yes i love tgat idea

    Jojo So Extra

    That's crazy me and my wife just did that and it made the song 2×s deeper

  89. jimyria Smith

    I really like this vd this is a great dong

  90. Peaches Wong

    Still listening to dis in 2K18
    I didnt cheat on any1... I jus like dis song😆
    "In spite of everything... I - I, i don't deserve you"

  91. Jesseka Byrd

    One of my favorite songs till this day❤❤❤

  92. Jermica Davis

    Just broke up with my recent boyfriend for a year and 3 months he switched on me so many times 💔

  93. Simangele Buhle

    I have lost the man of my dreams ....couldn't sleep couldn't eat couldn't talk couldn't laugh ....and here I am this music has given me all the answers....that am not alone music is treatment it healing the broken heart and gives u the joy it takes all the pains away and leaves u smiling as if u never been heart broken I love music with all of my heart it makes me believe again.....!

  94. kh63138

    Sorry Victor

  95. Selena Gonzales

    I feel every part of this song 😣😣 I feel bad cause he was so in love w me

  96. Lareesa Reynolds

    love you mo mo, sing it girl
    Dedicated to the one I hurt multiple times
    Thomas Johnson...😍😍 I'm sorry I love you. im glad we are still together and you never left...true love..