Monica - Blackberry Lyrics

Who's textin' his phone?
I'm bought to go
All in this thang again
Why you keep slippin'?
Oh really?

[Missy Elliott:]
New Monica!
Let's go!

[1st Verse:]
Get yo hands off
My man
Girl you already know
Oh yeah
He's signed, sealed, delievered
He belngs to me, yeah
And I'll show up
At ya front door
(Sho' will)
He's my man
And I don't play this, yeah
'Cause he's seen
All the crazy things
That I do
(Hey, hey)
If I find out
You're the one disrespecting
His phone
I'm coming, coming, coming
Straight after you
Boy, I don't play these games

I'm the one that
Checks his
Yup, that's me, me
I'm the one
That checks his phone
When he falls asleep
Early in the morn'

Betta have a co-co-code
In yo phone
And lemme alone
WIth ya
I'm the one
That checks
Yup, that's me, me

[2nd Verse:]
Baby, why she textin' you?
Betta tell that girl
She betta gone
(She betta gone)
'Cause I already know
Who you sneakin' wit
'Cause I already
Got the code to ya phone
Whoo, hoo
And I'm not the one
You play with
'Cause you've already
Seen the thangs
That I do, yeah
So why you
Keep on, keep on
Playin' around
'Cause she gon'
Make me
Come after you

[Repeat Hook 1x]

Pictures that's
On yo phone
I listen to your voicemail
When you leave home
You lookin' real mad
'Cause I broke your code
Don't feel bad about it
You already know

So 'bout 5, 6, 7, 8
You stayed out late
Tried to be slicker
Still wanna play
But I know better
I knew right
Out the gate
And I ain't
Bein' ya fool

It's too late
I gotta make a move
I'mma bout to bounce
And you about
To lose
You can take back
All of the shoes
What? Not all of the shoes

[Repeat Hook 1x]

I'll break the code
And I'll call them back
You a liar
And I don't want you
No more
And I'm walkin' out
The door
Boy, bye-bye

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Monica Blackberry Comments
  1. Azion Jazzi

    2019 frfr foreal foreal

  2. Wyane Hundredths

    So happy this didn’t make the album. This was so childish.

    Tiffany Rayne

    It might be "childish" but women do it. So it's relatable.

  3. Diamond Brown

    Monica Love

  4. Alayia Guy

    She killed this

  5. Brownskin B

    Knock, knock,knock! Here come Monica!🔥

    nehmie dameus

    Monica I am not going to play if people call you on your phone I am very serious only Christina only Samuel charLes

  6. Wyane Hundredths

    I hate this type of Monica and glad it didn’t make the album. She was so lost.

  7. Adrian Quincy

    WHY was this not an album cut 😭🔥🔥

  8. Ria Al

    Listening to this jam cos it is still da bomb in 2017! Relationship isnt meant to be a game! Mistakes we commit in life, changes everything!

  9. Cherchezlatrish

    Still love this!!!

  10. Beverly Freeman

    still love this girl2016

  11. Kethan Fincher

    still listening in 2015

  12. Tasha Scott

    First time hearing this and lovin it !!!! It's cute.....

  13. Caroline Abbott

    This is my jam

  14. Jaime Cheatham

    Live this song

  15. Jaime Cheatham

    I have a dance to this song it is cool and cute I am thinking I sound do it for my school talent show

  16. jasmine zinnerman

    this my shit

  17. tomeka woods

    i love this song.....

  18. QueenMariahCarey

    Sang, Monica! Lol. Monica was and still is my girl from when I was 9 yrs old.

  19. Simplyshyindc

    I love the melody!

  20. jessicalm145


  21. Jay Cee

    I just got me a Blackberry yesterday now I feel like that dude she is talking about. LOL.

  22. Jahmori

    damn man..i always loved how t-boz voice sounds, deep, but sensual and sexy as hell and still lady

    Joel Price

    MrSEKsual Heela This is Monica

  23. thats0hboy

    Im going thru this shit right now. if you suspect your boo is need to do all the checking.

  24. MrStillStanding

    @myshay07 That ain't even the same fucking song

  25. joohsay

    She sound like T-Boz on this song! Loves Mo and T!

