Monica - Big Mistake Lyrics

Gave you a chapter of my life
I Wish that I could rewrite
All the shit that was done in the dark
Finally came to light
Ten years I was with you
I remember everything you put me through
And I think that I’m the blame for thinking you would change

I made the biggest mistake, biggest mistake
To think that you would change, you would change
Sayin bye bye what was this all for
Made no mistake you won’t be my mistake no more
Made no mistake you won’t be my mistake no more oh

You can go and run to her
’cause I don’t wanna see your face
It reminds me of a scar that can't be erased
These tears in an empty room constantly remind me of you
And I think that I’m no blame for thinking you would change

I made the biggest mistake, biggest mistake
To think that you would change, you would change
Sayin bye bye what was this all for
Made no mistake you won’t be my mistake no more
Made no mistake you won’t be my mistake no more oh
No no no no

I’m sayin goodbye to all the memories,
I regret even tryin to give you a chance
I’m not perfect everybody makes mistakes
But the one I made, I made for choosing you after all we went through

I made the biggest mistake, biggest mistake
To think that you would change, you would change
Sayin bye bye what was this all for
Made no mistake you won’t be my mistake no more
Made no mistake you won’t be my mistake no more oh
No no no no

Now now now that I’ve made the biggest mistake, biggest mistake
To think that you would change, you would change
Sayin bye bye what was this all for
Made no mistake you won’t be my mistake no more
Made no mistake you won’t be my mistake no more oh

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Monica Big Mistake Comments
  1. djw sam

    27 01 2020
    a date who will leave in infamy
    in god we trust

  2. Tranea Bray

    Tiny loves her so much to

  3. Tranea Bray

    This is me and my mom favorite song we love her so much

  4. Rosie Johnson

    Fist time hearing this love it monica

  5. Antanasia Coleman

    Her lane is hers sing it

  6. Robin Dixon

    i love this fuckin song1

  7. Kenya Briggs

    Back after her divorce Nov 2019 ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Bambi J

    For some reason I bin finding my self constantly coming back to this song and constantly pressing replay!!!!

  9. Bambi J


  10. Bambi J

    Yyyyyyaaaasssss say that shit MONICA

  11. Lahna Lei

    Speak to me Monica! 😩

  12. Lé Monké

    Me after I lost my viginty

  13. lady Crenshaw90

    I gave a boy 10 years of my life and wasted time wanting him to be a man... Now I'm happily engaged to the man of my dreams

  14. Chyna Bailey

    Yassss I can totally relate.

  15. LilLady Luv

    Damn....111 is a lucky number and not having a comment since a 1 year ago....and i didnt get a profile til a 1yr ago...
    I have to be the one to say this song is the 1---!!!!🙌😉

    LilLady Luv

    Damn my comment posted 1 second after i hit enter...#TheWowfactor#ImInTune

  16. CocoTea RamboMom

    Yesssssssss Monica YOU WANT BE MY MISTAKE NO MORE

  17. Cherise Greer

    I can relate to this song. My biggest regret ever giving my heart to. Biggest mistake I ever made trying to give this a relationship a chance

  18. mochacholat

    Some shit needs to stop. My biggest mistakes is letting the wrong people in.

  19. Tanya Freeman

    I absolutely love all her music. Every song speaks to me. I have seen her in concert and got to meet her at the last one I went to. I was like a kid at Disney World the biggest smile all night my husband said I was smiling in my sleep all night lmaooooo

  20. Travia Heard

    Love this song

  21. Cherishean Scott

    I regret even trying

  22. Monica Queener

    Truth from one Monica to another

  23. GangstaColeon974

    I feel you Monica i made the same mistake with my baby momma. Had enough of that mistake my son and daughter the only good that came out of 10 years of hell

  24. Marcus Biggs

    Awe I Love this song, It's a good song. :) :) :) :) ♡♡♡♡😃😃😃😃❤❤❤❤

  25. Kaylee Nicole

    Still listening to this in 2018

  26. MizcLbreezy

    Queen ♥️

  27. Leon verses Noel

    2018 I'm still ......wondering why this song wasn't released as a single

  28. Carolyn Cummings

    we sing want we no . want we believe want right

  29. Jerry Reed

    Still here 2018

  30. M 2

    This my song!!!! 2018

  31. Whitney Montgomery

    yesss Lord thank you

  32. Hekima Nash

    Mammas dick no more; Factual and brief, peace, monica.

  33. Sacole Smith

    I'm saying GOODBYE... to all the memories...I regret even trying to give you a chance...MY BIGGEST MISTAKE... You can't expect a change if they aren't willing to change on there own and for themselves first...

    Shkiya Golston


  34. Tucker Fields

    luv this

  35. Kiwana James

    I had made the biggest mistake 🔊😣

  36. Dashika Porter

    17years I gave him💔

  37. Dashika Porter

    When u have gave a man more than 10years of ur life! Know your worth Queens!

  38. T A L I A

    Bye bye ;) lol make no mistake you won't be my mistake no more.

  39. Janelle Thomas

    Better believe it

  40. Miranda Andrews

    My biggest mistake was waiting 18 years for him to change. This divorce will my best move

    Cortney Martin

    Miranda Andrews So are yal still together? Just curious...

