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Stop with the loose talk
That's how bitches get dog walked
They found out who they fucking with and try to call the beef off
I finish bitches off, have yo body outlined in chalk
Opps trying to small talk, you bitches is cotton soft
The Molly make niggas stall
On the block, 6 o'clock
You know we all got chops
Free Roc, my big brother always kept him a Glock
Bitch don't get yo head knocked
Blowing on this cookie, call Ro to restock
Bitch, you is a crumb I win a thousands to none
Something in that water got that 'lil bitch going dumb
Why they hating? They just mad cause I'm winning
Came up in a month and its only the beginning
Wanting some attention, talking bull shit in my mentions
Hoes sneakdissing trying to get some recognition
Did you know I specialize in making bitches go missing
Making boss moves and racking up this chicken
Unknown ass hoes throwing shade I'm coming harder
Thirsty ass hoes, bet you still need some water
100k in 1 week, I know that's why they bothered
Cause before I wrote a verse, these hoes never have a problem
Molly the beef of the baddest bitch in the D
Told the bitch to take a seat, I know she can't stand me
Hoes trying to diss me, and got the nerve to be weak
Can't give a fuck about a bitch, I put bands over beef

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