Monáe, Janelle - Party Girl Lyrics

Woo. It's Saturday. I'm bout to go out. Oh, I cannot wait.
(I'm getting ready)
Just got me a new outfit. So fresh so clean
(I'm getting ready)

Jump in the shower.
Grab my towel and put my V. secrets on.
(I'm getting ready)
And brush my teeth cuz I'm almost ready to roll.
(I'm getting ready)

I know I should focus on my school work.
I shouldn't feel the way I do, but I do.
My friends all said that he would be there.
And plus I look real cute.
(I'm getting ready)

I heard the clubs in Atlanta are the sickest...the sickest.
(I'm getting ready)
And now it's time for me to pay a visit...a visit.
I know I won't wake up in time for Sunday
To be in Sunday Sunday school.
I really hope this boy is cool.

It's time I fought for love.
I know he'll be there waiting.
Four hundred girls in the room
And I am all he sees.

Enough debating.
I'm sick and tired of waiting.
I grab my petticoat and my ID.
My friends are waiting
Eagerly anticipating.
Gotta get there before midnight cuz it's free.

My heart starts beating fast as we pull closer.
No turning back girl now you've gotta know.
No turning back right now I've gotta know.
(Know, oh, oh)

Well, girl there he is
There's your boy
Can't you see
I bet he's looking around tryna find you
I can't believe I'm here tonight
But wrong or right
I refuse to act scared and ignore you
My heart starts beating fast as you walk over
You got me feeling tipsy but I'm sober

It's time I fought for love.
I know he'll be there waiting.
Four hundred girls in the room
And I am all he sees.

It's time I fought for love.
I know he'll be there waiting .
Four hundred girls in the room
And I am all he needs.

[Phone rings 2x]
Girl. I just woke up
Girl, naw, I had one of the craziest dreams.
I know he's gonna be there. (I know I should focus on my school work)
Scandalous? Girl I am not scandalous. (I shouldn't feel the way I do, but I do)
I have a test Tuesday and I cannot miss church tomorrow.
(My friends all said that he would be there.)
No, I told everybody I was coming and I'm gon' be there. (And plus I look real cute)
Listen. Girl, bye. I love you. I will talk to you later. (I know I won't wake up in time for Sunday)
Have a good one. Be careful. (To be in Sunday school'in Sunday school)
Bye. Girl, bye. Call me tomorrow after church.
(I really hope this boy is cool)

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Monáe, Janelle Party Girl Comments
  1. Dark Requiem

    Wow, this is very well produced for unreleased demos.

  2. Sebastian Oliver

    I found this album through MySpace back in the day ...



  4. Jack Pandalord

    The intro sounds kinda similar to the miseducation of Lauryn Hill album intro hehe

  5. Sevenc7ub

    One of my favorite albums! Still in 2019

  6. Eccentric Lullaby

    I love Janelle Monae ♥️♥️♥️

  7. Zelgaro

    Metropolis and Cindi are like, UNBELIEVABLY good. Could've totally been official releases.

  8. Zetsword

    god she is so talented and fine

  9. Zachariah Kinder

    warm up is so good

  10. Hooliganiscoolagain

    By far on of the best of all time

  11. Zachariah Kinder

    one of the best, by far

  12. Dillian Stockman


  13. Penny

    Your dreams came true, Janelle, you did it and you made it happen for yourself, you're so strong <3

  14. Taco Nine Shellly

    A true classic.

  15. Jeh


  16. sinjonezp

    Metropolis one of my favs ever

  17. BlackDot

    Who's listening in 2019?😊😊😊

  18. mygreenenvy

    So glad somebody posted this album. Janelle's voice is just so incredible. I seriously believe that The ArchAndroid LP will be remembered as one of the greatest concept albums in musical history. I was going to say " rock history" or " R&B history" but she defies being categorized- ArchAndroid is R&B, rock, hip-hop, jazz and even classical music. I hope to someday see a full-length sci-fi flick based on the LP starring none other than Janelle as Cindi Mayweather #57821


    "categorize me, I defy every label"


    But that's from Electric Lady of course.

    John Beck

    Flick is great but the Cindi Mayweather saga deserves an opera.

  19. Christel Wilkins

    she should make a Christmas album, it'll be unique!!!

