Moneybagg Yo - Who Run It (Freestyle) Lyrics

These lil niggas really junior bacon cheeseburgers, lil beef

Who run this shit, not them
Like when Gates got out, I'm him
Ain't with the acting at all
Hundred round cartridge, shoot me a film
Got a lil bitch hardcore like Kim
Louboutins, blood walk like brim
Every since I got cash money
I ain't gotta say nothin' to 'em like Slim
You deflated need air or somethin'
In the back like the spare or somethin'
Told the bitch I don't care or somethin'
Fucked her sister, double dare or somethin'
Why you mad, we can share or somethin'
Keep the drum, we can share or somethin'
Twin dracos, Siamese
What you call em a pair or something
I'm rockin' water, Fiji
I'm on the yacht in some Yeezys
Speaking of Ye, I was selling that
I'm Mario, countin' Luigi (lit)
Twenty-eight grams of Juicy J
Border live, no over lay
Louis Wraith, Louis drapes
Open case, do the race
Who run it?
Pink and purple in my cup, I'm Lil Pump-in'
Trap jumpin' (like what, like what?)
Like some fingers, it's thumpin'
Who done it?
Pockets fat with bricks of hundreds, I'm Klump-in' (Sherman)
I run it
Headed to the top, like quickies I'm comin' (ugh ugh)
Talkin' 'bout quickies, I'm comin'
Ugh ugh, yeah
2 Heartless, 2 Heartless, two of 'em
Get hit for lookin' suspicious (watch how you look)
Diamonds wet, they gon' wash the dishes
Sittin' in the coupe with the missus, Whitney
If you bad you can fuck her with me
I'm taking chances, risks (risks)
Learn how to dance, my wrist did (Breezy)
I'm like the Memphis Kendrick (Lamar)
I was broke, now I"m a rich kid (look at my shoes, watch me plug walk)
This new freezer cost right here sixty (sixty K, shout out to Icebox)
AP ring and watch Jordan Pippen (duo)
And you know I run this shit, pockets keep me limpin'
2 Heartless, 2 Heartless, two of 'em, yeah

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Moneybagg Yo Who Run It (Freestyle) Comments
  1. DJ Faded

    Ya girl said u got that white 🏰 that lil 🍖 😂😂

  2. Justin Case


  3. Mr. ManDudeGuy

    His monotone rapping don’t go wit this hard beat

  4. Christopher Totten

    I like moneybagg yo music

  5. Christopher Abbott

    Twin draco siamese

  6. Keekee Smith


  7. Dream ChasinKB

    Shout Out To All My Memphis People

  8. Boy learned MeNigrr

    yeeeeeeee HEAVY CAMP CMG SHIT 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁💪💪💪💪🙌

  9. Luv Harrison

    She lying I been CT since Duke had coach k

  10. Radical Edward

    "I'm Mario countin Luigi..." -Baggs

  11. Og_ Slushy

    In the back like a spurr or sum first 10 sec nikka cold


    gym banger

  13. Ali-mu Rasheed

    60K shout out to ice-box

  14. Slay Jay Beats

    Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers....Luh Beef💯😂😂

  15. young corleone

    Shit weak

  16. Jeremy Jones

    Pink and purple in my cup I’m lil pumping ⛽️⛽️

  17. Paul Perry

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 moneybagg yo

  18. ocvay58

    Moneybagg ate dat shit💯

  19. Bacardi go

    Every since i got cash money i aint got to say nothing to em like slim

    Coree Jacobs

    bakari baker that line was 🔥🔥 I don’t think they realize who slim is and the fact that he almost never talks if ever

