Modest Mouse - SWY Lyrics

you're no one
you're going nowhere
you got a fast car.
a e i o u and sometimes y

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Modest Mouse SWY Comments
  1. Julian Vision

    Modest Mouse 22. SWY
    For Some Reason
    They Left In A Part
    Where Isaac Brock
    Says To Guitarist Dann
    Gallucci Dann That
    One’s Gonna Suck

  2. jakemessamore

    aeiou and sly? lol cracks me up every time

  3. Adam Green

    Dann was not in modest mouse when this was originally recorded. Most of the demos on SSS were recorded very early when it was just isaac, eric and jerry when they were all around 16-18 years old and they would record ideas for songs on each others voicemail.

  4. Ladderalice Toolhead

    Beautiful! :D I love this lol

  5. felice333

    I love this album!!!!!!