  20. SourStrawberrys

    Was released, just in small quantities. I think this was the one she sold out of her trunk.

  21. Azure888

    Just found out about Janelle pretty recently, and I wish I had known about this album sooner. Doesn’t sound “unoffical” to me. Lettin’ Go, Party Girl, My Favorite Nothing, and Star are absolutely amazing.

  22. Ashley Tune

    Baby janelle! 😭😭😭 this is so cute and so good

  23. Emmanuel Ocampo

    hey this is DEJ if you r free stop by my music profile 2 take a listen and brainstorm my mixtape MC Mansandam/,MC Mansandam Freestyle,Story About My Life,No Trust 4Me, HMU on spiritual_relief87_god_knowz IG on Instagram let me know what you think about my music.

  24. urs561

    I’ve been looking for this 💜💜

  25. Jasmine Taylor

    She just Amazing 🤗

  26. Brittney Nonya

    I had this on repeat back in the day.

  27. Kasia Dean

    I'm gettin READAAAY👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🤙🏽✨✨

  28. mika mike

    15:01 Cindy. Loooooooooooove it!!!!!!!

  29. dread passion

    This album is awesome

  30. Taibatha House

    Woah, just now hearing this in 2018!! Loving it!! she can sing any and everything

  31. Kirana 13

    Thank you so much for uploading this rare, fantastic album by Janelle Monáe! I have been wanting to listen to this for months but couldn't find it anywhere.

  32. Brandon Williams

    My fav song on this album is the "Time Will Reveal" remake

  33. Bishop Colding

    Wonderland 57821 Dear Ms. Monáe, My name is Bishop Colding. I am an aspiring artist and I want to be like you. I am working on my music now but I feel like I'm stuck in a hole. I don't know if it sounds good, and I don't know whether to put it on the internet or not, because I don't want to embarrass myself. I am in need of your musical help. Please respond to me whenever you can. Im taking a chance here, since im not sure if this is your personal account or not. I am willing to leave my number and/or Gmail if need be. I ask if you can please respond to me.

    Bishop Colding

    Wonderland 57821 my email is [email protected]
    This is still YouTube and I wish to not leave anymore of my personal information on this app than I need to. I just need someone to help guide me musically.

    Bishop Colding

    sORry i'M LaTe! wHat diD I miSs? Idc if it works or not! I was hoping that this would be that magical chance that happens in movies and such and I'm still going to try because I'm still holding onto hope!

    Bishop Colding

    sORry i'M LaTe! wHat diD I miSs? Now, idk If Ms. Monáe have another account. And if you are that other account, I'll stop trying. But if you aren't, then I shall keep trying because what do I have to lose?


    This is not her personal account

  34. Cool ChrisFromStLouis

    Metropolis on repeat still in 2k18

    Yahnis Dunbar

    cool Chris RIGHT

    Brittney Nonya

    Exactly. Probably my favorite song of hers.


    One of my ALL-TIME favorite songs!

  35. ANDRIA

    Anyone else still jamming this album in 2018, in celebration of Dirty Computer being released today!💕 love you janelle forever and then some

    Lameka Pryor



    Janelle is incredible...the only song I haven't liked was wondaland. But compared to her entire discography thats nothing! She is art. She is Janelle. She is everything

  36. Jaron K.

    I need this album, her creativity just takes me places; I love her music. I would love her and Kanye to work together!

  37. Melvin Moore

    janelle monae's new release: Dirty Computer 4/27/18....


    Melvin Moore 😇😍

  38. MickeyDs14

    Brings back memories. I used to listen to this so many times when I was in high school.

  39. Ross Nevin

    this is stunningly good...


    In 2003 to 2018 #dirtycomputer

  40. Philippe M.

    Je ne connaissais pas du tout cette artiste ! 😃 👍

  41. Dee Mccray

    the more i listen i hear jill scott, india aria, shes in that class

  42. Dee Mccray

    damn who was , her arranger what a voice first class please re-release this album platium


    I’m a stan.

  44. Kasia Dean

    AAAAAAAAH THANK YOU!!! I've been looking for this for soooo long!! I LOOOVE PARTY GIRL!! So many Memories💖💕 She's Such A Queen!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👑✨


    That’s my favorite too. :-)

  45. sexxyk24

    I still have this CD but it is so scratched up that it barely plays. I am glad that she realized her dream. I loved it then and now.