  20. 1521smokey

    Too Heatless! He kilt this sh!t

  21. Fhene

    pinK nD purpkLe in mii kupk im luh pumpkinG🤫✡️

  22. Michael Johnson


  23. Kamren Jones

  24. Alicia Marie

    Everybody hating on u moneybagg

  25. Stephen Bean

    Y'all sleep on black youngsta who run it lil yachty diss


    That's who kilt it

  26. lil D da Great

    Wack its soft

  27. SoCharmant

    Lyrics dope 💯 instrumental fire 🔥

  28. T.wellz Live

    This bitch #Stamped the #WhoRunIt challenge over !🔥🔥

  29. P sterling

  30. raineswoodkingred kingred


  31. Rashawn Moore2064

    Moneybagg at it again ♨♨♨♨♨💯💯💯💯 who runn it


    boooooooo. this shit garbage

  33. J Smith

    On repeat 🔥🔥🔥

  34. hawk0187ify

    Dude went off

  35. Sergio Vargas


  36. Damian Lundquist

    Moneybagg is my favorite spitting

  37. 1521smokey

    This ⛽💣💥☣

  38. torrey gold

    💰yo and 🔑 glock

  39. MaxMilli ELos

    Dj paul K.o.M did it best!!

    Lamont McDaniels

    MaxMilli ELos he'll yeah no one can do it better than a 3- 6 mafia OG

  40. Roland Waits

    Bagg snapped on this mf

  41. Lajoyce Hubbard

    Crazy ass boi how u gone get over a Memphis nigga wit there on sound🔥🔥Money bagg easily got the best who run it!

  42. Restore Light

    Junior bacon cheeseburgers 😂

    charles ramat

    Food Is Health lul beef😂

    Kelvin Hodges

    Hell yea

  43. Everette Jefferson

    G Herbo got the best one but this 🔥🔥🔥 2

    Trill Jones

    Helll no ... On some real lyrical rap shit he killed this on some other shit ... Metaphors , Similies , punchlines , word flips , flows , entendres 😲😕😱 None of Herb raps are equipped with any of those tangibles . Maybe a few punches and word flips but that's it , and that's basic shit .

  44. Timmy Too

    Young m.a..the best

    Jaylan Lewis

    Timmy Too they sleep

    K Watkins

    Timmy Too naw 21 savage


    Timmy Too her shit better than this but not herbo

  45. 2 REXXLESS2R4L

    This hoe litt🔥🔥💯

  46. pretty nesha

    See me in the coupe with the mrs 💯


    pretty nesha got the yezzys on rih now!💯

    pretty nesha

    ocvay58 💯💯💯


    pretty nesha hmu beautiful

  47. MrChosen75

    This Is tha hardest who 🏃it freestyle. Chic it right now on fb.

  48. Mr MMJ

    Lilll Beef 🥩 on the track🔥

  49. Juice Leeroy

    Check mine out I got the best one

  50. Miguel Martin

    moneybagg yo best one🔥🔥

  51. Christopher Webber

    Memphis shyt so much p shyt in dez song can't do nun but Respect it!! #jack

    AmCoolDude Yeah

    Christopher Webber Damn our names two letters off lol

    Caleb Jones

    This G shii not P shii

  52. It’s Daytoriaaa


  53. Wes Multz

    Best one

  54. Dallah Bills

    I'm sorry but moneybagg yo this freestyle wasn't as good. Herbo killed it now everyone making one ..

    Roland Waits

    Herbo shit was trash bro


    Dametreous Kpor it was lowkey, herbo was off beat the whole song


    APJayyy off beat or not he still killed 💯



  56. RealShvt

    This freestyle not meant for everybody


    RealShvt yeah but moneybagg not who u talkin about💯

    Bikerboyydevo Trapper


  57. D Bibbs

    Like when gates got out I'm him💯

    Tracy Wilson

    Marquez toney this shit don’t go with there beat

  58. keemari j


  59. Lynn Marie

    the best one out here

    chris ludd

    Lynn Marie black youngsta n rich the kid

    Ms Renee

    Lynn Marie you crazy...Young MA ate this!

  60. Dosay DadahMan


  61. Dedron Richardson

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 He Kill That Shit

  62. Ghost WithTheWind

    STFU juciy j anDj paul put the nail in the coffin for the #whorunitchallange .

  63. Young B Bankroll