Moldy Peaches, The - Greyhound Bus Lyrics

I ride the greyhound bus,
I ride it everywhere.

Oh how I count the ways,
The answer lies within me.

I love my roller skates,
I ride them everywhere.

Circle flows eternally,
How can I find a savior.

Got the coolest BMX,
I ride it everywhere.

Tis nobler to die for truth,
Tis holy to repent ones sins.

My daddy has a Subaru,
I ride it everywhere.

Time travels like a wave,
My mind it travels like a wave.

I ride it everywhere
My mind travels like a wave

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Moldy Peaches, The Greyhound Bus Comments
  1. m s

    I ride my fixed gear bike.. I ride it everywhere

  2. carl d

    the tits baby