  46. Draggline 77

    Sheis a gift to us! Period!

  47. Joelena Moore

    This is Real Soul Music.....JANELLE!
    This is a Timeless Classic!
    In Love😍

  48. FancyDandin

    She has reached more people at my age than I will before I'm her age.

  49. Erica J

    These songs make me happy☺

  50. Adrianne Nelson

    I bought this album from Janelle herself in 2003 in Atl man this album got me through life back then lol

    Brittney Nonya

    Wow that's amazing.

  51. Priscell Elease

    I have a friend who gave me this CD when he was living in ATL. This was her demo.... I listened to it everyday. Oddly enough it was in the CD player and was destroyed during hurricane Katrina. The one song on this CD that I love so much is Star. Its amazing to see what she manifested. Wow! God Bless Janelle Monae

  52. Anayah Lewis

    anybody else still vibing this in 2017


    I just listened to this for the first time. I love her other albums, I'm a fairly new fan. The Metropolis song from this album gave me chills. I've never felt this way listening to music before.

    Tara Seals

    Yep yep! I literally was listening to Madison McFerrin and I was lije she reminds me of ole school Janelle Monae😍. So i googled it's not fair and found the entire album! #ThisMadeMyDay been rocking with her since 2003! Everybody's first album is the best!

    Jae Ahrend

    in 2018 even ;)

  53. VSWN

    this album only gets better with time

    mika mike

    Like a good wine!

  54. noahkma

    oh man this is a jam

  55. John Beck

    The Electic Lady at the begining of her career. Brilliant old school soul. And only 18 yrs old!

  56. Scottie's Diary

    Still jam in 2016.

  57. Kai Bino

    I won't let go...absolutely magnificent🙌😏😁✌

  58. BDizzleNY06

    wow this reminds me of the Myspace days.

  59. Taliyah Edwards

    Who's is ft with her in you

  60. Taliyah Edwards

    You 😍❤️🕴⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

  61. Monica Blue

    it was basically a demo cd and she sent them out looking for a deal signing.

    Quincy, Uber Vegan

    Monica Blue true, but she also passed them out while performing at local colleges.


    What Vegsn says is true. I bought a copy of her audition CD in '03 at Spelman College...I just am still in love with this project

  62. kevin beasley

    ughhhhhhh i want this album......... i want to buy it.........................gotta support one of my favs

  63. J Princeton

    Some of these beats sound like they're from the homie Pharrell.

  64. J Princeton

    2003? Man was she ahead of her time! This sounds like it just came out.

    Kanye South

    +J Princeton Yep. She was affiliated with Outkast though so that would kinda explain her advanced sound. I remember 2 of the songs were on the Purple Ribbon album.

    Deese Knutz

    I have news for you, young boy - 2003 isnt so long ago that music from that year is dated now. THis is only 2016. Once you have been on the planet a few more decades, you will be have a broader and more accurate reference of time.

    Quincy, Uber Vegan

    S dot Slim actually, Bigboi discovered her while she was performing at a college party concert she booked. In 2005 he signed her and helped her get better organized

  65. lovingklimt

    This was released actually, it was realeased indipendently.

  66. Patrick Peyrefitte

    Hate when they say its an artist's "unofficial" album... so the artist went thru all that work for people to call it "unofficial"? its not a figment of your imagination its hard work and effort and a part of the person's life and legacy... that is all, have a nice day :)

    Maxwell K

    I think you're really misinterpreting the video description. It's her "unofficial FIRST album" all that means is that the Archandroid is her major label debut album, because she chose to release this independently and you can't really buy it like you would an official album. The word unofficial is more about commercialism and less a comment about artistic worth.


    Thank U!

  67. Shockadelica

    Thank you!

  68. Brysea R

    Thank you so much for this!

  69. ocheezy hall

    I never knew about this album until now. I loved Janelle when I first heard her, but this album right here just takes it to another level! She is amazing

  70. Todd Wiggins

    I suggest republishing the collection under a new label...Should get some airplay. Could really take off!

  71. MO$$GANG

    anyone know where this can be downloaded?

    Brysea R

    @AFROvids I would love an answer to this question as well, can't find it on Amazon or anywhere.

