Modestep - Lost Inside Lyrics

I'm lost inside...
Yeah, I'm lost...

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Modestep Lost Inside Comments
  1. Respect your body

    20 years old. Got my free laptop. Shoutout to the goat. Ableton installed ❤️

  2. Arvin Jay Studios Official update

    Modestep one on is Dubstep and I have been working on ago May Back


    Modestep taking a lot of inspiration from Burial on this EP i have noticed

  4. Soarse


  5. Akaash Ram

    Burial meets modestep 😁

  6. Alex White

    Speed trap outt oHP gunk more...there.

  7. ㄥᘿ 乃ㄖㄖ丂ㄒ 卩丨尺乇ㄥㄥ丨


  8. тумир

    Why dubstep die?(
    I like this music ganre but my school dont like

  9. BosniaBall

    FU** YES <3 <3 <3 <3 Some oldsql Modestep vibes. WE WANT MOREEEEE

  10. Patrick Bonfiglio

    This is a emotional experience. Thanks Modestep.

  11. Kingston Geldenhuys

    didnt expect this glory

  12. Always Dr3aming

    Loooving the garage feels! Excellent track 🔥🔥🔥 reminds me of burial

  13. Erick A. Malagon

    la verdad ya ni estan subiendo buenas canciones si o no? :3

  14. donaldrev

    Is this video number 1000 for you guys? If it is, congratulations on a job very VERY well done.

  15. Kozmoz


  16. KortexOff

    The only love in my life is music production so give it a try plz !

  17. Tines_under _the _pines

    People’ do t have the subatomic mind set to like dumbstep don’t know where it takes there brain it makes me think outside the cluster of billions of partials we call earth

  18. Disturbio X

    Mi video:

  19. MR Music

    Modestep are truly masters of their craft.

  20. MiXFiT Music

    Modestep just does not stop killing the dubstep game. Such a sick track.

  21. Alexandru Jurje

    NICEE. :) Roots Dubstep

  22. Viktoria Kuroki

    Where’s James Cheeks? Did he just become Justin Y.?

  23. Mirinda Flores

    Something new coming from Modestep. Like it 🔥🔥

  24. NorteK

    1:59 i know this sample but dont know from where :D


    Oh i can help you: Bachelors of Science:
    - lost inside

  25. virtual displacement

    this is odd its making my heart go faster yet im chill

  26. Official Dj Eswift
    I’ll throw my Tune in the ring too... i dunno 🤷‍♂️ if it will be heard....

  27. TDMJ's Every Nation

    This song is flipin' awesome!

    *(╯๑╹□╹๑ ) ╯*

  28. FlameDeathcrash

    Old school fkin new dubstep :D

  29. helostcontroll

    modestep and their "make dubstep great again" attitude. ♥

  30. HGRianto

    Modestep was kind of like, getting stretched from year to year

  31. Pretendship

    old schooool

  32. MidniteWolf69

    Plot twist. This song is from 2011 they just kept it in a vault.

  33. Creeper Dubz

    Too good

  34. Roman Grytsai

    who the hell dislikes this wtf? It’s a masterpiece

    SB:NTWRK Promotions

    People who are unable to vibe to the roots of the genre because it's not "headbanger" worthy lmao. Keyword = VIBE.

  35. NiKo_KST


    *Watch my video Friends,THanks)*

  36. Axel Forsman

    It is good.

  37. Lemouserat Photographie

    This is definitely better than your last tune! Great job!

  38. RexeЯ kim

    DEEP DUBSTEP.....I BET it will be a new generation of the EDM!

    Jesús Albarran Camacho

    LOL, this is 2008

    SB:NTWRK Promotions

    Damn you are young aren't you 😂

    Dubstep was originally deep. It's how it started off way back in 2002 and continued on like that till 2009 (and to this day!) Lately, more and more new artists are continuing to push that original / classic / traditional dubstep sound, alongside the pioneers (or, the ones who were here since its beginnings, like Hatcha, TRUTH, Mala and Distance.) So this isn't going to be a "new generation of edm." It's just the roots of the genre you're hearing. While calling it "deep dubstep" is necessary nowadays for people to understand what form of dubstep you're talking about, as the sound of dubstep has become incredibly diverse, realize at the same time that "deep dubstep" is really just dubstep in its freshest and most purest form, because that's how it originally was, without the use of that term.

    RexeЯ kim

    @SB:NTWRK Promotions listened to the DUBSTEP in 2008-10, it really sounds like something DEEP sound... That Dubstep is orignally deep is correct as you said!
    And my comment is absolutly WRONG haha xd

  39. Maroš V.

    Supeeeeer dope.

  40. Boalus

    Pick up the droppings while you're here Modestep. Sorry but low track


    Boalus what do you dislike about it?

  41. Revolweł


  42. Conosis

    Yes ffs! More of this.

