Modestep - Smoke Up Lyrics

We gonna smoke up
Be free
One love
One dream
We gonna smoke up
We gonna smoke up
We gonna smoke up
Be free (be free)
One love (one love)
One dream (one dream)
We gonna smoke up
We gonna smoke up

We gonna smoke
We gonna smoke
(Raise the fuck up)

We gonna smoke
We gonna smoke

We gonna smoke up
Be free (be free)
One love (one love)
One dream (one dream)
We gonna smoke up
We gonna smoke up
We gonna smoke up
Be free (be free)
One love (one love)
One dream (one dream)
We gonna smoke up
We gonna smoke up

We gonna smoke
(Raise the fuck up)
(Oh shit)

We gonna smoke

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Modestep Smoke Up Comments

    we gonna smoke up
    we got a small cock


    0:51 Nigga Fuck

  3. Fennek0

    Oof I remember listening to Sunlight, loving it, and forgetting about Modestep, then I found this. OOF

  4. Mi Sa

    Everyone Hail to Modestep

  5. Cedy h

    Edit Fail on 2:00?

  6. Mario Gonzalez

    I lose my shit at the 2nd drop...

  7. HAZA

    Good enough for the playlist, check that out btw I collected these over 7 years of listening to dubstep and understanding where look and what’s best :)

  8. ElectricBOY MC IT

    *Riddim or Die !!!* 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. koolaiddude7685894

    That mood switch from the intro to the drop is fucking illmatic

  10. milodjilodj

    Maverick Sabre - Running Away


    wtf!!!!! its true!

  11. Rizks Dip

    Still Nothing beats Nothing!!!

  12. KidLaSquid

    Modestep in 2015: "Rainbow"
    Modestep in 2018: *Smoke up*

    Toxin GD

    Smoke Up better

  13. Samsquatch

    Smoking up while I try to remix "Nothing".

  14. Субару Кун

    modestep are the best!

  15. Субару Кун


  16. hey Bay

    My favorite

  17. Nebulous Fumes

    EP of the year so far if you ask me goddamm!

  18. 233AK

    Damn, with that intro I was really hoping this was going to chill and not be a badass heavy banger.

  19. El master MTZ

    Opaaaa sabrosura men orgasmo auditivo xd:3 me encanta y me relaja:'3

  20. Guayo F.

    My Top:
    1.The Fallout
    2. Lost Inside
    3. Space Apocalypse
    4. Nothing
    5. Smoke Up

    Tonito 75

    100% agree

  21. IM Wercs

    This EP is gold.

  22. Moni Moni

    Oooo Yeeessss ❣🎶🔊 I like it ❤

  23. Lim Lam

    Modestep coming out with some serious bangers lately.

    *They can't disappoint* <3

  24. Sebastian Giebels

    Modestep never dissapoints!

  25. Nightflower Records

    Modestep <3

  26. Merlin Lautner

    sooooo nice vocals but i miss the for modestep typical melodic sound .... it seems 2 be a lil bit off beat :( ...
    i love those sounds from higher and summer :OOO this are your 2 best masterpieces <33

  27. budlaaat

    Been waiting for this since the teaser

    EDIT: 2:06 I just came


    Came or cum?

  28. jarrett buell

    Modestep Melody goodness, segwayed into a fucking woodchoppa

  29. Moustapha Loum

    This track smoked the fuck up my ears! Holly shit it's huge!

  30. hizuna

    Modestep songs

    I love >❤<

  31. Johnny Lee Onion'

    I grow a mustache because i love The Dub Rebelion. The logo is very accurate, i have elegant style and listen riddim and robostep and its my way of life

  32. LilithVI


  33. Kiler_mansters

    sounds great :D

  34. Dubstep Latin America


  35. Dubsta

    My speakers Smoked up.
    Drop is fuken lit!
    My favourite song of this EP so far.

  36. Vinicius Silva


  37. Elvyan Maxwell

    Sweet jesus the 2nd drop oh gosh


    I just came from that one


    *oh josh

    Kingston Geldenhuys

    pretty much, 2nd drop has the gem colour

  38. ItsFuckingCopyright

    *COOOL! ♥‿♥*

  39. Ze B

    You gotta smoke up to get down😎

  40. Maja Grz

    Modestep 👌🏼🔥

    Dubstep Latin America



    U mean chess🧀

    Dubstep Latin America

    @Rhythm 😅

  41. ミウラケンタロウ

    My first time commenting so fast but I'm here for smoke up

  42. Jeremiasz Hoppe


  43. Раста Фарай

    Норм 👍

  44. Obstract.

    ILY. 😀

  45. Sodium Chloride

    Second favorite from the ep!

    (Right behind Fallout)

    Dubstep Latin America


    Guayo F.

    Ikr! But for me the second one has to be Lost Inside. Its just so good.

    Sodium Chloride

    @Guayo F. While it doesn't score as high for me, the dark atmosphere, grimey growls, and deep rubs are amazing!

  46. Nexus Virus

    That nice 🤩

  47. NCS.Osman Phantom Sage


    NCS.Osman Phantom Sage

    Evet Bu Şarkı Şaşırtıcı

    Utku Cevdet Demir

    @NCS.Osman Phantom Sage tüm ep mükemmel

    Utku Cevdet Demir


    NCS.Osman Phantom Sage

    @Utku Cevdet Demir Tabii Dinlerim

    Utku Cevdet Demir

    @NCS.Osman Phantom Sage 👍🏾🤩👍🏾

  48. Eduardo Cunha monteiro

    Primeiro comentário (≧∇≦)/

  49. sthefa cordoba


  50. Weref 55

    First visual