Monica - Believing In Me Lyrics

I apologize for what I've done
I admit that I was ruling control
Didn't know that I was selling my soul
To someone who didn't care at all
Couldn't see that you were bad for me
Gave so much that it was making me weak
Now I can't believe the way that it feels to finally be free

I've moved on
And I'm strong
I'm going back to the place
Where I know I belong
And I'm glad that your gone
Cause your not what I need
I'm believing in me
I've moved on
And I'm strong
I'm going back to the place
Where I know I belong
Cause I'm right
And your wrong
Cause your not what I need
This time I'm believing in me

The love I had for you was so deep
I didn't notice there was something wrong with me
When someone asked me was there anything I need
I would cry and tell them pray for me
But now I know exactly what it is
So I'm changing up the way that I live
I'm never letting go of my dreams and maybe you'll see

I've moved on
And I'm strong
I'm going back to the place
Where I know I belong
And I'm glad that your gone
Cause your not what I need
I'm believing in me
I've moved on
And I'm strong
Going back to the place
Where I know I belong
Cause I'm right and your wrong
Your not what I need
I'm finally believing in me

So I hope you can forgive me
I'm not gonna be the way I used to be
Starting over can be so scary
But I'm gonna believe
Promise I'm not gonna let me down
And my transformation starting right now
But I'm really glad you stuck around
Cause you believed in me

So I've moved on
And I'm strong
I'm going back to the place
Where I know I belong
And I'm glad that your gone
Cause your not what I need
I'm believing in me
I've moved on
And I'm strong
Going back to the place
Where I know I belong
Cause I'm right
And your wrong
You were not what I needed
I'm finally believing in me

Finally believing in me... me

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Monica Believing In Me Comments
  1. Roxana Campos

    I'm finally letting you go Esteban!! Been so many years you blocked my happiness. Now it's time for me to be free. I love you but got to move on.

  2. Venusjones Jones

    Ain't that deep when u give them ur all huh ? This is the jam I love it Happy Holidays to y'all fans out there be safe 🙂

  3. Gwendolyn Scott

    God please help me give me strength to finally let him go I'm so tired of crying and this pain I know I'm stronger than what I've been betraying I'm believing in me

  4. Matters of Life Coaching

    2019 anyone?

  5. PedoDoc DDS

    I had to come back to this!!!

  6. vonni lovinglife

    2019 thumbs up

  7. Larry Diehl

    Amen!!!! She killed this...🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Whitney Montgomery

    Confirmation is the key to moving forward no man should ever have the power to break something he didn't create sometimes you gotta just give it all to God & trust that he will heal you and help you step into your transformation & destiny patiently waiting on my platform while trusting God 💜🤞🏽

  9. Dana Ray

    Still jamming 2019!!!!! This song makes me feel strong!!!!!

  10. Joey Wilson

    Such a great song.

  11. Thembelani Emmanuel Hlabangana

    I picked up the prices after mourning because of a nasty break up because of this song

  12. Artayvaya Ashton

    This song brought me out of alot of messed up situations

  13. lamia lamia

    Grown and went threw a lot of shit with males. Love the song

  14. lamia lamia

    2019......this is to all the males in my life that I've dated and the crazy part is they all want me back but didn't respect our relationship while you had me so bye✌

  15. jennifer Chambers

    @ 3:36 she was about to hit it and take me to church.

  16. Chante Sprewell

    Still play this in 2019

  17. cdubb

    To everyone commenting on this song, I hear your pain hurt and struggles, Just know God has us all, give it to him have faith and know that he is an listening ear, I pray for that who hurt in silent, please have the strength to walk away and gain your self as well as happiness back, in Jesus name I pray amen

  18. Jailyn Marie

    "I've moved on an I'm strong" Sis I hear you!

  19. Yessi Fenton

    PSA.... Are you listening now????

  20. Queta Lyn

    Somebody help me get this off repeat!!! My heart...idk what's going on in my heart!! This song is every fucking thing!!!

  21. Brittany Sneed


  22. MS. Erica Jackson

    I Love Him In 2018 `08

  23. Vanessa Ivey

    Crazy bc this song will always be my antham when I start doing better although right now I dont have the confidence Monica has in this song.......

  24. shakeia davis

    Heartbreak 2019 sad

  25. natababy2004

    I love this song it will definitely get you through some things!! I play it too often as a reminder!

  26. Monique Langston

    This song is dedicated to the church. I used to be in church thinking something isn’t right. I wanted to really know God but I was busy looking outside and not inside of me to a White man and to perform miracles for me. Now I know God is in me and I have everything I need to be great for myself, my family, and my community.... I’m finally believing in me!!!! Monica SANG this song. I love her. She is a great example of letting the God in you be great!!!!!!

  27. Leonda Taylor

    Still Jamming this in 2019.

  28. Belinda Veal

    The love i had for you was so deep

  29. Sandile Mthimthulu

    this song remind me of my ex eish lebo baby i miss you

  30. lil L 'lisa d-j davies - jones

    Pray for me!💖🎤🔥🎵👏👌 2019 💌Xxxx

  31. michelle k


  32. Queen Ry

    This song has helped me get thru a lot in life,Whenever I feel down,I always come to this song

  33. Consheitta Spence

    what do u think about R.Kelly? Five thousand from 33 stars to pay for child support.Then he comes up with one platinum to pay every body back.