  26. MomoJae

    ok how yall gonna say anybody stole anybody elses song monica and tyneisha just have the same name song diff. lyrics, diff. beat....I mean Leona lewis, Marvin Sapp, Mary jJ. Blige all have a song called here I am totally diff. songs, Everyone has a song called with you so don't hate with that whole who stole who's song nobdy stole. Its two diff. songs probably more than them with a song called Blackberry

  27. Octavius Burney

    LVishere for your information I know what i am talking about sure tynisha might sing blackberry but it is not the same song i never said it was the same as monica i said tynisha is some one who trying to sing black who copy song turns into her own she never came out in the USA her album only came out overseas monica blackberry version is better and everybody no that so keep your smart comments to yourself if you dont know what you talking about

  28. Octavius Burney

    to OFFiiCii4LMii44NDQU3 i do know who tynisha keli is and i do know she only came out with one album which is the chronicles of tk and i do know she is coming out with a new album on august 25 2010 and i do no that monica version of blackberry makes more sense than tynisha because monica version people do go through that what the song is talking about. tynisha albums are not coming to the united states they only being release over in japan and people only like her because of the beats.

  29. Octavius Burney

    for yall haters who are hating on this new track by monica and talking about some girl name tynisha who has a song call blackberry, well i heard tynisha blackberry version and its weak and got nothing on monica. tynisha aint nothing but some girl who copys people song make her on version of it by trying to sing r and b. monica is the best of this song and yall no yall be checking the phone why front and say you dont

  30. David I

    No, I can not say I am feeling this Track much!

  31. technofunky123

    tuuuuune :)

  32. Que TheSoul

    naw thats 4 them bitches that was stalkin my wife

  33. datswassup07

    #teamblackberry lol

  34. C Clark


  35. Sarah-Jean Johnson

    yeaaaaahhh !!!!!!!

  36. Corey J

    @kblack177 It did u had to preorder it 2 get that song

  37. Adonis Serinity


  38. vels619

    @Keontae0756 no sounds like jamie foxx BLAME IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diamond Brown

    Monica l Love 💕💿🎤📲

  39. kidd_dunaway

    why the fuck did this not make the album!?!?!?!

  40. qforqueen

    sounds like mary mary 'god in me'

  41. Lamont Littles


  42. LouWeEv7

    This song go hard, all day in da hood!

  43. daMyahStar

    diz tune iz hard

  44. situationofchaos

    Im not mad at you beautiful Monica. Im mad at Clive Davis or whoever was in charge of that. Good Beat Missy

  45. demi17mch

    i lik da beat dis song coo i can relate but my man got a g1 nd i dnt give a damn if it seem lik i dnt trust him...he gave me the code !

  46. Jocelyne Yendall

    @situationofchaos it was the record label who put a 10 song cap on the album.

  47. Keema Gillespie

    Go Monica!!

  48. joohsay

    Loves Mo. She sounds kinda like T-Boz here.

  49. TheRealAshland

    @situationofchaos dont like it dont buy it simple as that

  50. situationofchaos

    Why in the hell would you only put ten motherfuckin songs on a cd!!!! You might as well sell a blank disc for $14.99!!!

  51. Renato Teroy

    hands down my absolute favorite track on the album. DIS MAH JAYUM!

  52. Myria Oldham

    this my shiit

  53. MissDestynee

    dis sund lyk God In Me by Mary Mary but da remixed r&b version by mz Monica

  54. bookshika

    this kinda sound like god in me by mary mary

  55. DJ_Alterlife

    my go mo is so hood.i love her

  56. Jakaiya Neal

    this song is to kinda of sounded like one of tpain songs on da part at 2:54 when she was like "ya stayed out late, tried to b slicker..." but dis song it cole 4real cnt nobodii mess wit MONICA

  57. ndpndnt08

    @Malcome7909 the chorus sounds nothing like Mary Mary god in me ..Wtf, anyway i love this song it kind of give off that old monica sound!

  58. Kelvin

    i likey

  59. drown deep

    @Keontae0756 u know what u riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitr . missy

  60. DreamChaser

    @imbouttosnap i thinks its wak

  61. DreamChaser

    i thnk this sonq it weak, she could have came aharder, nd missy could hve qave her a better beat SMH, still ove moe doe !

  62. loricas wester

    I LIKE!!!

  63. Natasha Agard

    not really feeling this ...thought it would have been hotter

  64. datswassup07

    @tweety1wify525 u are so right!

  65. peitsHer

    Her voice is adorable. I love her.

  66. Twee ty

    lol they shoulda play this song on why did i get married too that phone part!! lolz

  67. datswassup07

    this is like So Gone 2010

  68. Keontae Ridley

    I'm so feelin' this song.

  69. Keontae Ridley

    Sounds like So Gone Pt. 3

  70. DAngela Pitts

    nice song but i don't think u should check the phone... i feel like u r looking for something and then u can take something out of context. its all about trust... and if u feel like something is wrong it's about communication

  71. lexis glover

    dis shittt is poppin.......

  72. Mario Mayweather

    dis is me all the way