    Jasdeep Sidhu

    @AFROvids alas it is unreleased my friend. But i think there are video-->song converters online


    @AFROvids Just Google it. Plenty of sites have it available for download, as it is basically treated as a mixtape.

    Sarah Kinicki

    +AFROvids I want to download as well, but she deserves the money for it. Would like to actually purchase for a real artist if I can find a site for it. =)

  72. Cluv22

    Before she was THE ELECTRIC LADY...
    Before she was THE ARCHANDROID...
    Before THE CHASE...
    Before METROPOLIS...
    Before she became CINDI MAYWEATHER...
    Before she became an ALPHA9000 ANDROID......

    She was smply, Janelle Monae. And THIS is what made me fall in love with her. And I been with her ever since. LOVE her. LOVE this album. LOOOOOVE me some Janelle Monae.


    And now, before the dirty computer

    Nit Nite

    My teacher listened to I like that and said is she a new singer. It made me so mad.

    Brittney Nonya

    Yes, heard this song years ago and fell in love with her music.

    Andrea Kablan

    Yep this is the Janelle I love too. The one I fell in love with. This album helped me through a lot

    Lavtrabia Lawson

    Yeah too bad she been corrupted by hollywood. Still love the album though

  73. Todd Wiggins

    Great classic pop collection, plus an amazing instrumental...She should be at Taylor Swift level by now!  

  74. Taylur Holland

    One of my absolute favorite albums from @***** This album just gets me. #TheAudition #Inspiration

  75. Shinebright

    I listen to this all the time! Love it! Thanks again for sharing :)

  76. Sha Alesjah Israel

    Hello all and yes Janelle made some great points about many things to come in today's last days. Now I am on a whole different erra. Please turn with me to Revelation chapter 7 and read.... I am a Hebrew woman from the tribe of Judah and I hope to know  if any musicians want to know what will be next because we are now headed towards "our heavenly fathers " plans and as we awaken to coming out of pure reckoning may my other brothers and sisters awake as well. I am only into speaking truth of a spiritual conclusion one that is to be profound. This world is going to change.......... 

    Destini X Shakur

    Sha Alesjah Israel what does this mean

  77. pfnice Bridges

    I used to have an My Space page back in 2006-2009, I came across Janelle Monae then prior to her working with Sean Poffy Combs. I loved her music then and now. She is so authentic and music meaningful touching both mind, heart, soul and dance. I'm very happy to see you Janelle being you and sharing your world of talent with the world and its inhabitants. Sho you right :)

    Julie Ogden

    that's so cool! cool to see how she had a lot of the concepts that became metropolis and cindi mayweather and all that already in this album. love her!

  78. Jojo E

    elle est vraiment géniale!!!!! =)

  79. FKA Prudence

    i just can't get enough

  80. subjugatedcereal

    Janelle really brings a fresh voice to music, she's won a new fan.


    prince's heir

  81. Tracy Tralove3480

    i love it

  82. KiNg MaRMaR

    I wish this album was released

  83. Asana Folorunsho


  84. Jerronimo287

    im in love with is 

  85. Lavender Rainbow

    Her music makes my heart so happy!!!

  86. blessingNdisquiSe11

    Love it!!

  87. Forever Tupou

    i love the whole feel of this!

  88. Havin

    Save the best song for last!

  89. Fisayo Akinlude

    I LOVE the Funkadelic reference "One Nation Under a Microchip" HAHA! I love it!

    Torbot Torbotson

    lol, try looking up the "pledge of allegiance". Both are referencing the phrase "one nation under god"

    Fisayo Akinlude

    @Torbot Torbotson Lol. My name gives away the fact that I'm not American, huh? Obviously I know what both are referencing; I was merely pointing out how similar it was to "One Nation Under a Groove". Also, she references Funkadelic in her later albums. See "Dance Apocalyptic" and "Sir Nose D'Void Of Funk". Non American does not mean ignorant of American issues. You guys make that impossible :)

  90. Darkisha Andrews

    Letting GO!!!

  91. Cori Jacobs

    Good for her.