  34. quenetta Lott

    Going through a rough divorce,this song reassures me that I will be just fine 🙏 #ThanksMonica

  35. Antwun Barbary

    Yes. Ok. Look. Good

  36. Antwun Barbary

    Yes. Ok. Look. Good

  37. Ronda Thomas

    I'm not gonna let me down 🙏🙌

  38. The fellas real talk

    As a men we even go through things and this song was sent to me by my ex when I was going through a very bad break up to remind me of who I was. I’m glad she did because these words touched me and helped me pull through

  39. Victoria Travis

    Promise I'm not gonna let me down👑🤧🥀🥀🥀🤞🏾

  40. Toya Saunders


  41. Life Of Shambraa

    Believing Im Me😩❤😍😋

  42. Robert Drake

    This song is so deep #ToxicRelationship101

  43. MrBlactye

    Monica is one of those artists that should got more recognition and exposure. This woman is so beautiful with an amazing voice. Not too many can hold a torch to this woman vocally. Monica I think you are once and generation talent.

  44. John Doe

    Finally Believing In Me 💙

  45. aspiringcreative 1

    I don't like the chorus but besides that, this is a good song.

  46. DriveHymKraazy Davis

    This to my ex Reese 💔💪🏽

  47. Tierra Winfrey

    I moved on thanks to this song❤

  48. Alexis Exum


  49. Nikita Davis


  50. Amina Aziz

    I’m strong enough is enough it’s for my son he deserves the best♥️🙏💯😢

  51. J Wilson

    I needed this today, thank you. I am so tired.

  52. Gwendolyn Coley

    Absolutely love this song😘

  53. Amina Aziz

    Pain so deep betrayal on a catastrophic level pain so unbearable a minute feels like a lifetime I been set free by God

  54. Mo Cobb

    I'm still listening to song in 2018 I'm going through a tough time in my life with moving on I love this boy so much I feel so lost without him

  55. TheRealPeachJuly

    2018 & Still Listening 😩💕

  56. Laconia White

    Ugh I'm in love with this song.

  57. A Blackbeauty

    Wow smh. This. Is so beautiful. She brings really 2 her music go head. Songstress diva😺😺😺😺

  58. Siera Lee

    Promise I'm not gonna let me down...

  59. Kenyana Ennis

    still loving this song july 27 2018 💜💜💜💜💜

  60. Nydia Brown

    this song is just for me it touch my heart my soul my life 😍😍😍😍😍

  61. Dee Brooks

    I can relate to dis. Dis songs helps me get over my ex's

  62. Melissa Mcdade

    2018 still listening one of my favorites songs off this album ❤💕

  63. T. SHAMOAN

    This song is on repeat tonight

  64. Kela Dyer

    I use to listen to this song in 2010 and I am just become free it's amazing how people will abuse you and you can only learn to leave those toxic situations it's a shame when people yearn for love or give up and make others pay!

  65. Ebony Jackaon

    Thank u monica this song tuchs my hart so much 👊✌💋👌🎼🎼🎼

  66. Alouisha Wynn

    #True #Story

  67. Marco H.

    This is how i felt when I was in a deep sleep now that I'm woke all praise to the Most High.

  68. Latrice Gardner

    I forgot about this song. Thank you YouTube for your suggestions

  69. Rayray Little

    Still singing 2018

  70. Tamara Brown

    On replay..Love this song in 2018

  71. Jakson Kash

    I'm Strong period and definitely will be moving on

  72. Jakson Kash

    I will always believe in Me

  73. Jakson Kash

    I've moved on

  74. Jakson Kash

    You'll see I'm believing in me

  75. Lois Jeffries

    this song really help me

  76. Smoke Train

    Good/sad song

  77. Imeshsheryag

    2018 🕊🕊🕊

  78. Robinson Princelee

    This song is so true I'm going thought so much right I'm trying to let go of him but I cant

  79. Randa Thomas

    I love this song.

  80. Camila Dexter

    3:04 through the end i felt her voice in my soul mane i dnt what she was going through when she made this song but it had to be deep💔 #GreatVocials

  81. here igo

    This song got me through too many tough times but *I moved on* and moved forward

  82. Sylvia Francis

    thank u Mon for this song bcuz now I realize I wasnt the problem the trash is gone now it was the best thing that I could have done women out there if u find your self hurtin over a man that don't know what love is don't hate him just move on he pitiful that's all. thank u Monica.

  83. Antwun Barbary

    look. good.

  84. Antwun Barbary

    look. good.

  85. Laconia White

    Why does it sound like she's saying "serving my soul" but every lyric website says "selling my soul"? Is there something wrong with my ears? lol

  86. bambi bambi

    what is the name of this album by monica

  87. Alicia Morris

    70's babies got Mary J ❤️ and 80's babies got Monica🦋 to sing our pains and pull us through......

  88. Gordon duhon

    The tears

  89. Kekee Stanfer

    I Love This Song So Much

  90. Laconia White

    She should have made a video for this song.

  91. Trey white

    Monica is my favorite😍

  92. Angela Medina

    Your not what I need I'm believing in me...

  93. Candy Jones

    This song is amazing... I had to hear this song over and over to motivate me to mood move on and i did it hurts to move on but i did it..Thanks Monica💓💓

  94. Prince Alterze

    thank u Monica
    "believing in me"
    if anyone has been in love so deep n lost yourself and didn't think or knew that you were alone!
    after time n Time giving n showing him or her the benefit of doubt n loyalty that's with in u n that man or woman still doesn't get wake up
    it's not to believe in cause he or she Neve believe In u
    that's want what he or she could get take steal destroy etc
    I'm a victim too all above
    my dude used me prayed on me n so did my best friend
    did he love me I don't KNow but I love n was mad In love n for my wrong choices and decisions for forcing love I ended up hurt lost destroyed betrayed
    again thanks Monica
    classic classy lady u are,

  95. Auset Ausar44


  96. Brenda Thompson

    I am 12 years old I got raped by my boyfriend