  43. HospitalMusic

    Reminds me of the really really new dubstep.

  44. Derrick Juicy

    That second drop 👌

  45. Holmquist

    So amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥some lost in space on acid type shit

  46. Pritesh Chaware

    Deep and dark !!!

  47. Angel Gonzalez Varela

    Que puto hermoso

  48. Jerled Rod

    Already at the start i said me... this is no good.

  49. Ahungry Spoon

    Is modestep just one guy I thought it was two . Also how long has this fancy nigha been around


    They were 4 but now they're just 2, and they've been around since 9 years i think

  50. Fabian f b

    ^^ me lo descargo uwu

  51. MAXimum Power

    By far the best song of the EP

  52. ScreamNoCopyright


  53. Poma

    Here before it becomes animation meme

  54. TheGuruPenguin

    By far my favorite off of the EP.

  55. EL LENIN


  56. Nebulous Fumes

    I dunno bout yall but im getting some burial vibes from that intro and the drums! One of the best ep in the year if not the best so far!


    Nebulous Fumes definitely not alone.

  57. SB:NTWRK Promotions

    Best track of the EP 💙💙 seeing how well this was executed, I really want to see them work with TRUTH now!


    It’s like 2-step and 2012 dubstep had a baby

  59. julia pashnyak

    This is way to dope !! I freaking love it !! 🤘🏼😻

  60. JOTHÜ


    SB:NTWRK Promotions

    More like Burial.


    Sub:Network you said it, Sub. Sooome people dont want to admit it, but burial had an influence on dubstep

  61. Sanatorium

    old vibes here, sounds good to me. No more shit future bass

    Zapph K55

    Lol. Their future bass is kinda repetitive tbh

  62. Faby

    This is kinda disappointing imo

  63. Sabri Mejbri

    2019 is starting great for Dubstep

  64. Maria Gafford

    Ooooh shiet

  65. Bazaruz Deathstep

    My favourite from this EP

  66. Moustapha Loum

    Best of the EP imo!

  67. Рустам Максимов

    Modestep on a Disciple?

  68. Adi Stoica

    Nice going! Big up Modestep!

  69. Tuomas P

    Loving it! My personal fave, reminds me of the atmosphere in some London Road tracks

  70. Mesut Özdemir

    yeah, not new generation trash

  71. Mark Lund

    Deepstep from modestep? I'll take it. Man, today has been the best triple upload in a long while

    SB:NTWRK Promotions


  72. Ben Winston

    fookin good track that

  73. theDIGITALperception

    omg yesssss

  74. Apratim Verma

    Dubstep vibes back at it again!! Bring back real dubstep.

  75. Mod3no

    Holy crap this is great!

  76. Sob3k

    This song is like songs of Moody Good.

    Zapph K55

    We need a new song from him! :0


    Zapph K55 he is coming back soon


    @Zapph K55 Very Soon

    Aidan Crowley

    Sob3k now

  77. Matt M

    Damn, retro vibes from Modestep... Unexpected but I like it 👌

  78. Lim Lam

    Amazing sound design, Modestep have been coming out with a crazy range of songs, nothing like how they used to make and *they're all amazing!*


    So nice vibes on this, i like this song so much!
    Reminds me the roots of dubstep

  80. Sublux UK

    Distance vibes all over this! i'm in love! <3

    SB:NTWRK Promotions

    Burial vibes for me!

  81. Hurricane

    Holy Fuck dude

  82. Emperor Need Jr.


  83. Nightflower Records

    Such an amazing EP! Great work Modestep ❤️🤘🏼

  84. Kyro Music

    Miss the deep stuff please bring us more !!

  85. T00n Visi0n

    Very different from their usual sound. This is great! Definitely going to the more deep and dark side of Dubstep

  86. L S

    I've never clicked like so fast.


    your comment is original like Darude Sandstorm

  87. Dirty Dan

    modestep? rip london road modestep.

  88. chris guido

    Wahhh this isnt what they usually do booo, im so passionate about mainstream modestep! Just wait....

    DJ Jay

    chris guido listen to the other songs on the EP so filthy ones on there!


    Thankfully I dont think there was too much of that hate

  89. Maahir Momtaz

    Modestep going minimal!

  90. The Alkemist Official

    This is my number one favorite single off the EP, aside from the Virtual Riot collab

  91. tokyopurinsu

    its de old type of ze dubstep

  92. zoctoymusic

  93. The Best

    See modestep pressed in 1secccc

  94. UKF Dubstep

    Personal favourite from Modestep's new EP... more deep & dark stuff, please 😈

    Miguel Fernández Giménez

    Same here!

    Yengkhom Meitei

    What is mean by UKF ? I wanna know.


    Yes we need more dark things in this moe world.
    Our world is dark but our art is... getting meaningless. Btw 2:06 🔥


    Yes please. I'm bored of constant "wonk-wonks" headbanging.