  92. Grateful Ones

    omg i love this from start to finish she is brilliant rock on my Q.U.E.E.N
    Quirky, Unafraid, Electric, Epic and Nicety
    I LOVED THE ELECTRIC LADY too!!! its on my christmas list

  93. diipii1

    Hi Jeanette, Thanks for your comment, pretty restrained given my rantings. I discovered Monae from Chanel's show and really liked the extended mix they used, found it on YT and adored Q.U.E.E.N. I thought it unique and totally engaging. Then I watched interviews and began to see contradictions with her statements and what I saw to be the truth. I didn't at all buy the "starving black girl making on her own and her work being original and ground braking" notion. I wanted it to be true but was disillusioned by Monae herself. This made me doubt her sincerity and question her history and sexual identity "saga" as just another cynical marketing ploy which now typifies her  as far as I am concerned. Monae appears to be an original talent who has resorted to manipulating her fans and the market place. This is showbiz, I know, but if you choose to create a bubble for a home that is a very fragile place to live. I would love you to convince me I am completely wrong.


    The question is: Would I trust anyone who had discovered a musician through a Chanel fashion show? No I wouldn't.

    Dieter Verhofstadt

    Even if she has exploited her past to add drama to her biography, just consider
    - an 18 year old making this kind of album, self sustained and independent
    - a 14 year old leaving her place to pursue stardom
    - her starting a mythology with this debut album that has enough quality to accompany an astonishing musical trip that has lasted for 4 albums and 59 songs to date
    Whether or not you come from a poverty stricken family, you must be a genius to pull this off.
    Yes we live in a world of marketing and JM will not be able to escape it. She needs the money too but I think she keeps delivering against all odds of pulp society.

    Mark Frieser

    @Andrewsmate really? Why's that?

    The Adventurous Daydreamer

    +diipii1 This girl is really who she says she is; I met her briefly as a student in Atlanta and she really did live in a boarding house near the Atlanta University Center. When I met her she was preforming as unknown at a spoken word event on campus. She was very polite and talented. She sang acapella while playing the guitar. I wish I would have been nicer to her. I seen her later that year at an audition where Big Boi and Dallas Austin was casting for a pilot. One thing I've learned from her is not to give up on your dreams and don't underestimate people. It's funny now because you have people like you who come up with these crazy conclusions and have no idea how hard an artist like Janelle works to see their dreams come true. I'm glad that they have for her.

  94. ReeseyTreatz

    This album is amazing

  95. diipii1

    I don't mind in the slightest Monae making this music, I like some of it, well one track Q.U.E.E.N., just don't market it with a load of tosh and show blatant disrespect to your audience by expecting us to believe it.

  96. diipii1

    Plus, "We believe women are much smarter than men" is quoted from the "About us" section on Wondaland Arts website. Explain that Monae ! In my country, you know the one that invented democracy and the language you speak, to state this is illegal, pointless and hilarious.

    Relapsed Pop Culture Critic

    What country is this?

    The Drunken King

    -Invented democracy
    -Invented the English language
    -Illegal to say "women are smarter than men"

    Lmao, what country would that be? You're barely coherent. You don't deserve to comment on Janelle's accomplishments.

  97. diipii1

    Plus the teeth alone must have cost $100K

  98. diipii1

    In 03 Monae was broke and living in a boarding house but she still produced this. Session musicians, singers, studio time, mixing, editing and production all cost big cash. Is Monae  more than a little economical with the truth ? Is she actually what she tells us she is or just self-obsessed, driven, manipulative, insincere and just a user ??


    Yeah, but there is an insidious implied put down in saying someone is "out of touch", because they don't know song producers.  It's also immature to then tell that person to lighten up about it.  I think it's worth your being called out on it.  That type of criticism seems antithetical to JM's philosophy, anyway.  So, really who is out of touch with respect to the context of this YT posting?  And WTF is Francis?  Does not compute.  This discussion is boring.  I don't want to continue on.  I only hope you are big enough to look at your statements, and not make  ego-laden excuses.  Otherwise, I really don't want to know you.

    J. Levi C.

    @Narcoleptigon I'll try and explain why it was funny in a less insulting way-- basically, Big Boi is objectively more well-known that Monae herself, that's why it seemed funny.

    Melvin Moore

    he's one half of outkast, duh...

    Melvin Moore

    LOL francis, i'm sure its just a phrase.

  99. keshawithoutthek

    But can we talk about how this was released/recorded when she was like 18/19...this is from 2003, she was super talented!

    Kasia Dean

    keshawithoutthek THATS WIIIILD! Woow she's sooo talented I literally love her💕