Monáe, Janelle - Suite IV Electric Overture Lyrics

She has arrived!
Her crown
Has a story
14 soldiers marching round and round her
I don't wanna be slave again!
No I don't wanna be slave!
I'm electric girl
From electric world
And I only want to bring you light.

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Monáe, Janelle Suite IV Electric Overture Comments
  1. indira rivera

    So nice.

  2. VXY-I caralho


  3. RAI

    This sounds so James Bond

  4. Jeffrey Villlatoro

    It;s just so good! I have this shit on replayyyyyyy

  5. M. Krasteva

    this used to be my ringtone. never picked up...

  6. John Grice

    This is the shit...go Janelle😜

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