Monáe, Janelle - Cindi Lyrics

As I search for a home
And a place to belong
I find it hard to fit in
I meet lots of pretty girls
In this fantasy world
Waiting for their turn to shine
So I try to be Cindi, in hopes that they'd notice
But I wasn't their cup of tea
Its so lonely, when I'm only being me

Who's that girl in the mirror
With hair like a rock star
She wants to dance but she has cold feet
Her confidence is low
So much talent but who'll know
When she's afraid to follow her dreams
So I talk to her heart and made up her mind
That I gotta except her for me
But its so lonely, when I'm only being me

You gotta be you and I've gotta be me
Only, only be me

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Monáe, Janelle Cindi Comments
  1. Evan Webb-Stuart

    Omg! T_T

  2. Dominique Devereux

    I love the lush orchestration in her work.

  3. FredPatrick Gaines

    you gotta be you

  4. gregew6


  5. gina weiss

    Oh jesus...

  6. Rosandra Davis

    Where can I get this song.

  7. Lafayette

    This is a song that makes you wish youtube had a repeat button, real FUNK.

  8. Maikerubusshu sail

    Beautiful.....just that

  9. mano a mano

    If you ever come out with long blonde hair, I'll jump off a bridge. Stay lovely in His sight.

  10. achronos178

    I'm just wow

  11. ashley evans

    love her!!

  12. MsDreamscaper

    @YOLOJamiel Good Luck!.What's BSA?

  13. Ayana Johnson

    Im singing this for my BSA audition tomorrow . Thankss Janlle !!
    <3 <3

  14. John Behnke

    I love her with all my heart

  15. funkk


  16. José Merling Estacio

    @TheMerlingFive: So Sweet !!