    Miranda Andrews

    +Cortney Martin No waiting on our divorce to be final

    Cortney Martin

    Miranda Andrews Im sorry! I wish you the best

    Miranda Andrews

    +Cortney Martin I'm much happy single than with him. thank you

    Too Kool

    Miranda Andrews rxkc

  41. marijo williams

    im living this right now....smh

  42. Courtney Martin

    Currently my life

  43. Tamarri Johnson


  44. Mizz Chocolate

    I luv this song

  45. Keshia Jones

    Men, some of them just not satisfied smh
    Same story ,,same bullshit just a different day

    Dwayne Samuel

    Keshia Jones. 😎😎

  46. Lisa Grey

    this. song. was. me. in a marriage. for 23 yrs....puff be gone

    Iyauna Caruth

    mine wasn't that long but trust and believe I feel you

  47. Janeshea Bourgeois


  48. makenzie spraggins

    I've been thus fool. damn love is crazy. "Hope" will have you fuqed up out here in these streets. Believing a MOFO will change smh..lesson learned..

    Tahrea Rodgers

    Infatuated_INC 2016 yesss. Praying everyday they change and get a slap in face

    Bambi J

    Meeeee to

  49. Dajour Livingston22

    story of my life, but it was 4 years.

  50. Tiana Wright

    this is some shit that a every woman sholud listen to especially after you done give a nigga too many chances

  51. Deja Height

    I love this song I made the biggest mistake.

  52. Joseph Brown

    story of my life...

  53. Joseph Brown

    story of my life...

  54. Keish

    i love this song..

  55. Kayla Slayz

    Saying " Bye Bye What was this Over"
    So Real💯

  56. Lonnie 1Love

    this was on repeat on my breakup. lol

    Machell Washington

    Lonnie 1Love mines too him and lesson learned by Monica I love those two songs but I love all of her songs

  57. Ashley Brown

    i love this song.

  58. Beauty By MaryTee

    I live by this song til this day

  59. Kaylin’s tv

    Me I love this song

  60. carla williams

    I love this song

  61. Cha'kloya Rogers

    She good

  62. Jaszmine Graham

    I made biggest mistake to think u would change ....

  63. Kisha Robinson

    The realest song ever…

  64. Cristique Neal

    love this song

  65. shay25ism

    Monica songs are so real.

  66. Tiesha Cary

    I love this song

  67. Tasha Love

    I think this should be something that every woman should listen to thank you Monica 🎤🎶🎼🎵

    MarQuane Pryor

    Tasha Love ...true in some men's cases too...i actually was with my bm ten years...its a real ass message thou...we all jus go throu it❤

    jay lady

    @MarQuane Pryor you're welcome baby

  68. 86ishrb

    Make no mistake you won't be my mistake no more!🎵🎶🎼

  69. Sky Gibson

    My First Time Hearing This Song Was Yesterday && Boaaa Monica Gets It Right Every Time! Can't Wait Until She Releases Some New Music !

  70. Seiko

    My bigmistake is what I was writing poems 12 years ago
    only ONE big mistake of my life.
    Devil people found me and share my info for their money to kill may life.
    though  I moved for 5 times I couldnt solve it.
    I remember I went to police station so many times to solve this big ploblems
    I lost everything by such a gangstalkers and media
    I couldnt forgive them 4ever but Life goes on.


    I never write anything any more.
    I need to protect my privacy for my own happiness.
    I hate media and people on TV


    @Seiko Tanaka
    何とも 非常な世の中だ。加害者が当たり前の勝ち組としてのうのうとこの世で
    これからは ないだろうな、業界人やマスメディア、集団ストーカーとそれに携わる加害者たちとの人生は。管理されて支配されても 私は別の人間を選ぶ。


    @Seiko Tanaka
    何をいまさら。精神疾患 妄想性障害のレッテルはっておきながら。
    何を 言い訳すんの?メディア そして集団ストーカー。

  71. SARANIA100

    He had a whole other secret life ...fa 10 years..while with me. .n i just..founded out bout it dec 27th...2015.....i mad da biggest mistake....can't get 10 years back.. wasted on the wrong somebody. ..


    December 2015 hasn't even come yet

    Keisha Benoit

    Damn I'm sitting here like my whole 20's was really wasted. A fucking chapter gone

    Felicia Mcpherson

    SARANIA100. That's what i said to 6 years i can't get back and couldve been with someone who genuinely loved me

  72. Philleshia Mascus

    This song is the truth

  73. Candiac Pearson

    I got over mha kids father with this song 4 years ago #Loveit

  74. Nikki J

    Yes. My exact feelings right now. Wanted 5yrs on a boy that doesn't want to be a man. In over it and you. GOODBYE

  75. lashaye watson

    I love this song, its amazing. I made the biggest mistake to think that you would change. But imma change and let you go!! Love monica and this song

  76. Jessica Griffin

    Make no mistake you won't be my mistake no more

  77. naya the Boss

    So true ima keep it moving ur lost

  78. jermaine jelks

    love this song mo mo

  79. Drea Hardworker

    Smh u played me but it's ok bc I'll be ok thx shun

  80. Ebonique Jiles

    I love this song this Chick Snap on this shit she always tell the truth in her music all the time

  81. kisha42003

    This song it for the only man the broke my heart JAG...smh..never again

  82. Adamou Moussa


  83. winter pullen

    swear u know monica head ass

  84. mrsmoore806

    And I think am the one to blame to think you would change

  85. Tawana Lewis

    I like this anutie Monica

  86. Kysiena Freeman

    Love you

  87. Kysiena Freeman

    Love it

  88. Derrick Poe

    Love it

  89. Jaydon Black

    Monica sung the hell out of this song!!!! You don't hear music like this no more....Monica slays...

  90. taylor miller

    I love this song my mom play this into

  91. jay Bre

    love her so much she makes me cry she's talking about roscoe.

  92. Chevy'sRunHeavy

    this go hard

  93. 32litebrite

    heard it for the first time in my moms car a few weeks ago nd I loved it!! heads up giving ur ex a second chance is like giving a criminal another bullet to shoot u in ur heart!!! luv u monica <3